Dolphin Shout in the Mainstream Media...Almost!

Dolphin Shout nearly made it to the big show. Yep, that's right. About four or five weeks ago I had a call from Paul. He told me that a production company doing a special on the Dolphins was trying to locate me for something that I had written on the Shout.

I really don't want to turn this post into a story about me, because it is more of a post about the Dolphin Shout and the people that were involved with the project itself.

The person that I talked to on the phone was Bethany (I won't use her last name on this site). Bethany works for a company called Intersports and they were doing a Don Shula special that aired Saturday afternoon. It was called Shula 347. Maybe some of you saw it. Bethany had run across a story that I posted sometime in June of 2012. It was post about superstitions back in the heyday of the Dolphins 40 years ago.

Here is an excerpt of that post that caught Bethany's attention:
"When I had season tickets many years ago, my friends and I had a tradition.  We would get to the game early and eat at the Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips across the street from the Orange Bowl.  On the way home we would stop at the Lums in North Miami Beach on A1A.  During the away games we would go outside and toss a football around during half times.  For some reason we felt if we didn't do those things the Dolphins would lose.  During the 1972 season this seemed to work very well.  We were convinced that these traditions were the reason the Dolphins went undefeated that year.  Looking back at that time now, I think all the beer we consumed on game days had a lot to do with the delusional idea that where we ate could influence a game.  Then again who could argue with our theory?"

That single paragraph caught Bethany's eye and she asked if I could do an interview that might possibly air on that show (Shula 347). If you saw the show you would know that her request didn't work out and I never made it, which is fine with me.

To be honest I don't do this for myself. I'll be the first one to tell you I am not a writer! For me, it's all about Dolphin Shout. This site is different than any of the others on the net. Neither the comments section nor the posts are led around by mainstream media. We think for ourselves here on the Shout.  So, for all of you that send in your comments and those that provoke the thoughts of our community, keep up the great work. You never know when your comments and posts will catch someone's eye on the outside and lead to an opportunity you never dreamed of.

Thank you Paul for developing the best Dolphins blog site on the net and to Bethany of Intersports for her hard work and professionalism.