Looking at Possible Miami Dolphins Draft Trades

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The 2013 NFL draft is one month down the road. It has been suggested throughout the league that beyond the top ten prospects there is relatively similar first round talent that can be had between selections 11 and 32. In the following round, the prospect talent is also of similar status, though just slightly inferior to the likely 11-32 prospects.

Your Miami Dolphins first round choice is currently pick number 12. There are several positional needs for a superstar in South Florida, and only a few of the top ten premiere prospects have any possibility of falling to Miami.

Head Coach Joe Philbin and General Manager Jeff Ireland sure could use the top prospect at offensive tackle, cornerback, tight end, receiver, or guard. The top tackle (Luke Joeckel), and defensive back (Dee Milliner) have practically zero possibility of flying south to South Beach! It has been projected that the next two best corner backs and the third or fourth best tackle will possibly be available at the Dolphins turn.

It appears as though Miami will have to take one of the also ran's at tackle (Lane Johnson) or at corner (Xavier Rhodes and Desmond Trufant). However, the top tight end (Tyler Eifert) and the top receivers (Tavon Austin, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Keenan Allen) are more than likely going to be available at twelve, but they may be considered slight reaches. There is also a slim possibility that the highly-touted top offensive guard (Chance Warmack) will be there for the taking.

With that in mind, does Miami select the top guard (if available), reach for the top tight end or receiver, or suffice with a second tier corner or tackle?


Should they take a look at trade down scenarios?
With this as another possibility, Miami could still possibly get the person that they might be forced to choose, or someone similar talent-wise to what will likely be available at twelve (all while gathering an additional second or third round prospect).

These aren't predictions, just examples. The St. Louis Rams are being illustrated because they have multiple first round choices, which offer more variations of potential trades. The Minnesota Vikings also have two first round picks right in the vicinity of the Rams selection at 22, but possible trade scenarios can be had with anybody that wants to move for a certain somebody.

Here are a few devised possibilities of what might take place between the Dolphins and Rams (or any other teams within close proximity of the Rams picks):

A trade-down scenario that would likely be most preferred by Coach Joe Philbin.

Miami gives: 12th overall (first round)
St. Louis gives: 16th overall (first round), 78th overall (third round)
In this hypothetical scenario with St. Louis, Miami would trade down from 12 to the Rams first pick at 16. The Dolphins pick holds a 200 draft trade point value advantage to the Rams pick, which is exact to the worth of Jeff Fisher's third round selection at number 78.

This particular possibility would give the Dolphins back-to-back third round picks at 77 and 78, followed by a third at number 82 simply for trading down four spots in the first round. Basically, a free extra third round pick!

Here is what a General Manager might prefer to accomplish in stock-piling second rounders via a first round trade down.

Miami gives: 12th overall (first round), 166th overall (fifth)
St. Louis gives: 22nd overall (first round), 46 overall (second round)
The Miami Dolphins number twelve pick is worth 1200 points. The Rams next first round pick is the 22nd overall selection which is worth 780 draft trade value points.

In order for Miami to re-acquire the remaining balance of 420 points and get fair compensation for trading down ten spots they might want to look at the Rams second round pick at 46 which carries a value of 440 points.

If they want to get picky about the remaining 20 points, we have a fifth round pick at number 166 worth 25 points. They have a seventh round pick worth 2.6 draft trade value points in order to cover half of the remaining five points owed to us. But let's face it, the Rams seventh round pick is a non-factor.

Yes, the Dolphins would be sliding down 10 spots in the first round from their initial pick at 12, but the end result would lead to three second round choices within 12 selections of picks 42, 46, and 54.

Basically, a free second rounder for dropping ten spots from 12 to 22. In actuality, it narrows down to the Dolphins pick 12 and 166 for the Rams picks 22 and 46. In summary, jumping 120 spots from the 5th round to the 2nd round for trading down 10 spots in the first.

Lastly, but certainly not the least! An option that all fans can hope for is that a trio of Unified Brass becomes a dreaded monster throughout the league, or at the least, they hit the 2013 draft on all cylinders!

Let's say Miami stays at 12. If they happen to like a certain player still available late in the first round it would take one of the Dolphins two second round picks, and one of their two third round selections to move back into the late first round.

To be precise, the Dolphins available selections of 42 and 88 together are of the exact equal value to pick number 28. Denver owns that particular pick, and it happens to fall one spot ahead of the Patriots first pick at 29. Effectively, it would be giving up one Dolphin 2nd and 3rd rounder for a shot at a second Miami Dolphin first round selection. 

Should all the possibilities actually be on the table, which scenario as the Miami Dolphins General Manager would you be most attracted to?

Here is the Draft Trade Point Value Chart.

Here is the Draft Order.

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