Miami Dolphin Players: Do They Want It?

Last year I wrote a piece about some players not buying into the system. I only mention that at this time because I believe all of those players are gone. I won't mention them by name now and I appreciate everything they have done for the Dolphins. They played through injuries, criticism, and gave us fans everything they had. But, they didn't believe and they are gone because of that (and not their play). I don't think you will see me write anything about players not buying into the system this year. 

The Dolphins have not only gone after some really fine talent, they have also selected players with something to prove. Can Wallace bounce back after an off year? Is he happy with his contract and where he is playing? Will Ellerbe and Wheeler show the NFL they are the real deal, or do they simply want to pick up a paycheck How much value do Keller and Gibson add to the team? Every move the Dolphins made this year made sense to me, even if I didn't agree with all of them.

I see a team with more players that know very little about the past years of futility in Miami. I see a team that has a few players and a head coach that knows what it takes to win a Super Bowl, and they have the rings to prove it. I see a team with players that expect to win and not hope to win. All of that adds up to good things coming to the Dolphins. No Kenny, I am not on any type of drugs.

The question at this time is this: do these players want it?