Report: Miami Dolphins Re-Sign Brian Hartline

The Miami Dolphins have re-signed Brian Hartline to a 5 year deal worth $31 million ($12.5 million guaranteed), according to Pro Football Talk. Hartline is coming off of a year where he had a career-high 1083 yards off of 74 receptions.

Hartline had established a repertoire with rookie Ryan Tannehill this season, so it makes sense for the Dolphins to bring him back to help their rookie quarterback.

Miami re-signing Hartline now means that the Dolphins will probably only add one more big receiver this offseason. They will likely either sign a big name free agent (Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings) or draft a receiver early on in the draft (Cordarrelle Patterson, Keenan Allen, or Terrance Williams).

Now that Hartline and Starks have both been retained by the Dolphins it will be interesting to see what happens to Jake Long, Sean Smith, Anthony Fasano, and Chris Clemons.

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