Under the Radar Free Agent Corner Backs

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The 2013 NFL Free Agency Period is here, and these are the current Miami Dolphin cornerbacks under contract:

Nolan Carroll
Richard Marshall
Bryan McCann
Dimitri Patterson
Julian Posey
De'Andre Presley
R.J. Stanford
Dion Turner

It is apparent that the Dolphins are in dire need of at least a few cornerbacks. Though there is a multitude of projected NFL talent to be had in the 2013 draft, it would be extremely wise to add a veteran talent or two that has already proven that they belong!

For the 2013 free agency period there are roughly 45 cornerbacks scheduled to become available. Many are far beyond their prime, some no longer fit, others have never produced, and all came into the league with question marks.

The collegiate concerns on cornerbacks (size, speed, hips, footwork, ball skills, health, durability, experience) of the young and productive prospects are not as much of a concern. All that matters (for the most part) is that they have adjusted to the NFL level and have been productive in doing so.

After sifting through 45 cornerbacks of all makes and models I was able to find quite a few fairly young, very productive, play making cornerback gems that are likely to cost somewhere in the three to five million dollar range per year. That is one-third or one-half of the $8-10 million that Sean Smith is looking to get. Seven of these eight cornerbacks have equaled, doubled, and even tripled Smith's turnover production in far fewer starts!

This is what we are trying to improve upon:

Sean Smith will be 26 for 2013 and has had five interceptions with 40 passes defensed in fifty-six starts of 64 Miami Dolphin games. He has three forced fumbles and averages 52 tackles per year in his four years.

Here is some of the corner back talent that is about to become available on the free agent market:

Greg Toler of the Arizona Cardinals is 28 years old with five interceptions and two game changers in only 15 starts. In 38 games played he has two forced fumbles and 128 tackles.

He didn't start in his 2009 rookie season, but he had an interception as a backup. During 2010 he had 13 starts with two interceptions, including a 66 yard pick six. He also forced two fumbles and had a sack. A promising 2011 season was ended abruptly with a torn ACL in the preseason. Toler started only two games in 2012, but had two interceptions with one being a 102 yard return for a touchdown in a late season victory against Detroit's Matthew Stafford.

Antoine Cason was a 2012 San Diego Charger starter. A five year veteran at 27 years old with 49 starts in 80 games played. Cason has 55 passes defensed with 12 career interceptions, including a 59 yard touchdown return. With 245 total return yards he averages 20 yards per interception return. Cason has four forced fumbles with 308 tackles.

Derek Cox was a 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars twelve game starter and had four interceptions. He is a four year veteran with one forced fumble and 203 tackles in 47 games played. Cox will be 27 years old at season's start and has 32 passes defensed with 12 career picks in his 45 starts.

Captain Munnerlyn was a Carolina Panthers four year veteran at age 25 with thirty-four starts and 61 games played. He has five career interceptions and has taken three back for a touchdown, with two in 2012 (and one for 74 yards). Munnerlyn averages 28.8 yards per interception return. He also has two forced fumbles with 208 tackles and two sacks.

E.J. Biggers of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a 2012 starter. He is 26 years old and has 26 starts and three interceptions in 35 games played. He also has two forced fumbles in 168 tackles. Biggers is the same age as Sean Smith, and in 30 fewer starts he has only two fewer picks.

Tracy Porter of the Denver Broncos is 27 years old with 43 starts, eight interceptions and two touchdown returns. He has one sack, four forced fumbles, and 194 tackles in 43 games played for the Saints.  He has a 2009 pick six of 54 yards. As a 2012 first-year Denver Bronco he had an interception touchdown return of 43 yards and 26 tackles as a backup.

Kyle Arrington: The New England Patriots starter in 2012 is a 27 year old veteran of five years. He has started 40 of 48 games over the last three years for the Patriots with 41 passes defensed, eight interceptions (seven in 2011), and a 36 yard pick-six in 2010. Arrington has one forced fumble in 251 career tackles.

Here are two young, high dollar free agent cornerbacks:

Aqib Talib became the Patriots starter at the ten game mark of the 2012 season after being traded from the Buccaneers. As a five year veteran at 27 he has 50 starts in 64 games played. Talib has 19 career interceptions and has taken four the distance to six.

And lastly, Sean Smith, who had five interceptions in 56 career starts!

Here is the entire list of 45 free agent cornerbacks

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