Join the Miami Dolphins Draft Contest With Phin Nation

Here's something exciting that I think you guys might like. Dolphin Shout is partnering with PhinNation to bring you a Dolphins Draft Contest.

I can't really take too much credit for the contest because it was all organized by Bill over at Phin Nation, but I am contributing the third place price of a Black Chad Henne Jersey! I know you guys have been searching all over for one, so I figured I would give it to a winner out of the kindness of my heart.

Here's how the draft contest works.

1. Go here and download the Dolphins Draft Contest Form. To download the contest click on 'File' in the top left corner and go down to 'Download'.

2. Fill out the yellow boxes in the form.

3. Email the form to

This is an exciting opportunity to prove that you are a true draft guru, and you can win prizes. The prizes are as follow:

1st Place: Dolphins Jacket (XL) [Contributed by Phin Nation]
2nd Place: Dolphins Cheerleader Calendar [Also contributed by Phin Nation]
3rd Place: Black Chad Henne Jersey (M) [Contributed by Dolphin Shout]

For full rules and information click here.

Let's show those guys over at Phin Nation that we know our stuff! I am expecting you guys to take all three prizes.

Thanks for stopping by. Email any questions to me at or