Miami Dolphins Draft Day Two: What's the Plan?

The Miami Dolphins shocked the NFL world last night by trading for the Oakland Raiders third overall pick and drafting Dion Jordan out of Oregon.

The trade left Miami with one less second round pick, but it gave them the best defensive player in the draft and a potentially elite pass rusher to go alongside Cameron Wake. Jordan constantly draws comparisons to Jason Taylor, so he has some pretty high expectations.

Today the Dolphins will have three picks to work with (barring a trade, which I expect will happen). Their picks are:

  • Round 2, Pick 22 (54 overall)
  • Round 3, Pick 15 (77)
  • Round 3, Pick 20 (82)
There is still the very real possibility that Miami could swing a trade for offensive tackle Branden Albert. The Chiefs drafted tackle Eric Fisher with the first overall pick, so Albert is no longer their starting left tackle. I would be happy with Miami trading their second or one of their third round picks for him. Obviously I would prefer one of their thirds, but I don't know how realistic that is and I believe that Albert is worth the second simply because he is better than any other tackle that the Dolphins would be able to draft with that pick.

Let's say for the sake of this piece that Miami trades their second round pick for Branden Albert, which is what I think will ultimately happen. What then? My guess is they take the best available cornerback in the third round, and I'm thinking there will be some good ones left.
Could CB David Amerson of NC State be in the mix?
What about their other third, then? That's where it gets a little trickier, and I think it a lot will depend on if we trade Davone Bess by that point. If we do trade Bess then I think our move is a slot receiver, and specifically Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope. I was wholly unimpressed by Swope as an outside receiver, but I think he could be a very good slot guy. Plus, he has the connection of playing college ball with Ryan Tannehill.
Would be an adequate Bess replacement
If Miami doesn't trade Davone Bess then it is extremely hard to know what they will do. Maybe they draft another cornerback or maybe they just take the highest player left on their board. It is incredibly difficult to say.

We'll see what happens. I'm just as excited for the draft tonight as I was for last night. Miami is going to be adding a lot of new talent tonight.

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