Miami Dolphins Resume Branden Albert Trade Talks with Chiefs

The Miami Dolphins have resumed trade talks for Branden Albert with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Ed Werder on ESPN's Sportscenter. It was reported that the Dolphins haven't been in contact with the Chiefs about Albert for close to two weeks, but now it appears that they are talking again.

With the draft being so soon it makes sense that talks would rev up again. I feel like trading a second round pick for Albert would be a smart move. He is a better tackle than anyone else we would be able to get in the second round. The biggest problem is that he is looking for an eight to nine million dollar contract.

There have been reports that Miami was willing to pay that price and others that say his contract demands turned the Dolphins off. I can't say for sure which report was true, but we will know for sure in the very near future.

We are getting down to the wire here. Let's see if Miami is able to get a deal done before the draft. Doing so would free up their first round pick and give them a lot more options.

Here's a little scouting report on Albert from a Chiefs website.

Armando Salguero is also reporting that the Dolphins want to give Albert a physical, which is a key part of the trade. If they are able to give him a physical today or tomorrow before the draft then that would allow for a trade during the draft.

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