Please Jeff Ireland, Say It Ain't So

There has been all kind of talk on the web about the Dolphins selecting an offensive lineman with their first pick. Some draft gurus are saying the Dolphins will even trade up in the draft to grab one. Lane Johnson seems to the player on everyone's boards. Lane Johnson this. Lane Johnson that. Give me a break! I am so sick of the Dolphins using early picks for offensive lineman.

But, here we sit again, and we really shouldn't be in this position. Jake Long was supposed to fix this problem. The Dolphins have neglected their skill positions as they continue to try and fix the offensive line.  Our skill positions were so bad we had to use free agency to upgrade just one area: wide receiver. We still have holes to fill at cornerback. Counting on cornerbacks that are coming off injuries and surgeries that put them on the injured reserve isn't my idea of a fix.

I can't tell you if all the talk about Lane Johnson is just that: talk. This is the time of year when the team will say just about anything to bluff everyone. I have no problems with the team moving up to grab cornerback Dee Milliner from Alabama. If they moved up to get Lane Johnson that would send me over the edge. The lip smackers though out the media outlets are saying just that.

Please Jeff Ireland, say it ain't so!