The Miami Dolphins in Joe Philbin's Image

Wow! What a difference a year makes. One year ago the Dolphins had about $13 million of cap space, which is the same amount they have at this time.

Since the end of last year's season, which was only four months ago, the Dolphins have potentially six new starters just from free agency. We could also see two or three more starters coming from this year's draft. With the release of Reggie Bush and his replacement (whoever it will be) and the development of guys like Vernon and Kaddu we are not going to see the same team on the field as last year.

Joe Philbin used last year to see what he had and how the players reacted to not only the losses the team accumulated, but how they adjusted to the moves that he made. Some of them didn't react the way he wanted them to react. When he traded Vontae Davis, Brandon Marshall, and released Chad Johnson (who seemed to be doing well in camp until he self-destructed) he learned what the team was made of and he didn't like what he saw.

The team leaders did not rally the troops, but they did question Philbin about his release of Johnson. Obviously that wasn't the best form of reaction from them, and I don't think he expected that. He was expecting something different. And like Marshall, Davis, and Johnson before them the trio of Long, Dansby, and Bush received the same treatment: release!

That was Philbin's way of saying this team is looking for new leadership. I believe he is looking for that leadership to come from Ryan Tannehill, Cameron Wake, and Matt Moore. Yes Matt Moore. Moore is not the starter, but he is no less a leader on this team. Moore is Ryan Tannehill's mentor. Moore has been through everything a quarterback could have gone through. If there is a guy on this team that can teach a quarterback and the other players how handle adversity, it is Matt Moore.

In Jason Taylor's last year with the Dolphins he saw what Matt Moore meant to the team, and Joe Philbin saw that also. That's why the Dolphins re-signed Moore to a new contract in the first few days of free agency.

Philbin is no dummy. The team is being rebuilt in his image. Make no bones about who is in charge with the Miami Dolphins. It is Joe Philbin. I don't know where that will lead. I do know the team has been bold. They have an idea of where they want to go with the team, and there actually seems to be a plan in place and a direction.

Yes indeed, what a difference a year makes.

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