What If the Miami Dolphins Moved up to #1 Overall?

This is just going to be a short and sweet hypothetical post. It's just something to talk about really. The other day I read a quote from Jeff Ireland that said:
"I have enough to move to number one, if I want to."
That was a reply to a question about if he thought he would move up, and how far he thought he could move if he desired.

My question to all of the Shouters out there is this: if the Miami Dolphins were to trade into the first or second overall spot, who would you take if you were Jeff Ireland? I personally see no one there that I would give up multiple picks for, but for the sake of the article I will pick someone.

I would take Dion Jordan. I really wanted to say Jarvis Jones, but I think in the end Jordan is going to be a better all-around player. Cameron Wake will get some help with this pick for years to come.

Again, this is just a what-if thing. There is no right or wrong. I was just curious who the one player is that Shouters would feel confident moving up to get. But don't forget, to move up we have to get rid of multiple picks. So, make your choices with that in mind.
Thanks for reading along, I look forward to your opinions.