Report: Miami Dolphins to Sign Tyson Clabo

The Miami Dolphins have found their right tackle for this season. Offensive tackle Tyson Clabo will be signing with Miami today, according to his agent Chad Speck.

Clabo has been the Atlanta Falcons starter at tackle for the past five seasons. He went to the Pro Bowl once as an alternate in 2010. He is currently 31 years old, so he will be able to give the Dolphins a year or two as a starter opposite Jonathan Martin.

Clabo's agreement with the Dolphins is reportedly a one-year deal.

Clabo was released by the Falcons earlier this season, possibly for cap reasons as he was due $4.5 million next year from Atlanta.

Miami's main question on the offensive line now has to be second year tackle Jonathan Martin. Martin wasn't quite strong enough last season and he was pushed around pretty easily. Thankfully, Martin has said that he's added 15 pounds this offseason, so he should be a lot stronger and harder to move.

I am a big fan of this move. Miami did their due diligence on the remaining right tackles available, and apparently Clabo was the tackle that impressed them the most.

Here's a little video on the Falcons release of Clabo so you can get an idea of him.

Miami left the draft with only one hole remaining at right tackle. The Dolphins seem like a complete team now. It's going to be a fun season to watch.

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