Miami Dolphins Positional Breakdown: Quarterback

This will be the final installment of the positional breakdowns of all the Miami Dolphins player units.  I want to thank Kenny, Patrick, Todd, and Shawn for doing their part in this effort. Mike came on board after this segment had started, and that is the reason we did not see a write up from him.

Not to worry, though, Mike has been staying busy writing about the 15 most important players for this team.

Last year the Miami Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill with their first round pick in the draft (eighth overall).  During OTAs and preseason he showed the new coaching staff enough to be the Dolphins starter, and he played in all 16 games.

2012 Stat Line
Attempts: 484
Completions: 282
Completion Percentage: 58.3
Yards: 3,294
Average: 6.8
Yards per game: 205.9
Touchdowns: 12
Interceptions: 13
Sacks: 35
Passer Rating: 76.1

His passer rating of 76.1 is ranked 27th in the league, but his passer rating in the fourth quarter was 17th in the league. As I look back on those numbers I wouldn't say they are very good, but I wouldn't say they are that bad either.

Did he have the year that RG3, Wilson, or Luck had? I would say no, but I feel this coaching staff was trying to bring him along slowly. It was more important for the staff to teach him how they wanted him to play in this offense.

The win/loss record really didn't mean that much to the Dolphins management last year. The staff came here knowing that they had to change more than just the mentality of losing. They also had to train a new quarterback to play this game in a manner that will be successful for the NFL. The staff may have installed a new fast pace offense, but they are still old school NFL coaches.

All of us know that even though the Dolphins have added quite a bit of new talent, this team will revolve around Tannehill improving. Because of what I saw last year in him, I believe he will improve. He showed us he is a quick learner and rarely makes the same mistake again. His 10-spot improvement in fourth quarter passer rating from 27 to 17 shows he knows when the bright lights are on and he steps up his game.

He has all the tangibles, big arm, touch, mobile, and he looks down field first. He does need to improve a few things like getting rid of the ball quicker, learning to use the check down, and, of course, improve his touchdown to interception production.

For a team that had very little fire power last year, and with the added talent Tannehill's touchdown production should go up, and with that so will the win totals.

Oh, and one more thing. I left Paul out of the group above on purpose. I felt he needed a special thank you from me, all to himself. If it were not for him, none of us would be doing this. Patrick, Kenny, Shawn, Todd, Mike, myself, and all of you who read these words, comment, and follow the Dolphin Shout couldn't make The Dolphin Shout the best Dolphin Community on the net. Thank You Paul.