Dolphins Preseason Game Three Recap: Is That Another Fumble?

That was the name of the game tonight folks: FUMBLES.

On a night when the defense just about destroyed Tampa Bay the Dolphins offense fumbled away the game.  If not for the Dolphins fumbles Tampa Bay would have been shut out.  Miami's third team defense was tossing a shut out until the Gillislee fumble in the fourth quarter.

Doesn't that seem typical for this team? Play a great game and then give it away. From the reports coming out after the game Philbin was not a happy camper.

I was okay with Tannehill's play. When we compare him to Freeman he played a great game. Josh Freeman should be cut from the Bucs. Whatever you do don't select Freeman for any of your fantasy teams. He makes Sanchez look good.

After watching our tight ends I think we are really, really, really, going to miss Dustin Keller. I would say we would be better off not using a TE. They were invisible and Charles Clay was "doghouse" material. No, I'm not going to put him in the "doghouse" for two reasons. First, it's only preseason and secondly I am having trouble getting rid of the smell from Dan Carpenter.

Our wide receivers had a tough go of it. For a time there they couldn't get open and when that didn't happen only perfect passes will work, and Tannehill doesn't throw passes like that at this time. Come to think of it, only about four quarterbacks in the league can throw those passes. I think we expect Tannehill to make the throws that Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rodgers make. This is only his second year. Give him a little more time, alright?

I have come to the conclusion that Daniel Thomas has NO FEEL for running the ball. He has no idea where the soft spots are in the running game. He doesn't even know where the running lanes are. The guy is clueless. The running backs' blocking was much, much better this week, so maybe they are catching on.

So now it's time to turn off the critical eye. I really liked the way the Defense played, and I have been waiting to say that. The pass rush was AWESOME! The run defense was smothering. All the Bucs offense could do was crawl in a hole and hide. If only the offense could get their act together and be consistent. They showed us they can move the ball, and Tannehill can be more effective.

Everyone please look for Mike's new post below this one.  He puts a lot of time into a post as we all do. So don't miss what he has to say:

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