Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame Game: Is the Season over Already?

Overreactions are common in football. Because we see so little football from the Miami Dolphins each year it is common to overreact to a certain play, drive, or game.

I get that, but you guys do realize this is the preseason, right? Heck, it's hardly even the preseason. It's the Hall of Fame game. It is impossible to draw any conclusions about players or a team from a few drives of their first team offense.

So, to answer my own question:
Q: Is the season over already?
A: What kind of stupid question is that?

How's that for an answer?

Any conclusions drawn about this season from last night's game are unnecessary.

I understand most fans still realize this game meant very little at all, but there are still a good number of fans who are reading too far into this, and for those of you, I am not questioning your football knowledge. I am just saying that you are getting a little too into such a meaningless contest.

The Hall of Fame game is more "important" than an intrasquad game, sure, but it isn't even as important as a normal preseason game. So much changes in the five weeks between
this game and the regular season opener. The only thing this over-analysis will do is make us more stressed out and worried, which I don't think many of us need.

The only conclusion you needed to draw from this game was an opinion of the Dolphins new jerseys, which I thought were pretty sweet. I was originally not much of a fan because of the lack of orange in them, but I think Miami is going to look pretty nice in their uniforms this year. It's also worth a mention that at sites like you can bet on any NFL matches as they happen, exciting stuff!

Thanks for stopping by. I was seeing some of the reaction and I just wanted to quell it before it became excessive.

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