Make Your Miami Dolphins Predictions

Yes, I know we have talked about this earlier in the preseason. The difference is now we have seen a little more of the team play. From my seat I am seeing a very good defensive unit. It could be one of the better defenses in the entire league, which could win us a few games this season.

I wonder how many wins Steve Ross is expecting
I do not think we have a playoff worthy offense quite yet. I know Polly will love this, but I see our running game being better than last year. I see our passing game being better than last year as long as Tannehill improves. I don't see our offensive line being a playoff caliber unit, nor is our tight end position. Simply stated, I don't have the confidence in the offensive unit like I do on the defensive side.

I do believe we have more depth than in the past, but even that depth has some weaknesses. We see that with our tight end and I don't think we have much depth at the linebacker position. The offensive line is still looking for starters. If someone goes down in those positions the entire year could change.

So here is my guess. Because of the lack of depth in a few positions I think the Dolphins will go 8-8 this year. If the team goes 3-2 in the opening five games (and I think they can if things go right) then we could be looking at a 10 win season, and that should put us in the playoffs. I suspect a 2-3 start, however, and that will mean we will be under the gun from the get go.

A three-loss start would mean the Dolphins will need to win some high pressure games later on. We have not done well in those situations for quite some time. We have failed in those games far more times that I want to think about. Unless we begin to win some of those games I see a .500 record. We must prove we can beat the good teams, and we must prove we can win the games we should win. We have not done that on a consistent basis, and that needs to change.

So give me your final prediction now that the NFL season officially begins tomorrow.