Miami Dolphins Top Browns 23-10

Miami opened the season in Cleveland with a 13-point victory over the Browns on Sunday off of an excellent day from the Dolphins defense.

Second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a very good game, throwing for 272 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. He seemed in control of the offense and was able to go through Cleveland's secondary with relative ease.

Miami had an abysmal day running the ball, averaging 0.9 yards per carry. I can't remember the last time I saw a Dolphins offense run that poorly. Hopefully it won't end up being a trend.

Miami was a terror on the defensive side of the ball, sacking Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden six times and intercepting his throws three times. They also held Browns back Trent Richardson to only 47 yards on the ground (3.6 per carry).

Overall it was a good game for Miami. They were able to move the ball through the air easily despite some early pass protection issues, and they were able to limit Cleveland to only 10 points. At this point those who chose to use a bookmakers offer to back the Dolphins in the betting will have been extremely hopeful for a return on their bet.

Next week the Dolphins head to Indianapolis in a rematch of last year's loss to the Andrew Luck-led Colts. The Colts are coming off of a narrow victory to the Raiders this week, so they are definitely beatable.

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