The Miami Dolphins Have the Best Quarterback in the AFC East

That's right. At this point in time the Dolphins have the highest rated quarterback in the AFC East.

According to Pro Football Focus, Ryan Tannehill is the 9th rated quarterback in the entire NFL. Tom Brady is at 20, EJ Manuel is at 26, and Geno Smith is at 28. And no, none of this is a misprint.

Tannehill has quarterback rating of 94.2. Brady's rating is 74.1, Manuel's is 96. 3, and Smith's rating is 55.2. As you can see, PFF doesn't go by quarterback rating alone to come up with their results.

The darlings of the league: Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III (RG2.5), and Colin Kaepernick are all below Tannehill. To be honest I was really surprised to see Tannehill above those three.

Tannehill has raised his quarterback rating 20 points over last year. None of this suggests that Tannehill will stay where he is, but it does show that he can play at pretty high level. If Ryan stays at that level, the Miami Dolphins will be looking at winning season this year.

It's a bit early to call Tannehill the future of the Dolphins, but it sure is looking that way at this point in time.  This week's game is another stepping stone for the Dolphins. If they can get the job done this week, look out. There is no telling where Tannehill can take this team.