You Tell Me: Will the Miami Dolphins Win on Monday Night?

The Miami Dolphins have shocked much of the football world after starting the season with three straight wins. Now Miami has to go into New Orleans for some prime time football on Monday night.

My question to you guys is simple: will the Miami Dolphins beat the New Orleans Saints on Monday?

I'll leave the rest to you guys. I'm curious to see what you have to say.

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  1. The Dolphins look the best they ha e in yea rs but... Turnovers will be a key factor. QB must hold on to that ball. Other than that we need a running game to keep the Saints off balance. Big fish needs to play a solid game and control the clock.

  2. Tough game and we can win with a team effort. Protect Tanny and effectively run the ball will keep Brees on the sidelines.

  3. It's not supposed to be. Working on fixing it.