Dolphins Doomed by 3rd Quarter Play

With the Dolphins up by a touchdown to begin the 3rd quarter, they came out and promptly gave up 17 points to go down by a score of 23-13.

The Ravens ran 28 plays to the Dolphins 11. Two of which were punts. The time of possession in that quarter was 13:57 to 3:36. The Ravens led in total time of possession by nearly 13 minutes.

Of course, that wasn't the only reason they lost this game. The 6 sacks and a grand total of 22 yards rushing, of which six were by Tannehill, contributed mightily. Miami ran the ball 11 times and averaged two yards per carry.

This offensive line could be the worst I have seen since the Dolphins expansion years. As bad as the offensive line was in Cam Cameron's single year here, even that line could at least run block some. This is the second game the Dolphins running game has been held to under 25 yards for the game.

As bad as the offensive line and the running backs played, the Dolphins still had a chance to pull this game out. A huge play by Tannehill late in the game was nearly enough to even up the score. Unfortunately, the 6th and final sack of the game finished the Dolphins off. Tannehill cannot take a sack and give up yards late in a game like that.

I must say that if it wasn't for Tannehill and his passing this week's score would have much, much worse. It was Tannehill's play that kept the Dolphins in this game. Along with a defense that hung in there all day long and helped get us back into the game.

We had a chance to keep pace with the Patriots because of their loss today. It would have been nice to get this win, but I didn't think we would be at 3-2 after playing the Colts, Falcons, Saints, and Ravens to start the season.