Is the Dolphins' Hunt for a Quarterback Finally Over?

BigRey actually came up with this question. Imagine that. BigRey is a star on Dolphin Shout! It is nice to get ideas from you guys, and all I need to do is expand on them.

To answer that headline myself, I think our hunt for a quarterback is over. I think we found the right player. Tannehill sure shows a lot of what it takes to make it in this league. A quarterback needs a lot of attributes to make a go of it in the NFL, and I think Tannehill has them all.

Sure, a quarterback needs to make all the throws, or at least have the tools to make all of the throws. Tannehill easily has that, but he also has more. Tannehill is one tough dude. He has taken a beating because of this offensive line, but he keeps getting up. He is not only physically tough, but he is mentally tough as well, which could be even more important. Getting dumped as many times as he has this year must take its toll on a passer, but you would never know that. Tannehill hasn't said a word about it. Mental toughness. Don't leave home without it. Tannehill hasn't.

There have been many quarterbacks in this league who can make all the throws but never amount to much. They didn't have the mental makeup to make it in this league. We have seen the meltdowns of Vince Young and, the most famous of all, Ryan Leaf.

Ryan Tannehill may never be as good as Dan Marino. I don't even care. Dan Marino is gone. He is never going to play for us again, so there is little reason to even mention his name except as a past player. I guess Ryan Tannehill will always play in his shadow. This is one fan that doesn't want to think about an old worn out shoe. I like the shiny new penny.

I want to think about the future and what Tannehill has to lead this team into that future. That is all that matters to me.