The Miami Dolphins Do Have a Plan for the Future

The loss to the Bills really fired everyone up, and I noticed that with all the comments everyone is a little upset this week. Do not despair! There is a plan moving forward with in the Dolphins organization.

Many of you will ask me how I know this, and to be honest I don't. I do, however, have quite a bit of experience in knowing these things. It's a feeling really. Maybe Ireland has said something that I picked up on. Maybe it's something that I have seen in the past, that says "hey, I know what they have in mind here." Old age does that to you. Many of you will learn this as you go along in life.

Many can not figure out what Ireland is doing. He moved up in the draft last year and took a linebacker with an injury at third overall. Admittedly, that didn't make a lot sense when we needed an offensive lineman so badly. I think the Dolphins did that because there was a plan in place, and not because they seemed to be brainless when they made that selection.

The brain trust seems to be hell bent on improving the athleticism and play making ability on this team. Even at the expense of passing on a player that was badly needed. How long have we at the Shout been saying that the team needs to get some playmakers? It's been awhile, hasn't it? Surely in the past two years it is clear that the brain trust has put an effort into improving the skill positions.

They drafted a quarterback in the first round last year. A quarterback that was very green and probably not ready to start in his first year. I feel they did that because they knew last year this team was a few years away from being able to compete at the highest level. They did the same thing this year drafting Dion Jordan. These moves are something an established winning team would do. A team like the Packers or the Broncos would make selections like the Dolphins made. Those teams can wait for a player to develop. The Dolphins, because of the lack of talent, must throw our draft choices into the fray and live with the pain of them growing up in the line of fire.

Even though Ireland has been here for five years now, there was no long-term plan in place until Joe Philbin arrived. Hell, the trifecta didn't even know what kind of a team they were. Were they a passing team? A running team? A wildcat team? They didn't know. What they did was put the team into salary cap hell and had no talent to show for it. This team was a mess until Philbin and Ireland put a plan in place.

Yes, there is no doubt that I am sick of all the losing, and I want to see this team get turned around before I die. I also know that Mr. Ross has committed to a longer term solution to put the Dolphins back on the NFL map. It will not happen as quick as I want it to. I think Mr Ross has given this team a four or five year window to put a team to reckon with on a week to week basis on the field.

Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin are not as concerned as the fan base is for winning today's game or next week's game. They are looking further down the road.

The problem is that doesn't suit my needs, nor, judging by the comments made over the weekend, does it suit your needs either.