Miami Dolphin Players Are Moving Forward, and Jeff Ireland Could Be in Trouble

Well folks, there is a game on the horizon. I think after a tough week of false accusations from the media and fans alike the players seem to be coming together and they are circling the wagons.

As late as yesterday the players came to their own defense amid talk that the locker room had racial undertones. Nothing could be further from the truth from where I sit. The management did not want the players to say anything to the media. In essence, they were under a gag order, and they defied that gag order.

It is my view the Dolphins are worried about a law suit being brought by Jonathan Martin and his attorneys. The last thing the team wanted was for their players to begin talking. Anything they say could be damaging in court. The players undermining Ireland and the gag order shines a light on Ireland and why he wants the players to remain quiet. I think Ireland is in big trouble, and his own players put him there.

It all comes down to how Stephen Ross views Ireland. He knows Jeff Ireland brought Jonathan Martin to the Dolphins. What could be worse than that in Mr. Ross's eyes is that Jeff Ireland, with that selection, could cost the Dolphins Millions of dollars in attorney fees if Martin brings a suit. Add to that the general revolt of the players deifying the management yesterday and that can't bode well for Jeff Ireland.

In the meantime the players have come together. I believe they think it is them against the world, and right now I wouldn't want to be the next team that is in their way. I originally thought they would be in trouble for the remainder of the year. After seeing the interviews yesterday I think they are all pissed off, and the best thing the coaching staff can do for them is to stay out of their way and let them go beat up on someone. They even get an extra day to hear how horrible they are because they play on Monday night. That gives them one more day to boil.

If I were the Tampa Bay I would duck when the Dolphins run through the tunnel.