The Dolphins Are in the Win Column

After quickly going over the stat sheet, which by now most of you know is my favorite thing to do (NOT), I noticed the stats were about even for both teams. The Chargers had the ball for a touch longer and a few more plays than the Dolphins did, but that is nothing new. The Chargers gained roughly 100 more yards than the Dolphins did. They just didn't score very much. 16 Charger points didn't get it done yesterday.

You know what? The game really wasn't about what the stat sheet read. This game was more about the team looking more like a team and working together to get a job done, each unit pulling it's own weight, and not letting each other down. Team unity is something the Dolphins have been having problems with all year.

I think there has been a rift in the team this entire year. The meltdown of the offensive line was at the heart of all of it. Yesterday we saw an offensive line that, although they didn't play great (they gave up four sacks and allowed 107 rushing yards), they still played much better than the week before. They did that with Bryant McKinnie at left tackle (who was riding the bench in Baltimore four weeks ago), a rookie by the name of Sam Brennner playing left guard (who was on the practice squad three days before), and the versatile Nate Garner playing guard. Lets not forget Tyson Clabo, who has had a rough year to say the least, back at right tackle after being benched a few weeks ago.

If you had asked me before the game how I thought the offensive line would play I would have just asked who we play next week after a loss this week? That has me thinking. How does a patchwork offensive line play better without Martin, Incognito, and Pouncey? Have the Dolphins been playing the wrong players all along on the offensive line?

In any event it was a good win, and for that I am happy. For those that still think the Dolphins are in the hunt for a playoff spot this win should keep your hopes up.