The Dolphins Continue Finding Ways to Lose

The Miami Dolphins blew yet another lead in the closing seconds in what has become a season filled with missed opportunities. Averaging just 29.4 yards rushing in the second half this season, Miami could not control the ball and went away from Mike Wallace who had just three receptions for 17 yards in the second half. In fourth quarters this season, Ryan Tannehill's quarterback rating is a paltry 60.2.

The song remains the same for the Dolphins, taking commanding leads only to squander them away in the second half. The inability to put opponents away is glaring and has become contentious even with the most loyal fans. The Dolphins failed to score a fourth quarter offensive TD for the seventh consecutive game. Mike Wallace described the entire game in a few sentences, “I tried to find the ball,” Wallace said. “I had a big cushion, big run across the field. Just tried to make a play on the ball … I just didn’t make the play.”

Ryan Tannehill had 3 other opportunities to connect with Wallace before that last second heave, he just missed. The reoccurring theme of the 2013 Miami Dolphins, Tannehill misses Wallace and the Dolphin offense takes the second half off. There is still a chance for the Dolphins to make it into the playoffs, but getting there and winning there are far different conclusions for a team incapable of making critical plays in critical moments that define winners and losers.

This collection of Miami Dolphins is capable of playing with any opponent. Unfortunately, the team does not have the heart of a winner and continually comes out on the wrong side of the score. Ryan Tannehill explained the difference, “I can’t put my finger on it,” while Cam Newton made the play on fourth and ten. The blood spewing from Newton’s mouth spoke of the beating he took to come out a winner. The Dolphins, couldn’t put their finger on it…