Dolphins-Jets Game Review

I want to start out by saying Joe Philbin has done a pretty good job steering the Dolphins through some turbulent waters in the past few weeks. Nearly every aspect of the Dolphins organization has been questioned during that time.

I would also like to ask where would this team be with out Ryan Tannehill? Not only has Tannehill been playing better in the past few weeks, he has also been a rock on which this team is leaning on. No, he may not make all the plays every single time, but he is however improving nearly every week. Tannehill plays behind an offensive line that hasn't protected him very well and gives the running backs nearly no room to run. Plenty of quarterbacks would have turned tail and ran playing behind a dysfunctional line as he has.

The win against the Jets has been the best win of the year for me. You see, there are plenty of New Yorkers down in my area. I just love to see their heads blow up any time the Dolphins beat up on the Jets. It warms my heart.

So here we sit, 12 weeks of the season are gone, and there are only four games left to play. The Dolphins still have a chance to make the playoffs. It has been a long time since we have been in the playoff chase this late in the year. I know the Dolphins are a long shot to make it, but it is nice to able to talk about it.