Dolphins Shut Out by Bills in Disappointing Loss

The Miami Dolphins came into Buffalo following an emotional victory over the New England Patriots last week. All they needed to do to make the playoffs was beat the Bills this week and the Jets next week. Instead, the Dolphins laid a goose egg against a stout Buffalo defense.

The Dolphins barely reached 100 yards on offense (103 total yards) and allowed the Bills to gain close to 400 (390). It was a truly embarrassing performance by a team that has looked so good recently.

Miami's offensive line was bad, allowing seven sacks, one of which resulted in a Ryan Tannehill knee injury. The injury wasn't serious, but we all knew it was a matter of time before Tannehill went down this year. Thankfully he was able to return briefly.

If Miami wants any chance at making the playoffs they need Baltimore to lose to New England, which is looking pretty good right now as I am writing this (the Patriots are winning 17-0).

We'll see what happens. Let's hope that they can fix whatever is wrong this week.

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