Our Miami Dolphins Are Relevent Once Again

With all of the Dolphins faults: a draft with barely one player contributing, an offensive line that was previously dysfunctional, running backs that seem clueless from time to time, and a player that threw the Dolphins players and management under the bus and created a turmoil the likes of which I have never seen in all my years of being a Dolphin fan. Through it all they have persevered.

Even though Joe Philbin is about as exciting as watching grass grow, he has this team playing at its best when it counts most. I have no idea how he has done that, nor do I care. I just know that Philbin has his players thinking they can beat anyone they play. If the Patriots come here unprepared they are going to have their asses handed to them (I can't believe I said that!), but that is the feeling that I have at this time.

The Dolphins are bringing excitement back into pro football for all Dolphin fans. The Miami Dolphins are back from the dead. The weekends don't come fast enough. Sunday mornings seems to last a week. For God's sake, stop all the talk and move the kickoff up to 10:00 am.

So tell me Shouters are YOU on board?