Rest in Peace Riverdog

I'm afraid I have to pass along some terrible news. Gary Cowell, the man many of you knew as Riverdog, passed away this evening. His brother Randy passed along the news to all of us here at the Shout.

Gary was such an amazing guy. He was always there to talk Dolphins, Real Estate, or life in general. I knew that if I wanted to talk I could just give him a call or shoot him an email and he'd be happy to discuss anything. He always had plenty of talk about, and I could count on at least one or two (usually more) funny stories every time I called him.

He was never afraid to share an opinion, and it didn't matter if he was in the minority. He always said what he felt and never held back. That's what I loved so much about Gary. He was a better Dolphins fan than I. He'd been through practically every up and down Miami could put him through, yet he still remained one of the most passionate fans you'll ever find. We were blessed to have him on the site with us.

We all enjoyed his presence here on Dolphin Shout, and this site wouldn't be around right now if not for him. He was the lifeblood of our community. Everything we are today was because of him. He was the glue that held Dolphin Shout together. He made our community. I would have quit a long time ago if it weren't for Gary encouraging me to continue writing. Gary had a pulse on everything that was happening on the site, and I could always count on him if I needed to know what was going on. He was such a fun guy to have around. I owe him so much for his contribution and he will be sorely missed.

To Gary's wife Beth and all of Gary's family, you have my deepest condolences. Gary was a wonderful man and he will always be a part of this site.

Rest in Peace Riverdog