Media Runs Ray Farmer Out of Miami

The search for a GM in Miami took a miserable turn as front runner for the job, Ray Farmer, was run out of town by the overzealous media.

The Miami Herald took it upon itself to sabotage the process by using the yellow journalism tactic of interjecting themselves between the candidate and the team. In claiming Farmer was uncertain about the power structure of the job, the Herald completely ignored its own role in forcing Farmer to reject a second interview.

Armando Salguero with complete disregard for the Miami Dolphins hounded Farmer into declining the opportunity to become an NFL GM. Farmer, aware of the scrutiny massed upon Jeff Ireland decided dealing with the press in Miami was more unpleasant than the cold in Cleveland.

The unscrupulous media, more adept at creating news than reporting it, sunk to running candidates out of town before they arrive.

Blinded by their own arrogance, ignoring responsibility to the community and the benefits an NFL football team brings, the media is lost in self-aggrandizing. Farmer is just the latest example of why coaches, players and now GM candidates would rather freeze in the great white north than endure the constant negativity in Miami.

While a coach, GM or even a player can be fired or cut, the media has no such worries as they breed a culture of pessimism among the fans and a blacklist among NFL insiders.

The list of football people unwilling to deal with the hounding media is long, Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning, etc. are aware the owner has the best intentions but are disgusted with the prospect of dealing with unaccountable story tellers.

Why come to Miami with such unrelenting Prima Donna writers thinking they are above the team they are paid to write about. The word "reporter" is a complete misnomer in Miami. These are sensationalist bucking for jobs in the TMZ where they can run side by side with paparazzi barking like dogs chasing tailpipes.

In manifesting the story, they will add Farmer to the list of dysfunction they have created in Miami. There can be no better job than perpetuating a tale that ensures employment while blaming the very organization responsible for employment.

The bait and switch game, fool the public into believing the Dolphins are dolts and create a story that lives upon itself. Admittedly, the genius is leading Miami fans into the scam like sheep to slaughter.

The downside, of course, is when enough of the fan base is turned away by the negativity and the team is forced to move to greener pastures. Fortunately, the legacy of the Miami Dolphins is still greater than the sensationalists.

It’s not beyond possibility to see a time when rich men grow tired of media bullies and move their expensive play-toys to more receptive environments. Did I say "bullies" oh what a tale that would make!

The simple wish to make the right GM selection has left the Dolphins open to the story tellers. Has there been a modicum of thought given to the fact that two teams have yet to finish the season? Has there been one report stating that if Ray Farmer was so much better than Brian Gain he would have been hired on the spot?

Perhaps Boss Ross is leaving the feeding frenzy open to show candidates what they will be dealing with in sensationalist Miami.

Can a person spend five hours in an interview and still not understand the parameters of the position he is applying for. Of course not, Ray Farmer knew exactly what he was getting into with the Miami Dolphins.

He was unaware of dealing with the story makers hounding him into submission. So thank you sincerely Armando Salguero for chasing Ray Farmer out of town. Obviously, he was ill-at-ease dealing with sensationalist media and thus not a viable candidate.

It makes this fan proud to see the Miami Dolphins stand up to the bullies and remain firm in the commitment of finding the right person for the GM position.

Boss Ross plainly stated he wanted a person willing to work as a team with Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte, not a power monger, not a bullheaded Jeff Ireland type, a teammate willing to form an alliance. When the water is boiling with stories created to make writers feel important, only strong leadership with a responsibility to each other can lead Miami out of the sensational hole the media has dug.

Come work with our team, and check your ego at the door… A concept the Diva writers could learn to live by. Forgive us, even winning ten games every single season was not enough to save Don Shula.

Regrettably, the fate of the franchise, like all NFL teams, rests on the shoulders of the QB. A genius coach, GM and owner always follow in the footsteps of a great QB.

Poor Ryan, let’s hope he crosses into the realm of greatness before the Divas take aim.