Miami Dolphins Sign Free Agent Running Back Knowshon Moreno

A Collegiate Knowshon Moreno in two eligible years (2007/08) as a Georgia Bulldog had 498 carries for 2,734 yards with 30 Touchdowns, and 53 receptions for 645 yards with three touchdowns versus the dominant SEC.

NFL draft combine Moreno is a 5-11, 220 pound, first round, 12th overall 2009 draft pick that excels in the NFL's rushing, receiving , and blocking game.

During Knowshon Moreno's first two Denver Bronco seasons (2009/10) he tabulated 1726 yards rushing, 585 receiving and 17 total touchdowns.

Moreno Versus NFL Raiders.

Moreno Versus NFL Ravens.

In 2011 Moreno suffered an unfortunate ACL injury that severely minimized the opportunities at such previous successes. He missed the majorities of the 2011, and 2012 seasons though he did accrue 525 yards rushing with four touchdowns over the later half of 2012.

A healthy 2013 Moreno (26) had his most productive year to this point of his career with 241 carries for 1038 yards rushing, ten touchdowns along with SIXTY RECEPTIONS for 548 yards and three more touchdowns.

Not since the Good-Ole horse and buggy days of the 1900's (99 to be exact), have these somewhat similar lyrics been redundantly sung throughout a Miami Dolphins game broadcast.

WELCOME to Miami Knowshon Moreno!

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!!


The Miami Dolphins Welcome in The Modern NFL

In retrospect - the 8-8 Dolphin season stood on the fifty yard-line like a big fat elephant squawking at the NFL with uplifted trunk trumpeting a dirge march. The unscrupulous media can never let a sleeping dog lie or allow the dead to rest in peace. Incongruently, Richie Incognito's head butting with poor Young Johnny Martin followed the Dolphins until alas… We welcome in the new NFL.

Flowing in locker room vernacular like Dom Perignon at a rookie hazing bash, the “N” word between black men is as common as “Dude” in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.

Whoa, Miami is on the forefront of changing generations of black speak - excellent dude - totally!

Oh, yes that too is on you Young Johnny, “the N-word falls under that category,” said St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a member of the competition committee. “The officials will be empowered to call a foul if there are racial slurs or statements regarding another player’s sexual orientation, or even bating and insulting with verbal abuse. It is going to be a very significant point of emphasis."

Mom always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, STFU!” Sorry mom, the “F” word has been outlawed!

Sexual orientation should not be an issue. After all Young Johnny Martin’s skirt got ‘blowed’ up exposing his orientation and he got traded to the fair city where gaiety marches down the street drinking bubbly concoctions. This cup of political incorrectness runith over and that “runith” has a prominent lisp…

We may as well face it, football is a marked man, or a marked “it”, or a disoriented man, or a non – “N” man, or a white receiver playing an “N” position, all this damn orientation is making me dizzy!

What the hell, just get it over with and let the girls in.

If one naked butt is admirable in the locker room, all naked butts should be admirable in the locker room. What kind of world do we live in where the sexual fixation of one orientation is acceptable, and the other is forbidden? 

Think about it, the inclination to play tennis is a lot more inviting when you get to shower with Maria Sharapova!  Yes, that’s soooo gay, but in the happy sort of way!

Hey don’t get all ‘blowed’ up at me! Shooting the messenger with vitriol in the comments section will suffice…

Did I say shower with Maria Sharapova!!! Dang this juxtaposed world got a little brighter with that thought.

Wait am I allowed to think about that? Now look what I’ve gone and done, got my little white-pea-brain thinking about water flowing all over Maria Sharapova and me with a creamy bottle of soap gel! STOP!!!!!! Oh no I can’t stop it! Forgive me while I step away and rub one, wait STOP!!!!!!!

After the cigarette - My platitudes have returned to a lower arousal state and I wonder, if a guy can run like a cheetah, is he automatically a cheata’? I mean, people don’t get ‘blowed’ up with all that musculature without the wonders of modern chemistry.

How could Mike Tyson be all cutup ready to strike like a black mamba and talk like Young Johnny Martin’s little sister?

Sorry I’m not reverting to Richie, I said speak like Johnny Martin’s little sister, not sleep with Johnny’s little sister, if only my tweats came out the way I intended…

Am I supposed to believe Richie normally cycles between ‘roid rage and mister nice guy because he’s bipolar and not a raging ‘roider? The secrets Young Johnny could tell, best we trade him to the land of misfit toys before big boy’s toys get taken away for turning a blind-eye to HGH, et el…

Richie, Richie… Are you out there? Your cred sux bro, you could go on ESPN Insider NFL Monday Thru Thursday Excluding Tuesday Edition and still the couch potatoes would yawn. Richie, you rubbed a golf club on a women’s crotch, bro…

It doesn’t matter if the shorts were smaller than Johnny’s Speedo! Bra, no, not what was containing her bosom, it’s Johnny’s new Cali word for bro. Passé bra, that’s what you are Richie, a bro in a bra world…

Does anyone have a bloody spot of tea? It’s like what came first the rugby pitch or the soccer field? Sports seem to run parallel to history, the Romans had those huge arenas where gladiators bashed each other’s heads in when the Legions were conquering the world.

After the conquest, the sport of gladiating became a brutal reminder of how slaves were forced into the ring and slaughtered. Such an untidy business, the whole thumbs’ up - thumbs’ down thing.

At least they all wore skirts and took baths rubbing butts together, no locker room antics to worry about. Those Roman’s had it going on, until they didn’t… Forget about Maria Sharapova Richie, you’re invisible to her! Ha! I couldn't resist!

Billions in revenue based on brutality are certainly at odds with 280 pounds of force moving at 4.5 speed. Heads and knees are in particular jeopardy but saying, “That’s why you’re getting paid millions of dollars,” is pertinent only if you’re not a lawyer.

Bleeding heart jurors don’t care is players willfully consent to pain-for-gain. Of course the defendant is incapable of making choices after 10,000 head bashes and 2,000 dive blocks. Hell Johnny only needed 500 head slams to know his Stanford brain needed to get the hell out before he started rubbing golf clubs on girl's crotches…

The obvious question must be, “At what point is playing consensual?” When the bleeding hearts can overrule a professional contract with a player’s signature, it won’t be long before 12 year-old kids are standing in the courtroom with their hands out?

I wonder if the 12 disciples signed a contract before Pontius Pilate got a hold of them. No wait, that’s when Romans were Romans…

Jesus, it’s all so politically incorrect we may as well strap on flags and get it over with. The little flags fluttering in the wind branded with Young Johnny’s bullied caricature in Technicolor as the poster-boy for the pansied future of our beloved game.

Butt hey think about it… Maria Sharapova in one of those skimpy tennis outfits with brand new Johnny flags running around tight-end and you getting all reachy-grabby! Oh yeah baby!

No wait, I digress it was the Richie coming out! I forgot, we’re no longer allowed to be men and play a man’s sport. We need to think about orientations and whether girly-men and manly-girls have their own little butt space, Omaha, Omaha…

I’m with you mom, STFU while I’m behind… Butt, Butt…


Ninety Six Miami Dolphin Hours

...over a pitcher of eggnog is what Mad Dog Mandich and riverdoGary are howling from The Pearly Gates Sports Bar & Grill!

The Miami Dolphins have signed a total of FOUR NFL All Star Pro Bowlers in the first four days of 2014's Free Agency Period!

One day prior to Tuesday's 4pm March 11th opening of the new NFL season. Owner Stephen Ross' new General Manager Dennis Hickey and previous staff members (Dawn Aponte, Joe Philbin) secured their number one defensive free agent priority in Pro Bowl corner back Brent Grimes who was scheduled to hit Tuesdays free for all. The Dolphin's 2013 defensive standout and team leader Grimes will account for only four million dollars against the 2014 cap and will be in Miami for the next four years.

In another beat the Open House Tuesday deadline move. Miami swooped on an enforcer type Safety with the acquisition of Louis Delmas (27) who will upgrade the pre-planned free agency loss of former safety Chris Clemons. Delmas signed a one year 3.5 million dollar deal similar to that of Grimes' 2013 prove it to us contract, and we'll reward you down the road.

Delmas, ""It's like turning on the TV and watching a car race, and that one dude who leads the race goes ahead and runs into that brick wall full speed and actually breaks that brick wall. That's what I'm here for.""

Once upon Tuesdays 4pm first minute, the actual beginning of the 2014 Free Agency Period and NFL Season. THE MIAMI DOLPHINS addressed their number one offensive priority with the signing of the top rated free agent Left Tackle and Kansas City Pro Bowl All Star Branden Albert (29). He will be quarterback Ryan Tannehill's blindside blocker (a specialty of his) for at least the next three years at approximately 8.333 million per year. Miami inked the extremely athletic Albert to a five year 25 million dollar guaranteed contract. The fourth and fifth years are no guarantee and Miami can get out without compensating Albert if he no longer fits.

Branden Albert; ""I'm just here to work and protect Ryan Tannehill""

On Wednesday, a well rounded yet young run stopper and quarterback chaser in Defensive Tackle Earl Mitchell (26) was reeled in at four million per year times four. Mitchell will fill the staffs foreseen through a crystal ball loss of Dolphin free agent defensive tackle Paul Soliai. The studly yet one dimensional 340 pound run stopping specialist Soliai (30) signed at a later time with Atlanta for 6 plus million per year.

Mitchell has been playing productively for the last three years while out of position in a 3-4 Houston defense as a 300 pound Nose Tackle. His versatility of both run stopping and interior pass rush skills are likely to explode in Miami's most prominent 4-3 defensive scheme, the same scheme he played collegiately at Arizona. The Dolphins new Offensive Line Coach John Benton has first hand knowledge of Mitchell's skills while his OLine faced him everyday in practice for the last three years.

Earl Mitchell's self description. “I’m extremely passionate . I love this game. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to work and I’m coming to produce and I’m definitely trying to help this team reach new heights. That’s really my reason for being here and I want to work. I want to play and at the end of the day I’m trying to get us to a Super Bowl. That’s all my focus and that’s my objective and that’s the only reason why I play this game.”

Thursday the sun came up so the Dolphins decided that they would re-sign another of their own All Stars, and did so with the extraordinarily versatile, Mr does everything Defensive Tackle and End Randy Starks. The long time Dolphin stud who has never missed a game during his six Dolphin seasons signed a multi-year deal for just over 6 million per year, and less than what Soliai signed for with the Falcons.

After Thursday is Friday. Approximately Ninety Six hours after the re-signing of the leagues third most proficient coverage corner since 2010 in Dolphins Pro Bowl Corner Back Brent Grimes. Hickey's Hell Raisers signed 2011's second highest ranked corner back Courtland Finnegan (30). He has had a tough couple of years since his 2011 top ranking, including a facial orbital injury that forced him to miss half of the 2013 season which should not hamper his in your face style. Finnegan is a play making intimidator, a guy that gets in the oppositions head and takes him out of his game. The Pro Bowl All Star signed a new beginning two year contract that is suggested to be in the vicinity of 10 to 11 million. Finnegan will start opposite of Grimes while being a huge upgrade to the pre-determined free agent loss of Nolan Carroll.

Pro Bowler Courtland FINNegan

But wait. Friday is a 24 hour day so the Dolphins sign a much needed guard too by the 4pm Ninety Six hour mark. Shelly Smith (26)is a three year veteran that spent his first year for the Texans (under current Dolphins offensive line coach John Benton). The following two years he was in St.Louis where he started 8 of 11 games played in 2012, he started two of 14 games played last year. Smith is an explosive and very physical run blocker that signed with Miami for two years at 5.5 million total.

Ninety Six hours ago (as of Friday March 14th at 4pm). The Miami Dolphins were about to become extremely thin at defensive tackle and corner back with the potential loss of all four 2013 starters. They re-signed their two Pro Bowlers (Grimes & Starks), and addressed the other two free agent losses even before they became losses! They upgraded one of those losses with a nasty former Pro Bowl corner back (Finnegan), and replaced the other specialist with a well rounded youngster in defensive tackle (Mitchell)!

Miami entered the process with one legitimate starting offensive lineman on the roster in Elite NFL Center Mike Pouncey. At one minute into the process they signed the prominent left tackle that they have been chasing for several years (Albert).

In the ninety sixth hour they signed a young three year veteran guard that Miami's offensive line coach helped develop. They now have three more than capable guards with Shelly Smith, Nate Garner, and Sam Brenner while second year left side guard/potential tackle Dallas Thomas also waits in the wings. A standout veteran is still in the cards that are being dealt.

Miami has only one absolutely glaring empty spot remaining, and that is at the right tackle position! The Dolphins still have plenty of money and time to land a right tackle while a few good tackle options still remain. Miami's 2013 left and right side starting tackles Bryant McKinnie (who wants to come back), and Tyson Clabo are two of those few remaining on the market. Though they both struggled horribly early on in 2013, both Bryant and Tyson are very good players who are more than worthy right tackle Dolphin candidates! Both can also play left tackle in a pinch, and a team has to have a reliable backup to their left tackle, the signing of one of them will fill two needs!

Should Miami sign one of those two? They will find themselves in great position to seek early round skill players in the upcoming 2014 draft! If not? A couple more early round offensive lineman will remain a necessity! A couple offensive lineman will be drafted anyway at some point, but it would be almost too sweet for them to not be early round priorities!

What do you think of Dennis Hickey and his Staff's first 96 hours on the clock?

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!


Dolphins Sign Branden Albert

The Miami Dolphins finally have their man.

A year after almost trading a second round pick for him, Miami has signed free agent Branden Albert to a five year deal worth $46 million. This is a step in the right direction for one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Albert is a Pro Bowler who will give Miami help they desperately need on the line.

Miami wasn't done with signings for the day, though. They signed defensive tackle Earl Mitchell to a four year deal worth $16 million. Albert had been with the Texans for four years before becoming a free agent. He was a full-time starter last year, and hopefully he'll fill the void left by Paul Soliai and (possibly) Randy Starks.

Thanks for stopping by. Free agency is upon us. Email me at I'm also on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

Miami Dolphins Re-Sign Brent Grimes

The Dolphins new General Manager Dennis Hickey has passed his first test with the signing of arguably Miami's most prominent cog scheduled to hit the free agency market.

Hickey signed the two time Pro Bowler Brent Grimes to a four year contract for what is said to be 32 million dollars of which 16 million is guaranteed. The Hickey and Grimes agreement avoided the 4pm Free Agent tag deadline of 11.5 million for 2014, and kept the Dolphins from having to enter a free agent bidding war for his highly sought after services.

The corner back covered the oppositions number one receiver on practically every 2013 play and didn't allow a single touchdown while leading the Dolphins with four interceptions. He is a Premiere NFL corner back of high character with much desired leadership qualities and is now in place to instill those attributes to the young cast of Dolphin corner backs as well as the entire defense and/or team.

Since 2010 among corner backs, Grimes ranks third in "coverage grade" behind only the NFL's absolute premiere corner backs of Seattle's Richard Shermann and Tampa Bays Darrell Revis.

Upon his signing Grimes said. "It's a 4-year deal. I wanted to be back but you never know in this business and when it all worked out I was happy"!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brent Grimes and General Manager Dennis Hickey on a job well done!!