Miami Dolphins Potential First Round Trade Down Options and Prospects

With ten days to go until the National Football Leagues 2014 Draft "the Miami Dolphins are on the clock!"

Eighteen selections have been made! All of the immediate starter prospects of absolute need and desire that Miami had targeted for pick #19 have already been chosen! (The top 4 Tackles including Zack Martin, Receivers Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, the OLB's Mack, Barr, and Tight End Eric Ebron are all gone)!

The BPA (Best Players Available) are perhaps a Defensive tackle or two, Middle Line Backer C.J. Mosley, and Safety Hasean (Ha-Ha) Clinton-Dix, though they are not at positions of absolute dire need, nor may they make the 2014 Dolphin starting lineup. The MLB position is the defensive quarterback, a tough nutt for a rookie to crack, while the Safety and DTackles would be nice options if something were to happen to the current slated to be veteran starters.

There are other prospects that are projected to be first year NFL starters at positions of absolute immediate need for Miami. Players that are ranked slightly lower than the suggested to be BPA's at 19, and those players can be had between the first rounds overall mid-twenties to the early second round forties.

Here are a few potential Miami Dolphin trade down from nineteen candidates.

Cyrus Kouandjio, pronounced "KWON-joe" is a 6-7, 322 pound Junior out of Alabama with a mere 16% body fat "reportedly". He played in eight games as a 2011 freshman before an ACL/MCL knee injury.

In 2012 while allowing just 3.5 sacks in the physical SEC. He started all 14 games at Left Tackle for the Nationally ranked 16th best rushing team, and Collegiate Champions. Cyrus started at Left Tackle in all twelve games for Nick Sabans 2013 Alabama team while being voted a Consensus All-SEC First Team, and All-American selection.

Though "RAW" with tons of upside at 20 years old! He was included in conversations of the 2014 elite tackle prospects until a horrible showing at the combine. Maybe, he just plays better than he test? Kwon-Joe is a big NFL ready, lean, mean, run blocking machine for a team in need of a road grading Right Tackle. He also possesses the length among other required (during the game) tools to evolve into an athletically agile, elite NFL pass protector. In a trade down scenario from pick 19 to (24 thru 33), Cyrus "Kwon-Joe" and an additional (respectably 3rd or 2nd round) prospect would be viewed by most as a well surveyed path.

Joel Bitonio a Senior at (22) stands 6-4, 302 as a team captain that has started at Left Tackle for Nevada's Wolf Pack in 39 consecutive games, (2010 thru 2013).

Joel display's phenomenal leadership skills, work ethic, is reliably tough, and plays through the whistle with savage intensity. He is also quite athletic. At the NFL combines test of explosion, and agility. Bitonio was the valedictorian of offensive lineman as the leader in all five measurements of athleticism, (Vertical, Broad jumps, three cone, 20 yard shuttle drills, as well as the forty yard dash).

Bitonio has the versatility to play right tackle or guard, but similarly to the preferred Dolphins pick at the current number 19 spot of Zack (T-Rexx) Martin. (Bitonio may be a bit undersized in length) to excel as an NFL tackle?

He would be a steal at either position for the Dolphins between picks 34 and 44. Especially with the included compensation of an additional low to high second round starting prospect for trading down 15 to 25 spots. A drop from 19 to pick 44 would accrue an additional pick at number 48 which would give Miami three second round picks between 44 and 50. Miami has their our own pick at number 50. Maybe, he will be there, if all else fails?

Morgan Moses is a big, long armed, nifty footed 6-6, 314 pound Senior.

He has started 43 games for the ACC's Virginia Mountaineers including one as a 2010 Guard, twelve as a 2013 left tackle allowing just two sacks in 506 pass attempts, and thirty at Right Tackle (2010/11/12). During the 2010 thru 2012 seasons he started for the then Virginia Offensive Coordinator, and current Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor.

With seven games remaining in the 2010 season Moses became the starting Right tackle for a offensive line that had run up a tab of 17 sacks over the previous 22 quarters. Upon his insertion the unit allowed just 6 sacks over the remaining 28 quarters of the season.

Bill Lazor is with whom the conclusion to whether or not General Manager Dennis Hickey will draft the overall 37th ranked prospect Morgan Moses at pick 19, or in a potential trade down scenario that would include additional value of himself as well as another high draft pick for the Miami Dolphins.

Who do you like of this compilation, or from within your own mind?

The Dolphins First Round pick at number 19 is worth 875 draft trade value points!

To trade down from 19? Miami would (first off) have to find a willing team to trade with. That particular team would have to possess two or more later picks of which their total worth nears the 875 "draft trade value" of pick 19!

(For instance). If Miami were to trade down five spots from 19 to 24? (Or somewhere in that general vicinity that includes Kansas City, Cincy, and San Diego)! Equal value would suggest that the Dolphins would get #24 and a bottom of the third round pick in the early 90's that the above mentioned teams are also in possession of.

Trade down ten spots and the value chart suggest that you deserve the 49'ers pick #29, and an additional pick near #71 which is also in SF's early third round selection vicinity.

Miami from 19 would have to trade entirely out of the first round, and into the early thirties (Texans, Redskins, Browns, Raiders, or Atlanta) to accrue an additional bottom of the second round choice near pick sixty that the previously mentioned are also in possession of. This type of move would obviously eliminate the first round option, but would give the Dolphins three second round picks, (two via the trade down), and their own at number 50. If one can find a willing trade partner?

So. Do you as the Fin General Manager take the BPA at 19 (no-matter the position, or need)? Or do you "Trade Down" and get the BPA (at that point) for a prospect/position of dire need while accumulating additional later round picks as well as potential starters?

Draft Trade Value Chart

(Not saying that teams live and die by this chart), but it is a good reference point for us fans to understand what additional picks can be gathered by trading down, or up, (from wherever). Can you find a team with two or more picks of combined similar value to the Miami Dolphins pick number 19?

Complete Seven Round draft Order

Miami Dolphins Potential picks at number Nineteen article

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!


The NFL Draft is a Crapshoot for The Miami Dolphins

The clock ticks toward the 2014 draft and every Dolphin fan chews stubby fingernails waiting for the inevitable “Ted F-ing Ginn” moment. Remembering where you were when the commissioner stepped to the podium and announced, “With the 9th pick in the 2007 draft, the Miami Dolphins select… Ted Ginn Jr from The Ohio State University” is a rite-of-passage for Dolphin fans. Man landing on the moon has nothing on the “Ted F-ing Ginn” moment!

Typical of every year since Dan Marino retired, there were no QBs available when Miami’s turn came to pick. JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn were the first round busts that year, followed by Kevin Kolb and our own beloved whipping boy, John Beck in the second round. Not one QB from that draft class ever made an impact in the NFL. Yet we remember “Ted F-ing Ginn” for the shear absurdity of selecting a kick returner in the first round.

I braced myself on the couch awaiting the selection of Brady Quinn that year, hoping the quarterback drought would finally end. Then the bitter moment arrived when my knees fell to the floor and my hands came to my face, “Ted F-ing Ginn,” I moaned, "who the hell is Ted F-ing Ginn?” I was not placated knowing the Dolphins had drafted, “the entire Ginn family.”

Poor Malcolm Cameron never had a chance at, “failing forward fast.” He was just a very unlikable character in a place jaded from a fall off the pinnacle of the league when The Don passed into lore and Jimmy Johnson quit.

In 2014 a new GM and embattled 2nd year coach pace the war room in fear of the “Ted F-ing Ginn” moment. Hoping with bloody cuticles, they can ride a tide of some strange force of luck and wash away the curse of “Ted F-ing Ginn” and the entire Ginn family.

Isn’t it strange how life can be so cruel, “Ted F-ing Ginn” was never a bad fellow. He didn't beg the commissioner to call his name with the 9th selection of the 2007 draft. It should have been the greatest day of his life, a day he had prepared for since grammar school and yet, upon his introduction boos echoed through Miami like thunder rolling off the Atlantic Ocean. The coach who selected him was vilified and the GM ostracized, both faced the firing squad after a 1-15 season.

The question Dennis Hickey must ask himself is, how can I avoid a “Ted F-ing Ginn” moment? We often hear the term “best player available,” but does it really have a meaning when a team is picking 19th the draft? In 2007, Miami needed a QB and correctly assessed there were truly no quarterbacks worthy of the 9th pick. The team had no playmakers and decided “Ted F-ing Ginn” with 4.28 speed and impeccable family ties was not the stretch everyone else thought. They pulled the trigger and the rest is history.

Perception is everything they say. The truth is, had the Dolphins selected Patrick Willis or Darrelle Revis with the 9th pick, we all may have fallen to our knees, but Randy Muller would still have a job in the NFL. Instead, he was left trying to remove the laces of Bill Parcells right shoe from his “Ted F-ing Ginn” selecting arse on the way out the door.

Jeff Ireland had a formula that married need with the best player available. Somehow, that could not have been relevant when he traded one of his 2nd round picks to move up and select Dion Jordan. It remains to be seen, but many still believe Jordan was the best defensive player available with a couple glaring flaws, he was injured and by rule could not participate in OTAs until his college class graduated.

For all of his shortcomings, Ireland was a man of conviction, he drafted Jonathan Martin to be a left tackle and passed on Lane Johnson even after Jake Long signed with the Saint Louis Rams. He could never have predicted the locker room fiasco that followed, but he was the man who paid the price for it. Had he selected Johnson, he might still be the GM in Miami.

As the best defensive player available in the entire draft, Jordan is certainly not a “Ted F-ing Ginn” selection, yet somehow picking the BPA led to the same result, another GM licking his wounds in the unemployment line. Dennis Hickey probably practices yoga so he can get at his toenails since there is nothing left on his hands but bloody nubs. Selecting the best player available is not a panacea and reaching for a need is a bad plan, so it all turns out to be a mystery. There is no magic formula.

I have a plan...

Dennis hickey need only practice the art of throwing darts to change the fortunes of the Miami Dolphins on draft day. Prospective players are matched to a round in the draft using the example below. Color code the names on the draft-board to match an equally colored section on the dartboard for each round.

The chances of striking it lucky are greatly increased. How you may ask, this seems like a random display of luck and yet isn’t that what the draft truly is? The chances of selecting a “Ted F-ing Ginn” are as good as selecting a Tom Brady but our perception clouds the ability to reason. A tackle becomes better than a safety because we need a tackle.

Since the names will fall somewhat in the proper round based on the research of the scouting department, the rest is pure luck. Throw a decent dart and Walla, we match the luck of the draft with the luck of the throw!

Sorry Dennis Hickey, this is all I got for you, if “Ted F-ing Ginn” falls in your lap you’ll be a failure. If Tom Brady somehow appears, you’ll be a genius.

Why not throw some darts and pray your fingernails will grow back before the next draft. “Ted F-ing Ginn” will make another million dollars with his 6th new team. They'll watch, hoping he reaches the end zone before running out of bounds and realize...

It was all a crapshoot…

My brother sent me this picture of the ad on the shout graphically depicting the "Ted F-ing Ginn" moment! 
 Maybe Dennis Hickey should stay away from his toenails!!!

KICKERS? Top 2014 Draft Prospects

The National Football League has been given the proverbial BOOT.

Traditionally the new years NFL draft is held on the final weekend of April. For the 2014 season it has been punted backward two weeks to May 8th thru 10th.

As it turns out the loss of field position (for the most part) is due to kickers not yet in the league.

The ROCKETTES kicked in the door of Radio City Music Hall in order to schedule a show called "Hearts and Lights" to run from March 27 through May 4. The forceful entry resulted in the Tutu wearing NFL's foot-wedge from behind a bush.

Seeing that The Miami Dolphins drafted their long term kicker Caleb Sturgis in 2013, and without further adieu with (28 days to go) until draft day. Here are a few prospects that The Miami Dolphins might high-kick to the tops of their boards.

Which position and or player would you draft (if available) at Miami's pick number 19?

UCLA Guard Xavier Su'A-Filo is a 23 year old Junior, and a 6-4, 307 pound offensive lineman that has started all 40 of his tenured UCLA Bruin games.

As a 2009 freshman he started all 13 games at Left Tackle. Upon his return from a two year (2010/11) Mormon Mission, Xavier started all 14 games at Left Guard in 2012. He started 6 games at Left Tackle, and 7 games at Left Guard in 2013.

Su'A-Filo has the power and athleticism to play in any type of blocking scheme, and possesses a tireless work ethic while also being of high character. Though he was not his best at left tackle, he projects to be an immediate starter and very good NFL Guard while he could potentially play some Tackle.

Alabama Inside Line Backer C.J. Mosley is 21, stands at 6-2, 234 but plays bigger than he is while offering an outstanding linebacker 40 yard dash of 4.63. CJ has played in 51 of a possible 53 games with 31 starts in four years while at the SEC's Two Time (during his career) National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

He had 3 starts as a 2010 freshman while playing in all 13 games. Mosley missed his only two career games in 2011 with a dislocated elbow while playing in all eleven other games, and started six times. He had ten starts in 14 games played for the 2012 season.

CJ's 2013 Senior season included all 13 as the starter while winning both of the Nations (Butkus & Bednarik) trophies awarded to the Top Line Backer, and the Top Defensive player. Mosley is good in pass coverage too with five interceptions of which three were taken to the house over his career. It has been a long time since a guy with C.J.Mosley's sort of instinctive anticipation, fluid sideline to sideline pursuit, and pure tackling ability has roamed the Middle Line Backer position for the Miami Dolphins.

Texas A&M Wide Receiver Mike Evans is a 20 year old at an eye popping 6-5, 231, and long strides a 4.53 forty. He red shirted in 2011, but started all thirteen games of his Freshman 2012 season while tabulating 82 catches for 1,105 yards and five touchdowns.

As a 2013 Sophomore, Team Captain Evans blistered the SEC with 1,322 yards on 65 receptions, and 12 touchdowns. Included was a dismantling of Alabama with seven receptions for 279 yards, and then again a few weeks later with 287 yards on 11 catches against Auburn.

Mike has excellent speed for a receiver of his size, he actually plays faster than his 4.53 might suggest while even being able to get over the top if so desired. He is an exceptionally tough/strong receiver that simply overpowers most defenders, Evans can leap with the best of them, and has great sticky-fingered hands. Evans is the reason that Johnny (Football) Manziel is the commodity that he is cracked up to be!

Though it is more than likely to require a drastic move up from 19 to get him. Mike Evans as a true number one type of NFL receiver would be the perfect complement to a Mike Wallace type.

North Carolina Tight End Eric Ebron (21 on Thursday) is a Junior Underclassman that comes to the NFL standing at 6-4, 250 and covers forty yards in 4.60 seconds. Over his three year Tar Heel career the Tight End has gathered 112 receptions, 1805 yards, and eight touchdowns.

As a 2011 Freshman he had ten catches for 207 yards with one touchdown in ten appearances. Ebron caught forty balls for 625, and four touchdowns in eleven games as the starter in 2012. The 625 receiving yards stood as the third most by a tight end in ACC history.

2013's Eric Ebron produced an ACC tight end record (791 Vernon Davis) breaking yard total of 973 yards on sixty two receptions with three touchdowns. Eric's career best in yardage game came on a Nationally televised Thursday Night with The Miami Hurricanes when he had 199 yards on eight reception's and a 71 yard touchdown. His single game career high for catches is nine, and his longest career reception covered 79 yards.

Ebron is fast for a 250 pound kid, he is also quick off the line of scrimmage, out of his breaks, and can juke folks out of their cleats in the open field. Eric can also break tackles as a strong runner with upper body strength to boot as displayed in his twenty five bench press repetitions of 225 pounds. He is a powerful blocker when called upon, but make no mistake, he is a play making, receiving type of tight end. Oh Yea. He has great hands too with a huge, agile catching radius while always playing with great awareness, and extreme confidence.

At a current level that is no where near his potential ceiling, Ebron is head and shoulders more talented than the next best tight end in the 2014 draft. Eric Ebron (similarly to Mike Evans) would be the perfect complement to The Miami Dolphins receiving corps (especially Wallace), but to get him. it may require a minor jump up from the Dolphins current draft spot.

Alabama Free Safety Hasean Clinton-Dix (21 and Affectionately referred to by all since early childhood as ""Ha-Ha"") comes to the NFL as a 6-1, 208, 4.58 in the forty Junior. He has twenty one starts in thirty eight games played for a very good collegiate head Coach in Nick Saban.

During his initial season for Alabama's Crimson Tide,(though for the most part on special teams)he played in all 13 games, which is quite the feat in itself as a Freshman for the well stocked 2011 National Champions.

""Ha-Ha"" started Ten of Fourteen games for the Back To Back National Champions of 2012, and he led the entire SEC for interceptions with five. In the Championship game versus Notre Dame he was second on the team in tackles behind only the above spotlighted (C.J. Mosley) while recording and interception in his third consecutive game.

Clinton-Dix played in only eleven 2013 games due to a two game (undisclosed) team violation suspension. He was immediately reinstated to the starters position, had two interceptions with 52 tackles on the season, was an All-SEC First Team selection as a Consensus All American for the year.

Hasean Clinton-Dix possesses quite the combination of size, physicality, speed, ball skills, athleticism, and knowledge. ""Ha-Ha"" displays good football knowledge in his ability to read and react decisively to the run or pass while being a very physical player that makes folks remember his number. Clinton-Dix is a fluid athlete with the ability to cover any route, has good recovery speed, is an astute jumper, and is agile with great ball skills.

Notre Dame Tackle Zack Martin (23) has short arms! But then again, so did T-Rexx! At 6-4, 308, "Zack" has started (a team record 52 consecutive games) at Tackle for The Irish. No need to break it down individually. (52 games equates to four years times 13 games started at Tackle). He has started the last 50 from the Left Tackle position and has been the team offensive lineman of the year over the entire duration of his collegiate career with the most recent 26 games as Team Captain.

His two Right tackle starts were in his initial 2010 season and he started the remaining eleven at Left Tackle. The quarterback's backside hit the ground 20 times, (the fewest Irish sacks allowed since 1998).
He was named the Johnny Rogers Most Valuable Offensive Lineman after their Bowl game win.

For 2011 Zack was the leader of an offensive line that allowed just 17 sacks, while averaging 4.8 yards per rush attempt, (best by a Notre Dame team since 1996).

Martin's 2012 line led the Irish (who had rushed for 200 plus yards seven times on the season) to an undefeated 12-0 and into the National Championship Game where they were over matched against the defending Champ Alabama Crimson Tide

His unit allowed just eight sacks in 2013, and he was named the MVP for Notre Dames Victorious Bowl game.

Zack Martin obviously has a plethora of the required intangibles as well as the all around offensive lineman skills to play either tackle, or guard position, and he would most definitely be a day one starter somewhere! He has those 50 Left Tackle starts, so he would also be the only guy other than Brandon Albert that can play Left tackle, and having a capable second emergency Left Tackle is an absolute necessity! Meanwhile, he can potentially be groomed into the eventual starting Left Tackle, T-Rex arms and all. If he is available, and if he were to be chosen with The Miami Dolphins First Round Draft Pick Number Nineteen?

OTHER Positions and/or Players that you personally might like in the first round?

Of course, their are other higher ranked, higher profiled prospects at practically every position already mentioned. To name a few, they are (OT's Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan, OLB's Khalil Mack, Anthony Barr, and WR Sammy Watkins). However. Those players are extremely unlikely to fall to pick 19, and would require a trade-up option, as may a photographed few.

Their are also positions/players not mentioned that would be excellent though unnecessary additions. A late scratch from the above possibilities list were Corner Backs Justin Gilbert, and Darqueze Dennard. Defensive Tackles are plentiful too, as well as are other similarly ranked to the above photographed offensive lineman, but at some point you just have to punt.

You are The Miami Dolphin General Manager.
Who do you prefer if all are available, and who do you think becomes the Dolphins actual first round pick at number 19?

Who are your Second (pick 50), Third (81), and later rounds (116, 155, 190, and 234th) pick favorites?

Which "KICKER" do you prefer?

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!


Dolphins' Top 5 Moments from 2013

With the exception of wide receiver DeSean Jackson signing with the Washington Redskins, it's been a quiet week in the NFL. Most teams have turned their attention from free agency to May's NFL Draft. Among the teams having solid offseasons to this point, is the Miami Dolphins. With the start of 2014 still five months away, the Dolphins are coming off of their first non-losing season since 2008. Looking back on what was an up and down campaign in 2013, here were Miami's top five moments:

5. Clay Breaks Free - December 8th
Miami Dolphins 34, Pittsburgh Steelers 28
With a record of 6-6, the Miami Dolphins sorely needed to win in the snow in Pittsburgh in early December. Miami had jumped to a 17-7 lead, but the Steelers had rallied to go ahead on two occasions in the second half. With the Dolphins trailing 28-24, Miami used a 55-yard run from Daniel Thomas to reach Pittsburgh's red zone. Facing a 2nd-and-6, quarterback Ryan Tannehill found tight end Charles Clay in the flat. Clay threw off multiple Pittsburgh defenders including All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu on his way to the end zone. Clay's 12-yard score gave the Dolphins a 31-28 lead. Miami would avert disaster when Steelers' receiver Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds at the 13-yard-line on his way to the end zone on the final play of the game.
(Miami Herald)

4. Tannehill to Sims - September 22nd
Atlanta Falcons 23, Miami Dolphins 27
In Miami's home opener of 2013, the Dolphins' defense bent, but refused to break throughout the day. The Dolphins had faced a pair of 10-point deficits, but got the ball back trailing by just three with under five minutes to play. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill led Miami on a methodical march and after receiver Brandon Gibson was stopped just shy of the goal line, the Dolphins faced a 2nd-and-goal from the Falcons' 1-yard-line. Rather than try to pound the ball in, Tannehill floated a pass to rookie tight end Dion Sim, who made a one-handed grab for his first career catch and touchdown. The pass capped a 13-play, 75-yard drive for Miami. Jimmy Wilson's interception of Matt Ryan on the ensuing possession ensured the victory as the Dolphins began the season 3-0 for the first time since 2002.

3. Grimes Picks Off Luck in End Zone - September 15th
Miami Dolphins 24, Indianapolis Colts 20
As he had done the previous season, Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck was on the verge of leading a comeback against Miami. With the Dolphins clinging to a 24-20 lead, the Colts reached Miami's 34-yard-line. Luck was given plenty of time to throw on first down and went for the reliable Reggie Wayne in the end zone. Despite being at a height advantage, Dolphins' cornerback Brent Grimes out-leaped Wayne in the end zone and recorded his first interception as a Dolphin. The Colts would get one last chance, but Miami sealed the victory with Philip Wheeler's fourth down sack of Luck.
(Getty Images)

2. Wake's Safety Sack in OT - October 31st
Cincinnati Bengals 20, Miami Dolphins 22 (Overtime)
It was fitting that the Dolphins were facing a team wearing orange and black on Halloween night, but scarier was the fact that Miami had let a 17-3 lead slip away and was on the verge of losing a fifth straight contest. After a successful late game drive by Tannehill set up a game-tying field goal from rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis, the Dolphins and Bengals went to overtime tied at 20. Miami and Cincinnati traded punts in the extra period, but after a solid Miami drive to flip field position, the Bengals were pinned deep in their own territory. After a pair of incomplete passes from his own 8-yard-line, Bengals' quarterback Andy Dalton was caught in the end zone on third down and sacked by Miami defensive end Cameron Wake. The play was ruled a safety and Miami became just the second team in NFL history to win in such a fashion.
(TD Daily)

1. Thomas Intercepts Brady to Snap Skid - December 15th
New England Patriots 20, Miami Dolphins 24
The New England Patriots brought a seven-game winning streak against the Dolphins into Sun Life Stadium in mid-December and looked to be on their way to #8 after grabbing an early 10-0 lead. Miami had rallied with 17 straight points, but it took a Tannehill touchdown pass to Marcus Thigpen with 1:15 to play to give the Dolphins the lead for good. As he had done so often during his illustrious NFL career, Tom Brady was leading New England on another clutch drive. New England had reached the Miami 14-yard-line, but after consecutive incomplete passes from Brady, the Patriots were down to one play. On fourth down, newly-signed defensive back Michael Thomas plucked a Brady pass out of the air to seal Miami's first victory over the Patriots in more than three years. Unfortunately, the Dolphins would drop their final two games, but Thomas' late-game interception clinched Miami's first non-losing season in five years.

Mike Ferguson is a staff writer at Dolphin Shout and the founder and editor of Outside the Redzone. Like Outside the Redzone on Facebook! Also, follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson