Miami Dolphins Halt Offensive Line Crime Spree

The outlaws had been on a run of numerous assaults to the laws of the land while holding high ranking positions of leadership within the town. During the previous year alone, the corrupt five had allowed the local bank to be sacked of the peoples money fifty-eight times.

Town-Folk as well as admirers were tired of being assaulted and insulted ! They sent word to the Governor Stephen (William J Lepetomane) Ross, and demanded change! Ross obliged with the termination of Mayor Jeff (Hedley Lamarr) Ireland, and the forming of a good character chasing, white hat wearing mob.

The appointed Dolphins Posse Leader Dennis (I'm your Huckleberry) Hickey along with Partners Joe (Earp) Philbin, and Dawn (Kitt) Aponte rode into Miami with the intent of ridding the passionate town folks of the bad boy gang.

With guns a blaze'en, they permanently exiled offenders Richie (Mongo) Incognito, Jonathan (Squeeky) Martin, and John (Marshmallow) Jerry. Other lesser involved suspects that include Bryant McKinnie, and Tyson Clabo are being tracked for potential questioning of future urgency.

Upon the retaking of righteousness in Miami. Hickey brought in hired guns of fortune with the likes of Brandon (Lefty) Albert, interior tough guy Shelly (The Gate Keeper) Smith, and Jason (The Sly T&G) Fox. As the news of good things to come spread throughout the territory, others of high character came along to seek roles of leadership.

Those warriors of good include drafted Volunteer Ja'Wuan (Right Hand Man) James and his 49 consecutive gun fights from the right side.

A drafted consecutive 30 games starting left tackle out of North Dakota State, Billy (The Bison) Turner projects to become an NFL five position trick shooter and/or main attraction.

The durable, interior pivot player Tyler Larsen of Utah State has 51 consecutive games started at Center as a four year offensive line shot-caller.

Arizona States Evan Fickenberg has 44 career starts at left tackle. He can obviously compete as a backup at the left or right tackle positions and/or as an NFL Guard for the bank

Beyond the above mentioned the Dolphins also acquired Arkansas' David Hurd who was a 2012 thru 2013 starting left tackle for the SEC's Razorbacks. During the 2012 season he, his line mates, and team broke twenty Arkansas and/or SEC offensive production records, (for the most part) via the passing game.

Another addition was New Mexico States Davonte Wallace and his 48 consecutive starts over four years, for the most part at left tackle. He stepped in on day one along side established veterans, and almost immediately became the teams best lineman while having to adjust his game for a plethora of Aggie offensive line coaches over the years. Of his college career Davonte said, """First of all, it was very scary, I was a skinny little nothing. Wasn't very strong. Just did things right. Took coaching. Whatever they told me to do, I did it. If I didn't understand it, it's something I'd ask them over and over. I kept doing stuff over and over, until I got it right. That's probably how things turned out the way it did."" Something that ""Squeeky"" might have considered?

Too boot. The Miami Dolphins retained the rights to the NFL elite center Mike Pouncey, and pre-determined 2013 backups of which received invaluable playing and/or starting experience repetitions last year. Those got'your'back guys are Dallas (G/T) Thomas, Nate (G/T) Garner, David (T/G) Arkin, and Sam (C/G) Brenner.

All in all a bunch of shiny new badges have been pinned to chest.
The currently unemployed 34 year old 2013 left tackle McKinnie has been replaced with an All-Pro 29 year old Brandon Albert. Right Tackle/wanna-be Left Tackle Squeeky Martin won't be missed what so ever with the signing of the penciled in studly right tackle Ja'Wuan James. Marshmallow Jerry is easily upgraded with Shelly Smith. A 30 plus Tyson (The Matador) Clabo's roster spot goes to Jason Fox (26) as a starting guard or backup tackle. The self appointed Mongo badge and remaining Offensive Line roster spots will be earned by new comers and homesteaders Billy Turner, Tyler Larsen, Evan Finkenberg, David Hurd, Davonte Wallace, Michael Ola, David Arkin, Sam Brenner, Nate Garner, and Dallas Thomas.

Famous Blazing Saddles/Hedley Lamarr quote; ""My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.""
Yea, Yea, Yea, I know what your thinking : ))) !!!

After the smoke clears from the shootout at the JRS corral.
How do you feel about who might remain standing compared to those buried with their boots off ?

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view !


Miami Dolphins First Three 2014 Draft Picks and Maneuvers

Miami Dolphin 2014 First Round Pick at Nineteen..

Consecutive 49 game SEC starter at Right Tackle for The Tennessee Volunteers, Ja'Wuan James.

General Manager Dennis Hickey said that ""the Fins had several Trade Down from 19 offers, but felt too strongly about James to risk losing him for the offered compensation"".

Second Round.
Traded down from 50 to 57 for additional 4th round selection, the Chargers #125.
Traded down from 57 to 63 for additional 5th rounder, the Broncos pick #171 through SF trade.

Miami Drafted SEC/LSU Receiver Jarvis Landry with that second round 63rd overall pick.

Ex-NFL Defensive Back and current premiere NFL prospect analysts Mike Mayock said that Landry is one of his top ten favorite players. Mayock added that ""Jarvis Landry is absolutely the most physically tough Receiver in this draft class while being more than willing to go over the middle, and is a superior route runner with great hands that consistently makes the miraculous catch.""

Miami Traded their own middle of the third round #81, and initial 4th round #116 picks to move up to the top of the 3rd rounds selection at #67. The Dolphins chose Billy Turner at pick 67. Turner started all 30 games (2012/13) at Left Tackle for the I-AA Missouri Valley Football Conferences consecutive three time national champion North Dakota State University Bisons.

Because, one would think that they could have stayed with their own pick at 81, kept their own 4th rounder at 116, and STILL LANDED Billy Turner or Guard Gabe Jackson who actually went at 81 where Miami was to begin with.

Because the Washington Redskins were on the clock and in the process of making their pick at #66 ! Simultaneously, The Dolphins were attempting to trade back up to #67 from 81 ! Once Miami got to pick 67 ! Washington at #66 coincidentally picked offensive tackle Morgan Moses who had played tackle at Virginia for three years under current Miami Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor! Dolphins picked small school tackle Billy Turner! Hmmmm?? Maybe they felt the need to have an additional OLineman that has extensive reps at Left Tackle? An absolute necessity! Maybe they were going after Moses to play Guard or backup Left tackle?


What do you think, and how do you feel about The Miami Dolphins first three 2014 draft selections and maneuvers?

Miami began the drafts final day with possession of five picks in the forth thru seventh Saturday rounds. Those picks included a forth round pick number 125. (Two in the fifth) at #155, 171, along with a third pick in thirty five selections at the sixth rounds #190 spot, and a seventh round selection at number 234.

Day Three UPDATES;

In the forth round at pick #125, The Dolphins selected Liberty Corner Back Walt Aikens who at 6-1, 205 happened to be the tallest, longest, biggest CB available at that point. According to prospect analysts Nolan Nawrocki. Aikens strengths are ""Outstanding size. Good press strength. Good athletic ability. Can keep stride with receivers down the field and ride the hip pocket in man coverage. Aggressive tackler that led the team in tackles as a senior and is unafraid to mix it up. Takes on blocks with physicality and attacks the run. Adequate production on the ball. Has gunner experience.""

The fifth rounds pick at number 155 brought SEC and Georgia Bulldog Tight End Arthur Lynch to Miami. The 6-5, 258 pound Bulldog, and Team Captain bench pressed 225 pounds Twenty Eight times at the NFL Combine. Strengths; ""Good size. Functional short-to-intermediate target. Can adjust to throws and extend to catch. Strong and competitive after the catch. Willing to engage and compete as an in-line blocker. Has special-teams experience. Hardworking and football smart. Tough and durable."" N. Nawrocki

With a second fifth round selection at #171 (accrued via second round trade down). The Dolphins chose Montana OLB/ILB and Team Captain Jordan Tripp. He is 6-3, 234 with twenty-two reps of 225 pounds, and runs a 4.67 forty. Prospect analyst Nolan Nawrocki; ""Diagnoses quickly and is around the ball a lot. Outstanding motor, intensity and effort. Extremely competitive. Very tough. Outstanding weight-room work ethic. Exceptional character. Emergency long snapper (started all four years at line backer). Has a special-teams temperament. Takes the game very seriously. Athleticism was on display at the combine, paced linebackers with a 3.96-second short shuttle, recorded a 6.89 second 3-cone drill and vertical jumped 37 1/2 inches. A tough, determined, competitive overachiever""

The Miami Dolphins selected Coastal Carolina University Receiver Matt Hazel at 6-1, 198 with their sixth round overall pick of number 190. ""Good functional football-playing speed. Accelerates off the line and can create separation. Tracks the deep ball well, contorts his body in the air and can make difficult catches look easy. Can create after the catch and make the first defender miss on bubble screens out of the slot. Willing blocker, displays surprising toughness for his size to mix it up with linebackers. Fared well vs. better competition (see South Carolina). Comes from a very supportive family and has strong personal and football character. The game is very important to him. A smooth, fluid, athletic small-school receiver with the hands, body control and concentration to earn a roster spot and develop into a solid contributor."" Nolan Nawrocki

What are your thoughts on THE MIAMI DOLPHINS 2014 DRAFT?


Miami Dolphins 2014 NFL Draft Chat

The draft has arrived. Who will Miami get? We're about to find out. Share your draft experience with the rest of us here at the Shout.

Interactive Miami Dolphin Fan Draft Party Game

Hey Folks, Welcome to The Dolphin Shout "Draft Crap Shoot".
So via a recent article by Patrick "NFL Draft is a crap shoot for the Miami Dolphins", along with his "Draft Dart Board" plans for the Tarell Families annual Dolphin Draft Fun-Fest! I became inspired to devise a Draft Game for The Shout where we and Patrick can all post our own Pre-Draft party "Mock" results.

Family and Friends Fun for One and/or All ! (Accessories Not Included),PC Illiterate! Got Dice?
Snake-Eyes equates to number one or two!
(Tie-Breaker), Spin a pencil on an imaginary clock face.
Whichever number of (1 or 2) that the point of the pencil spins closest to becomes the "logged guess" for that particular game player. All other rolls of the dice correspond to their total.

No Dice?
Ever heard of Spin The Bottle? Just takes twelve pieces of tape to a bare floor.
A round Whiskey, Wine, Beer, Soda Bottle or Pencil will do the trick in more ways than one, and should be available on these days of partying. Feeling energetic? Copy and Print the dial and have a creative one install a spinning center piece, or have the Wife/Husband dig-out the relic game of "TWISTER".

The clock is offered as an easily visualized guide and/or Copy/Print option for spinning wheel installment at home. Otherwise, a pair of Dice will suffice!

For this Dolphins Draft Game. I've taken the liberty of offering my previous articles ,and contributing suggestive comments of the potentially attainable thirty-six favorites at picks 19 thru 81 . This first particular time piece includes potential players that the Dolphins could move slightly up for, simply pick at 19, and/or players that can be attained in a first round trade down scenario. If a trade down scenario materializes? Roll the dice for every extra accrued Dolphin pick while using the appropriate listing that relates to that potentially acquired draft selections spot.

1) OL Zack Martin
2) TE Eric Ebron
3) WR Mike Evans
4)MLB C.J. Mosley
5) FS HaHa Clinton-Dix
6) CB Justin Gilbert
7) CB Darqueze Dennard
8)OLB Anthony Barr
9) WR Odell Beckham Jr
10)OL Xavier Su'A-Filo
11)FS Calvin Pryor
12)OT Cyrus Kouandjio

This next frame in time includes players that can likely be attained in trading down from 19 into the first rounds mid-twenties, and/or down to somewhere between Miami's current second round selection at number fifty, (Thursday and/or Friday).

1) OT JaWuan James
2) OT Morgan Moses
3) CB Jason Verrett
4) SS Jimmy Ward
5) WR Kelvin Benjamin
6) WR Marquise Lee
7) WR Donte Moncrief
8) WR Jordan Matthews
9) TE Jace Amaro
10)TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins
11)OT Joel Bitonio
12)OL David Yankey

At this moment of the game (Friday). We go beyond pick fifty in rolling the dice for The Miami Dolphins currently owned Third Round selection at number Eighty One. In accordance to what the Dolphins may or may not have already taken?! The roller of dice, or spinner of bottle, or dial in this particular time machine gets his choice of picks! Be it the prospect at the actual number that one rolls, or the "indicated" number/player located at the exact opposite spectrum of said number rolled. "Crap Shooters" choice!

1) WR Cody Latimer
2)MLB Chris Borland
3) RB Bishop Sankey
4) RB Carlos Hyde
5) RB Tre Mason
6) RB Terrance West
7) OT Cameron Fleming
8) CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
9) TE Troy Niklas
10)WR Martavis Bryant
11)OT Billy Turner
12)WR Dri Archer

Roll Snake-Eyes here and you get your choice of number one, two, seven, or eight, (depending on what Miami has already selected), and according to your personal preferences! The only round (while using dice) that a "Tie-Breaking spin of the pencil" isn't required in the instance of rolling Snake-Eyes!

Keep in mind that this games inventor prefers to get high value at every pick! Therefore, some of these guys would be absolute steals at suggested turns. With that risk, there are also pitfalls. The corresponding prospect of the number that one rolls may no longer be available? In such an instance, though you are already allotted the alternative pick in round three! Your personal game organizer can decide upon whether you lose the choice outright, or are deserving of one additional turn with the first, second, third pick, and other potentially accrued selections.

Potentially available suggestions for The Miami Dolphins first three to four picks include ( 9 OL, 9 WR, 5 TE, 4 RB, 7 DB, and 3 LB ). While Miami is not in dire need of such a position, the FOUR running backs listed for pick number 81 would all be absolute steals at that point, though a couple more options at MLB would have been nice! However. Proven Collegiate Inside Line Backers simply do not exist in 2014's first three rounds! C.J. Mosley at NINETEEN, Chris Borland at Eighty-One? ANYONE? An OLB that can be ingeniously moved to MLB? ANYONE?

ANYWAY. Just Hoping that ALL are excited about Thursdays 8PM First Round Kickoff, and that this game offers you some additional enjoyment leading up to and/or on Draft Day!

PLEASE, Take Three "Mock Practice Rolls, or Spins" for us. One for each of the three present listings, and let us know your results while offering your suggestions, as well as your preferred, viably attainable, first three Dolphin selections.

THANK YOU for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!

Paul will be offering a live draft chat on Thursday, so be sure to check in for that.

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