2014 Miami Dolphins AFC Standings Projection

Well Folks, the 2014 Miami Dolphins NFL season is upon us which means that the season is just about over. We all know that it goes by too damn fast to fully appreciate the good unless your team (one out of 32) ends-up being The Super Bowl Champion!

So let's get an early start towards appreciating what the end might offer.

Though without the foresight of knowing each teams season long adjustments, potential injuries to key cogs, suspensions, scandals, etc, etc.What does exist below came with careful consideration to each team's 2013 season, as well as 2014's transactions, regime/scheme changes, and schedules. Though each teams home and away schedules is too much to include here, what is included is each teams opposition, and final Won/Loss Projection.

NORTH DIVISION plays their own divisional teams head to head twice. They also have one game with each team in the AFC and NFC South divisions which includes the (Saints, Panthers, Falcons, and Bucs). As well they get one bonus match up versus an AFC East, and an AFC West team of 2013 divisional standings corresponding to their own . The home and away games in all scenario's are dispersed equally via the NFL schedule makers.

10 - 6 Ravens ( home versus San Diego, and at Miami ), Bonus Match-ups

9 - 7 Bengals ( at New England, and versus Denver )

7 - 9 Steelers ( at NYJ, and versus Kansas City )

4 - 11 Browns ( versus Oakland, and at Buffalo )

SOUTH DIVISION has home and away games within the division. Single games with each team in the AFC North, and NFC East including the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and Redskins, ( I mean Native Americans ). Their bonus match ups include an AFC West and East team.

11 - 5 Indianapolis ( at Denver, and versus New England )

9 - 7 Houston ( at Oakland, and versus Buffalo )

7 - 9 Tennessee ( at Kansas City, and versus NYJ )

3 - 13 Jacksonville ( at San Diego, and versus Miami )

WEST DIVISION has each other twice, along with single match ups against each team in the AFC East, and the NFC West' Seahawks, Forty-Niners, Cardinals, and Rams. Their two bonus games are against the AFC South and North.

12 - 4 Denver ( versus Indianapolis, and at Cincinnati )

9 - 7 Kansas City ( versus Tennessee, and at Pittsburgh )

7 - 9 San Diego ( versus Jacksonville, and at Baltimore )

2 - 14 Oakland ( versus Houston, and at Cleveland )

EAST DIVISION is home and away against their arch rivals. They have two home games as well as two road games versus both the AFC West, and NFC North teams which includes Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota. The bonus match ups will come out of the AFC's North and South.

10 - 6 New England ( versus Cincinnati, and at Indianapolis )

9 - 7 Miami ( at Jacksonville, and versus Baltimore )

8 - 8 Buffalo ( at Houston, and versus Cleveland )

6 - 10 New York ( versus Pittsburgh, and at Tennessee )

According to the above calculations. There may be one second place team from each of the four divisions with a 9 - 7 final record vying for the two AFC Wild Card spots?

Houston, one of last years pre-season AFC favorites, (though sporting the NFL's worst record of 2013), has some especially good talent on offense and defense , but may find it difficult to get to 9 - 7 with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, or Tom Savage at quarterback.

Cincinnati was a 2013 divisional winner, and due to that fact was given some benefit of a doubt in several match-ups in order to get them to 9 - 7. The Texans and Bengals have a week twelve head to head at Houston.

Kansas City approached the 9 - 7 realm fairly easy, and is the only team at 9 - 7 that The Miami Dolphins have a head to head meeting with,(same for KC). That battle will take place in Miami on week three, and could/should/will have great consequence to the final standings and/or wildcard placement.

The first tie-breaker scenario between teams of different divisions is the head to head results,(if applicable). The next tie-breaker consideration between teams of different divisions is the overall record against teams within the American Football Conference.

The above overall won/loss record conclusions have the 9 - 7 teams in Conference records at.

Bengals 6 - 6

Texans 7 - 5

Chiefs 7 - 5

Dolphins 8 - 4
, ( The KC at Miami game will be huge in more ways than one ), as will numerous other Conference match-ups!!

Get to the Playoffs one way or another, and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN !!

The Miami Dolphins schedule.

W 1 Sun, Sep 7 New England 1:00 PM
L 2 Sun, Sep 14 at Buffalo 1:00 PM
W 3 Sun, Sep 21 Kansas City 4:25 PM
W 4 Sun, Sep 28 at Oakland (London) 1:00 PM


L 6 Sun, Oct 12 Green Bay 1:00 PM
L 7 Sun, Oct 19 at Chicago 1:00 PM
W 8 Sun, Oct 26 at Jacksonville 1:00 PM
W 9 Sun, Nov 2 San Diego 1:00 PM
L 10 Sun, Nov 9 at Detroit 1:00 PM
W 11 Thu, Nov 13 Buffalo 8:25 PM
L 12 Sun, Nov 23 at Denver 4:25 PM
L 13 Mon, Dec 1 at NY Jets 8:30 PM
W 14 Sun, Dec 7 Baltimore 1:00 PM
L 15 Sun, Dec 14 at New England 1:00 PM
W 16 Sun, Dec 21 Minnesota 1:00 PM
W 17 Sun, Dec 28 NY Jets 1:00 PM

The Miami Dolphins have to win the games that they're supposed to win! Otherwise,(in order to neutralize every loss that they should have won). They'll have to beat a superior team the likes of the Green Bay Packers in Miami, the Bronco's in Denver, or somewhat equally talented to Miami teams such as Chicago, Detroit, New England, Buffalo, and/or the NYJ's on the road!!

Win what should be obvious victories while winning at one of those recently noted venues,and maybe the Dolphins can fly high into the sunset toward 10 - 6 or better with an AFC East Crown!!

Thank You for an open-minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!
How many victories do you forecast for the Dolphins, and others?
Does Miami get in the playoffs as a Wild Card, Division Winner, or not at all?

GOFINS : ))) !!!

NFL Schedule, (team by team) to your choosing, starting with the Patriots.