The Miami Dolphin's Brutal November Begins

The month of November is critical for the Miami Dolphins in 2014. The Chargers, Lions, Bills and Broncos present a daunting list of opponents in succession. While the Dolphins have beaten teams with combined 10-21 record, they have lost to teams with a collective 14-9 record.

A brutal November schedule featuring teams a cumulative 22-9, will define the 2014 Dolphins. Teetering on the edge of .500 means, coming out of these games with their season intact will be the difference between playing in January or watching at home. Winning 2 of the next 4 games is imperative.

The danger for Miami is looking ahead and worrying about the broader picture instead of focusing on the job at hand, beating San Diego.

Chargers QB Philip Rivers has played the best opening stretch of his career, with a 109 QB rating, 20 TDs and just 5 INTs. After winning 5 in a row averaging 30+ points, SD and Rivers have slumped in two consecutive losses averaging barely 21. The Chargers will be looking to turn the trend around in Miami and the Dolphin defense must be prepared to harass the Pro Bowl QB.

Rivers was sacked only 4 times in losses while being taken down 9 times in winning efforts. He’s thrown 4 INTs in losses but only 1 in wins. 6 TD passes in losses and 14 in wins. Interestingly enough, the trend points to coverage as the key rather than blitzing.

SD could be little more than smoke and mirrors blustered by beating Jacksonville, NYJ and Oakland in succession prior to losing to KC and Denver.

The only defining win for the Chargers came in week two against a Seahawks team that does not seem quite as formidable as it did winning last year’s Super Bowl. Beneath the surface, the Chargers bark is nastier than its bite. In fact, these two teams are moving in opposite directions. It is up to the Dolphins to maintain a winning streak and keep San Diego from regaining momentum.

The Charger offense depends on quick passing to negate pass rushing defensive linemen. 173 of River’s attempts have come from a 3 wide set with a lone back, while only 94 come from other formations. A vast percentage of his attempts, (111) are passes thrown between 1 and 10 yards. The most telling statistic, all of Philip River’s passing attempts have come without motion by the offense.

It’s the Mike Sherman offense without forcing a vertical threat, a scheme the Dolphin defense practiced against for two seasons. If the Miami defense is capable of exerting pressure without blitzing while disguising multiple coverage schemes, Rivers will make mistakes. Dion Jordan may get his first real opportunity as he is tasked to cover perennial All Pro TE Antonio Gates.

While it’s doubtful the Miami defense will completely shut down a high-powered SD offense, scoring may not come easy for the Chargers.

The key to the game will be the fickle Miami offense. ranks San Diego 27th in defense, but that does not necessarily mean Miami will have an advantage. The Dolphins maddening inconsistency, particularly in the opening half will set the stage for a big win, or a miserable loss. The team definitely flows with the ebb of QB Ryan Tannehill against good opponents. San Diego will score and Miami must keep pace.

When Tannehill rates over 90, the Dolphins are 14-1. The stat shows how advantageous a good game from the QB can be, especially in Miami. However, Tannehill has only been rated 90 or better twice in 2014 and the Dolphins have 4 victories. While the stat is compelling, Miami can win if Tannehill is off his game.

Tannehill seems to have progressed, but the stat Bill Lazor feels most important, yards per attempt (6.6) is slightly lower for Tannehill in 2014. Stats don’t seem to carry much weight for the Miami QB, whether he gets off to a good start makes all the difference.

Tannehill responds to contact.

If the pocket collapses and the Miami QB is sacked early, it usually leads to a slow start. Conversely, if the Miami QB is hit in the process of making a positive play, it usually results in a fast start. Unlike most QBs, Tannehill needs to play a physical game to get his adrenaline up, for good or bad.

Bill Lazor uses the read option to get Tannehill into the flow of the game, but like the Wildcat before it, defenses will quickly catch on. Lazor will need to be creative getting his QB outside the San Diego defense running the football early to start his motor running. Most Likely San Diego has some wrinkles designed for the read option.

This is a very winnable game for the Miami Dolphins. San Diego is certain to be stinging from two consecutive losses, after an easy early schedule. The Miami defense must take away the quick passing attack and force Rivers to select his second and third options. The Miami offense must come out of the gate ready to play, if that means Tannehill
running like a fullback up the middle on the first two offensive plays, get him hit early.

Without taking San Diego lightly, Miami has the opportunity to start a grueling November with a win in a month where 2 & 2 could lead to a playoff berth.

Dolphins Defense Take Jaguars To The House

The 1 - 6 with nothing to lose Jacksonville Jaguars played territorial Tom-Cat while hosting the 3 - 3 Miami Dolphins on week eight of the 2014 season. Jacksonville's NFL number two ranked in defensive sacks Jaguars put the Dolphin quarterback upon his buttocks once in each of his two first quarter possessions that went three and out. Miami's third touch of the ball was also a three and out, but at least quarterback Ryan Tannehill wasn't sacked due to an Offensive Lineman getting schooled.

Jacksonville opened the game with 45 yards rushing on the first two plays from their own 20. They accrued fifty yards in all on five plays in two and a half minutes as Miami's defense forced a fourth and five field goal attempt from the Dolphins thirty yard line. The attempt was then blocked by rising star Olivier Vernon, gathered in at Miami's twenty five by defensive back Mike Thomas who returned it to the Dolphins forty three, and just missed by the width of his foot from taking it to the end zone.

Following Miami's initial possession. Jacksonville took five minutes in covering forty six yards on eleven plays to Miami's twenty eight. On fourth and four the Jags made a forty six yard field goal that was nullified by an offensive holding penalty, and was inclined to punt on fourth and fourteen.

The Dolphins were badly losing the game of field position after a second sack induced hot-potato like possession of three and out, this time from their own nine yard line. Jacksonville took possession one yard south into Miami territory, gathered a first down on four running plays for ten yards, and covered another sixteen yards on two eight yard passes to the Dolphins twenty three for another Jaguars first down to end the first quarter at zero to zero.

On the first play of the second quarter the Miami Dolphins free agent acquisition of Louis Delmas paid off with an interception return of eighty one yards, and a DOLPHIN PIK-SIX TOUCHDOWN for a 7 - 0 lead versus the Jaguars rookie quarterback sensation Blake Bortles.

On fourteen plays for sixty six yards in another eight plus minutes of the second quarter the Jaguars drove to the Miami twelve where they kicked a field goal on fourth and two. Jacksonville accrued four first downs on the drive, ate up a whole bunch of clock, while the Dolphins reserve linebacker Jonathan Freeny managed a sack, and Miami remained ahead by a score of 7 - 3.

As previously mentioned the Dolphins third (clearing of throat) series also resulted in another Miami offensive three and out, this time for minus four yards from their own twenty two yard line, and Jacksonville was back at the Dolphins forty with a first down after just one offensive play. On second and seven Blake Bortles scrambled for nine yards and a first down prior to Dolphin linebacker Jelani Jenkins forcing of a fumble that was recovered by safety Louis Delmas at the Miami twenty three.

Hallelujah. The Miami Dolphins gain thirteen yards in two plays for their initial first down of the game with three minutes and twelve seconds remaining in the first half of play. Miami proceeds fifty two yards on eleven plays for a forty six yard field goal with fifty eight seconds remaining. Cam Wake sacked Bortles on first and ten of the Jags final first half possession, and the clock hits zero upon the completion of second down which results in a Dolphin 10 - 3 half time lead.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hold a twelve plus minute Time Of Possession advantage, are up eleven to one in first downs gathered, and have accrued 219 Offensive yards to the Miami Dolphins fifty six. Blake Bortles (two sacks) goes 10 of 17 for 108 with a pik-six and a fumble as the Jaguar running backs contribute the other 100 plus yards. Ryan Tannehill while being hindered by (two sacks), and dropped balls as well as errant tosses under pressure is 5 of 12 for 41 yards with fourteen of Miami's fifteen rushing yards coming via his own two attempts. The Home team is winning in the trenches while losing on the scoreboard 10 - 3.

Third Quarter, Miami gets the opening kick.
New Game? Uh Nope. Maybe?
Ryan completes a first and ten attempt for eleven yards to Jarvis Landry from the Miami twenty nine, but the possession is again stalled by a third down and long sack of Tannehill. The Dolphins punt from their own thirty and the Jags take control with a first down at their own seven yard line.

Can you say Grimes To'Da'House? On first down Miami Cornerback Brent Grimes returns a Blake Bortles interception twenty two yards for a second M.D.House-Call, and another defensive TOUCHDOWN for a 17 - 3 Dolphin lead.

The Jaguars from their own twenty progress down the field in ten plays for fifty eight yards to the Dolphin twenty two, and kick's a forty yard field goal on fourth and three to scratch their way to within 17 - 6. Miami then follows up with yet another three and out which is proceeded by a Jacksonville six and out of twelve yards gained. The Dolphins halted the Jags series via a Rashad Jones sack of Bortles on third and ten at the opponents forty nine yard line.

Miami takes possession at their own five yard line upon the Jaguars punt. Lamar Miller nets three yards on two attempts, and on third and seven Ryan Tannehill completes a fifty yard pass (sixty-plus through the air) to Mike Wallace at the oppositions forty two. After an incompletion to Wallace on first down, Miller rushes for nine and thirty yards consecutively to the Jaguars three yard line. On first and goal Ryan Tannehill hits Rishard Matthews for the Dolphins only offensive TOUCHDOWN. The drive covered ninety five yards in seven plays and gave Miami a 24 - 6 scoreboard advantage with 2:18 remaining in the third quarter.

The Jaguars go three and out as Miami starts the fourth quarter with a second down and ten from their own thirty two yard line. Daniel Thomas runs for eleven yards on two attempts, while Tannehill completes five of six passes for forty seven yards and a first and goal opportunity at the Jacksonville five yard line. At this point after driving sixty three yards in ten plays, the Miami offensive coordinator Bill Lazor put his quarterback in a position of failure with a call of a short middle pass that was deflected up at the line of scrimmage and intercepted in the End Zone. Sorry, but on first and goal from the opponents five yard line with a 24 - 6 fourth quarter lead you run the ball four times, or kick a field goal on the fourth play! You DO NOT call for a first down pass attempt through the trenches mass of waving arms!

Aided by another third down sack of Bortles (via Terrance Fede) Miami's defense forced a six and out for eleven yards, and the Dolphins offense took control at their own twenty one after a Jaguars punt with 8:21 fourth quarter clicks to go.

Tannehill went two of three for forty seven yards including a long thirty eight yard completion to Tight End Dion Sims, Lamar Miller rushed for nineteen yards on three carries, and Daniel Thomas had an attempt for seven yards. The possession covered sixty eight yards on nine plays in 4.5 minutes and resulted in a Caleb Sturgis field goal of twenty nine yards and a Miami Dolphins 27 - 6 lead with fewer than four game minutes remaining.

Jacksonville went eighty yards in five plays and scored their only touchdown of the day in garbage time for a final score of DOLPHINS 27 to the JAGUARS 13.

Miami rushed the ball for 133 second half yards to total 148 led by Lamar Millers 14 carries for 78 yards. Ryan Tannehill had five rush attempts for forty eight yards, and ended the day with 16 completions on 29 passes for 196 yards through the air with one touchdown and one interception. Miami narrowed down the twelve plus minute first half time of possession disadvantage to under five minutes, closed the 160 plus total yard first half deficit to 51 yards (377 to 326), and accrued 17 first downs to the Jags 19 by games end. The Dolphins defense sacked Bortles four times, forced him to fumble once, and took him To'Da'House twice.

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view :) !!

Beat the Chargers, GOFINS!!!

The 4 - 3 Miami Dolphins host the 5 - 3 San Diego Chargers on week nine and will have to play far more efficiently on both offense and defense in order to have a chance at victory.

Miami Dolphins at Jaguars Week 8 Game Chat

Miami better get this win against the sub par Jaguars.

Miami Dolphins Team Tames Aggressive Bears.

The fish out of water Dolphins went into the black bear infested hills of Chicago on week seven of the 2014 season. Miami's Defense tracked down and declawed the viciously aggressive Bear Offensive while Dolphin quarterback Ryan Tannehill shredded the remaining carcass. Their trophy was a giant Bear hide shaped W strapped across the hood of their plane ride home to Miami, and satisfaction of putting together an entire sixty minute TEAM EFFORT!

Miami had played from behind in all previous 2014 games while declining to accept the opening kickoffs. That strategy had not been working as the opposition was scoring first with consistency and was putting the Dolphin offense in immediate desperation mode. The Dolphins won the coin flip off of Da'Bears logo, accepted the ball, and upon the first snap a groan of ""game over"" could be heard far and wide as Tannehill was sacked. Miami went three & out for 8 yards with Ryan going one for one for 10 yards on 3rd and 12, punted the ball away, and another well intended Dolphin strategy seemed to go awry.

But Wait. It's a team game and the Dolphin defense had to come onto the field at some point. Chicago went three & out for 9 yards on their first possession, and gained just forty four yards on eighteen plays with zero points over the entirety of the first half. Miami defensive lineman Derrick Shelby had a sack of the Bear gunslinger Jay Cutler on 3rd and 15 during Chicago's second possession of six plays for 7 yards. Dolphin safety duo Louis Delmas had a sack, and Rashad Jones returned an interception 50 yards which ended the Bears third series of 23 yards on six plays. Da'Bears went 3 & out for five yards on their final first half possession.

The Miami Dolphin Offense kept their own defense off of the field for 19 plus minutes of the 30 minute first half. For a second time in the last three games, the too often maligned Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill completed fourteen consecutive pass attempts. On this day he started hot with his first 14 attempts being completed, (the best start of any NFL quarterback for the 2014 season)! A good for a first down and 15th successive completion was called back due to penalty.

Following the initial three and out possessions of each team the Dolphins offense went to work toward their second series which totaled eighty one yards, and seven points in eight plays. The drive started with two consecutive key to the game plan quarterback keeper read options of fourteen and one yards, Tannehill followed up with passes to Clay (25 yards), Wallace (4), and Jarvis Landry for 13 yards. Lamar Miller rushed for eleven yards on the next two plays and gave the Dolphins a first and ten at the Chicago thirteen yard line. Charles Clay got wide open and caught his first TOUCHDOWN of the 2014 season for a 7 - 0 Miami Dolphin lead.

On Miami's third possession Tannehill tossed the ball for 50 total yards on four of four to three different receivers (Landry for fifteen on first and ten), Daniel Thomas (8, 15), and Clay for twelve yards. The Dolphins rushed the ball five times for ten yards and Tannehill was sacked twice which forced a missed field goal attempt of 50 yards. The possession garnered only 52 net yards on twelve plays but ran 7:20 off the clock.

The Dolphins fourth series started at Chicago's twenty three yard line after the previously mentioned Rashad Jones 50 yard interception return. A first and ten 15 yard pass to Brian Hartline and a Lamar Miller 3 yard run followed by a false start penalty put Miami at the Bears ten on second down. Hutt Huttt Hike, Ryan Tanne-Thrill scanned through his first three pass options, threw the ball previous to his fourth reads final cut and perfectly placed the ball into the hands of Mike Wallace for a Miami Dolphins TOUCHDOWN and 14 - 0 lead.

Ryan Tannehill completed his first four passes of Miami's final first half drive of (25 yards on 8 plays) prior to his first incompletion of the game. His fifth of five attempts on the drive was completed to Lamar Miller for 22 yards to the Bears 12 but was called back due to a penalty, and (out of reasonable field goal range considering the situation). Tannehill finished the half with completions on fourteen of fifteen pass attempts for 176 yards, two touchdowns, and a Miami Dolphin lead of 14 - 0 in Chicago.

Chicago took the third quarter kickoff 81 yards on 12 plays in 7 minutes to climb within 7 - 14 on a Cutler to running back Matt Forte touchdown, and the cry's of ""game over mann we're up crap creek without a paddle"" were once again billowing through the airwaves.

Miami wasn't listening as their quarterback led offense responded with a march of eighty three yards on 13 plays in 7 plus minutes. Tannehill went five of six for 32 yards to five different receivers, (Miller, Sims, Hartline, Wallace, and Clay). The quarterback also executed a 30 yard run on a 4th and one read/option play from the Bears 39 yard line, Ryans 20 MPH of momentum carried two defenders over the last 10 yards. Lamar Miller rushed the ball six times for 21 yards including the drives final two plays of one carry for seven yards from the nine as well as one for a two yard Miami Dolphin TOUCHDOWN and 21 - 7 scoreboard advantage with 31 third quarter seconds remaining.

Upon the Bears third play of the following series on second and twenty from Chicago's 24 yard line, Miami's star defensive end Cam Wake executed the hat trick of a sack, forced fumble, and recovery at Derr'Bears 16 yard line. The Dolphins in protecting a 14 point lead with less than a quarter of football left chose the conservative route at this point and kicked a 33 yard field goal for a 24 - 7 lead.

Miami kicks off to Chicago. The Dolphin defense again rewards their offensive team mates (for keeping them off the field and fresh) with a Courtland Finnegan forced fumble upon the Bears second play which was a completion for a first down. The fumble was recovered by Miami's Randy Starks at the Chicago 35 yard line with 13:13 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Miami threw the ball on their first 3 plays for 12 yards and a first down with Ryan connecting to running back Damien Williams on the first two of three pass attempts. On the next play Daniel Thomas ran for eleven yards and "another Miami Dolphin first down". Thomas carried the ball two more times for 3 net yards followed by a Tannehill incompletion/intentional grounding penalty under duress, and the Dolphins settled for a 37 yard field goal attempt that was blocked which kept the score at 24 - 7 Miami.

Aided with a 39 yard pass interference call on an uncatchable ball, Chicago drove 73 yards on six plays in two minutes for a touchdown on their next possession to pull within ten points at 24 - 14.

With 7:38 remaining the Dolphins ran 5:25 off the clock to go 65 yards on 12 plays for a 19 yard field goal and 27 - 14 advantage. Ryan Tannehill completed four of five for 57 yards to 3 different receivers (Wallace for 8 & 12, Dion Sims for 26, and Landry for eleven). Lamar Miller had five attempts for 16 yards which doesn't include a four yard touchdown run that was called back due to penalty.

Da'Bears possessed the ball for one of the final two minutes with 10 plays for 35 yards, including two fourth down plays with the second failing, and turned the ball over on downs to The Miami Dolphins for a Victory formation final score of 27 - 14.

The Dolphins had a time of possession advantage of 37:22 to 22:38.
Miami accrued a net number of 393 total yards (137 rushing & 256 through the air) via 69 plays to Chicago's 224 (52 & 172) on 51 plays.

Tannehill went 25 of 32 for 277 yards with two touchdowns for a quarterback rating of 93.9, and an overall grade of 123.6 along with six carries for 48 yards.
Jay Cutler went 21 of 34 for 190 yards with one touchdown, one interception, a QBR of 19.3, and an overall 74.4.

Lamar Miller had 18 carries for 61 yards and one logged touchdown.
Matt Forte carried the ball 12 times for 49 yards and one touchdown.

Charles Clay led the Dolphins in receiving yards with 58 on four catches and a touchdown while Mike Wallace led the team in receptions with five for 46 yards and a touchdown.
Matt Forte (Chicago's running back) was also the Bears receiving leader with six catches for sixty yards and a touchdown while two of the leagues elite receivers in Brandon Marshall and Ashlon Jeffery combined for a total of only 57 yards on eight catches.

Miami sacked Cutler three times (Delmas, Shelby, Wake), forced four fumbles (3 via Da'Bears quarterback) while recovering two overall, and had a Rashad Jones interception of the locked and loaded with heavy artillery gunslinger.
Chicago sacked Tannehill four times, and forced zero Miami Dolphin turnovers.

Thank You for an Open Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!

Beat Da'Jags!!


Miami Dolphins at Bears Week 7 Game Chat

Will Miami's undersized corners be able to take on Chicago's big receivers? Let's find out.

Dolphins Lose Lead To Packers On Final Play

With 59:54 ticked away, and a Dolphin lead of 24 to 20 achievements in the books. Ryan Tannehill's Miami Dolphins had outscored the Green Bay Packers and the NFL elite league leader in touchdowns thrown Aaron Rodgers.

The Miami quarterback led his team on two of eighty, and one of seventy nine yard touchdown drives while the Packers had three eighty yard touchdown possessions. Green Bay gathered another eighty yards on two Field Goals for six points.

On Miami's first touch of the ball Jarvis Landry had a 54 yard kick return to the Packer 49 yard line. The Dolphins gained 20 yards on five plays to kick a mid first quarter forty eight yard three pointer and pull within 3 - 7 after the Packers marched their opening possession for a touchdown.

Green Bay gained fifteen yards to their own 25 on the following six play series and Miami's (Jonathan Freeney) blocked the punt for a (Chris McCain) recovery at the Packers 16 yard line. After six plays the Dolphins had a fourth and goal from the one yard line decision to consider. Kick a three point field goal for a one point late first quarter deficit, or go for the touchdown and a three point lead? Miami chose the latter with a rush attempt and was stuffed. Unfortunately. The score remained the same at 3 - 7 Packers.

Following a Packer six and out Miami took possession at their own 27. A rush attempt for minus nine yards took place on first down. On third and twelve Tannehill threw a 20 yard pass that was intercepted and returned to the Miami 36 yard line. Green Bay covered 11 yards on six plays and kicked a 43 yard field goal for a 10 - 3 lead.

The Dolphins went 3 & out which was followed by a Packer 6 & out for eleven yards. From Miami's 32 yard line on their next possession, and on their second first and ten play of the series, Tannehill threw a second interception to the Packers thirty two yard line. Green Bay went six and out for twenty yards. Miami followed with a six and out for 37 yards and the Packers ran one play to end the first half with a 10 - 3 lead.

To open the third quarter Miami went eighty yards in five plays for a 10 - 10 tie, and first Ryan Tannehill to Jarvis Landry TOUCHDOWN! The touchdown was of eleven yards, forty yards and half of the drives eighty came from a single Ryan Tannehill sprint.

Green Bay returned the favor of eighty yards on 13 plays and seven points to retake a 17 - 10 lead.

With 3:44 remaining in the third quarter Miami again responded with another eighty yard, ten play, five minute touchdown drive to tie it at 17 - 17 early in the fourth quarter. In this series Tannehill completed passes of 25 yards to Mike Wallace, and 14 yards to newly re-acquired receiver Damian Williams while Lamar Miller ran for forty three yards on six carries including a five yard TOUCHDOWN!

After another Packer three and out it's the Dolphins ball at their own 21 with 12:34 remaining. This drive included first down pass plays of 25 yards to Wallace, and 21 yards to Jarvis Landry as well as a third and two 20 yard pass play to Lamar Miller. Six plays, and seventy nine yards later Ryan Tannehill throws a five yard TOUCHDOWN to Mike Wallace, and the Miami Dolphins lead the Green Bay Packers by a score of 24 - 17.

The Packers pulled within 24 - 20 after gaining 68 yards for a 30 yard field goal with four minutes and nine seconds remaining.

Miami ball at the Dolphin twenty. Second and ten, Tannehill to Landry for eleven yards and a first down. Second and eleven (illegal hands to the face) and "another Miami Dolphins first down" at the 36. A one yard run on first down, and a second down incompletion leads to a Dolphin third and nine yards for a first down.

With zero Packer timeouts remaining. The Dolphins elected to conservatively run the ball from their own 36 on a third and nine at the three minute mark of the fourth quarter. The rush attempt went for one yard and Miami punted possession of the ball away to Aaron Rodgers from his own forty yard line with two minutes and four seconds remaining. Need more be said? Though several Miami Dolphin defensive drive halting, and/or the running out of the clock opportunities were there for the taking. The Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers attained victory over Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins with three seconds remaining by a score of 27 - 24.

Green Bay won the turnover battle (3-0), had a 14 plus minute time of possession advantage, ran 24 more plays, and accrued a total of just 20 more yards (split via the run/pass) than Miami's total of 349 offensive yards gained (112 rush and 237 pass).

Thank You for an Open Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view!

Beat Da'Bears, GOFINS!!!

Miami Dolphins vs Packers Week 6 Game Chat

Can Miami make it to 3-2? We'll see this week against Green Bay.

40 Points is The Miami Dolphins Key to Swag

November 27, 2003 is a date Miami fans should recognize. The Dolphins went to Dallas on Thanksgiving and beat the Cowboys 40-21, leaving coach Bill Parcells "a little embarrassed." The question is, was Parcells embarrassed because his team didn’t perform or because Miami scored 40 points. Considering the Dolphins have not achieved the 40-point barrier since, it's Miami that should be embarrassed.

The Miami Dolphins are 17 and 19 since Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill began this epoch in team history. It’s been two seasons and four games of mediocre results featuring astonishing moments of brilliance followed by head-scratching moments of incompetence leaving experts and fans to wonder if expecting more is an exercise in futility.

Analyzing the X’s and O’s, this many passes and that many rushes, offensive play calling and defensive alignments doesn't seem to matter. Perhaps the missing link in Miami has nothing to do with X’s and O’s or on-field assignments but is more about the psychology of winning a football game.

The Dolphins come to play when the stakes are high. In 2013 Miami beat some hefty challengers - the Colts, Falcons, Bengals, Chargers, Steelers, and Patriots. That’s a six-pack of some very good football teams with great QBs. If six of the eight 2013 wins came against playoff teams, that means the losses came against lesser competition.

Miami lost to the Ravens by 3 points, the bills by 2, the Bucs by 3 and the Panthers by 4. After going to New York and blowing out the Jets 23-3, they lost 20-7 at home. The only other team Miami beat by more than 10 points was the Browns and every other victory was in the 4-point range or less. The narrow margin in victory or defeat is enough to make a fan go stark raving mad!

The last time the Miami Dolphins scored 40 points was against our old buddy Bill Parcells 11 years ago. Against the Raiders, Miami led 38-7 in the 3rd quarter and cruised to a 38-14 victory.

Could that one easy victory actually highlight the psychological issues in Miami?

The Dolphins don’t expect to dominate football games…

Oh my, we’re kicking the snot out of the Raiders, how did that happen? The Patriots and the Broncos scored more than 40 points last week. The Giants, the Colts and even the damn Vikings did it the week before. Over here in Miami, it’s been over 11 YEARS since 40 points have blinked on the scoreboard… 11 YEARS!

Good teams do not take their foot off the peddle, they score and score and score, why?

Because they want to kick your ass!!!

They want you to remember the ass kicking when you play them again. They want you to see them on your schedule and mark it off as a loss, a humiliating ass kicking loss! They already have you beat before the game is even played.

Now, sit back and think about our two heroes, Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill… Are you scared, are you thinking, these guys are going to kick our ass!

No, there is no fear, it's wonderment which team and QB will show up!

Miami kicked the Jets ass in New York last year and then showed zero swagger by allowing the same Jet slobs to come into the Dolphins' own house and humiliate them...

What is that??? No Swag... No Swag...

There are no easy wins, there are no inferior opponents in the NFL. There are no easy series of downs, there is no safe lead in the 3rd quarter, this is a gladiator sport and the object is to destroy your opponent so they are scared to play you ever again. Any team deciding not to show up will look, like the Dolphins when they play teams they think they should beat.

Why do the Dolphins have trouble with Buffalo?

Because they kicked Miami's ass and the Fins are scared. SWAG... Buffalo got Swag!

Swag must be in the face of every opponent, on every down. How many great first halves have preceded collapses in the second half? Okay boys, we got this… We’re going to run the ball and eat the clock. Bend but don’t break, let them have some yards and use the clock and we’ll get out of here with a win.

No, you won’t... You lost your SWAG!

If a team was capable of building a huge advantage in the first half, what’s to stop the other team from doing the same in the second? Kick their ass on every play, on every individual performance for the entire game and suddenly 40 points or more appear on the scoreboard. Whoa, it’s magic, it's SWAG!

Hoping Ryan Tannehill is accurate this week is not going to cut it if the present Miami team has any true thoughts of being dominate in the NFL. Domination is not just
about winning, it’s about Philbin and Tannehill wanting to kick the other team’s ass, and not stop kicking their ass until the game is over. It's about swag.

The Dolphins need to make teams afraid to play Miami. They need to start this week against a very good Packer team. When Ryan Tannehill shows up with something to prove, he plays like it. When Tannehill shows up with a weak game plan designed to control the clock and keep him on his feet, he plays like a loser. He misses easy throws, makes poor decisions and accepts defeat because he doesn’t play with swag… He plays not to lose.

Tannehill needs to get hit, he needs to play with abandon. Russell Wilson is hit less because he uses his legs instead of sitting in the pocket and playing some game from Dan Marino’s era. The moment Atlanta reigned in Michael Vick, his swag went to the dogs and he has never been the same.

Philbin and Lazor must see the tape and know, when Tannehill moves in the pocket and takes hits running the football on zone reads, he is much more effective. The hits wake him up. The objective is to place talent in a position to kick the opponent’s ass, not play within some system. Play with confidence to the strengths that created a first round draft pick. (confidence is the real word for swag BTW).

If Joe Philbin wants to be a success in the NFL, he will accept nothing less than his players kicking their opponent’s ass on every single play.

When 40 points is expected, the Miami Dolphins will find their SWAG...