Dolphins Lose Lead To Packers On Final Play

With 59:54 ticked away, and a Dolphin lead of 24 to 20 achievements in the books. Ryan Tannehill's Miami Dolphins had outscored the Green Bay Packers and the NFL elite league leader in touchdowns thrown Aaron Rodgers.

The Miami quarterback led his team on two of eighty, and one of seventy nine yard touchdown drives while the Packers had three eighty yard touchdown possessions. Green Bay gathered another eighty yards on two Field Goals for six points.

On Miami's first touch of the ball Jarvis Landry had a 54 yard kick return to the Packer 49 yard line. The Dolphins gained 20 yards on five plays to kick a mid first quarter forty eight yard three pointer and pull within 3 - 7 after the Packers marched their opening possession for a touchdown.

Green Bay gained fifteen yards to their own 25 on the following six play series and Miami's (Jonathan Freeney) blocked the punt for a (Chris McCain) recovery at the Packers 16 yard line. After six plays the Dolphins had a fourth and goal from the one yard line decision to consider. Kick a three point field goal for a one point late first quarter deficit, or go for the touchdown and a three point lead? Miami chose the latter with a rush attempt and was stuffed. Unfortunately. The score remained the same at 3 - 7 Packers.

Following a Packer six and out Miami took possession at their own 27. A rush attempt for minus nine yards took place on first down. On third and twelve Tannehill threw a 20 yard pass that was intercepted and returned to the Miami 36 yard line. Green Bay covered 11 yards on six plays and kicked a 43 yard field goal for a 10 - 3 lead.

The Dolphins went 3 & out which was followed by a Packer 6 & out for eleven yards. From Miami's 32 yard line on their next possession, and on their second first and ten play of the series, Tannehill threw a second interception to the Packers thirty two yard line. Green Bay went six and out for twenty yards. Miami followed with a six and out for 37 yards and the Packers ran one play to end the first half with a 10 - 3 lead.

To open the third quarter Miami went eighty yards in five plays for a 10 - 10 tie, and first Ryan Tannehill to Jarvis Landry TOUCHDOWN! The touchdown was of eleven yards, forty yards and half of the drives eighty came from a single Ryan Tannehill sprint.

Green Bay returned the favor of eighty yards on 13 plays and seven points to retake a 17 - 10 lead.

With 3:44 remaining in the third quarter Miami again responded with another eighty yard, ten play, five minute touchdown drive to tie it at 17 - 17 early in the fourth quarter. In this series Tannehill completed passes of 25 yards to Mike Wallace, and 14 yards to newly re-acquired receiver Damian Williams while Lamar Miller ran for forty three yards on six carries including a five yard TOUCHDOWN!

After another Packer three and out it's the Dolphins ball at their own 21 with 12:34 remaining. This drive included first down pass plays of 25 yards to Wallace, and 21 yards to Jarvis Landry as well as a third and two 20 yard pass play to Lamar Miller. Six plays, and seventy nine yards later Ryan Tannehill throws a five yard TOUCHDOWN to Mike Wallace, and the Miami Dolphins lead the Green Bay Packers by a score of 24 - 17.

The Packers pulled within 24 - 20 after gaining 68 yards for a 30 yard field goal with four minutes and nine seconds remaining.

Miami ball at the Dolphin twenty. Second and ten, Tannehill to Landry for eleven yards and a first down. Second and eleven (illegal hands to the face) and "another Miami Dolphins first down" at the 36. A one yard run on first down, and a second down incompletion leads to a Dolphin third and nine yards for a first down.

With zero Packer timeouts remaining. The Dolphins elected to conservatively run the ball from their own 36 on a third and nine at the three minute mark of the fourth quarter. The rush attempt went for one yard and Miami punted possession of the ball away to Aaron Rodgers from his own forty yard line with two minutes and four seconds remaining. Need more be said? Though several Miami Dolphin defensive drive halting, and/or the running out of the clock opportunities were there for the taking. The Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers attained victory over Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins with three seconds remaining by a score of 27 - 24.

Green Bay won the turnover battle (3-0), had a 14 plus minute time of possession advantage, ran 24 more plays, and accrued a total of just 20 more yards (split via the run/pass) than Miami's total of 349 offensive yards gained (112 rush and 237 pass).

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Beat Da'Bears, GOFINS!!!