A Potentially Scary Game For The Miami Dolphins

Here is another informative piece by Dolphin Shout writer Tony Nicoletti, ENJOY !

The Miami Dolphins head to New York, (actually East Rutherford, New Jersey) for a Monday night game against their arch rivals, the Jets! Don't think for a moment that we are going to waltz in to MetLife Stadium, proclaim our superiority and leave with a victory. Whether it be in New York or in Miami, (with all those New York Jets fans that have transplanted to south Florida to enjoy the warmer climes) this is always a fiercely physical contest. It seems like we bring out the worst and best in each other.

Statistically, there are only 4 teams worse than the Jets at moving the ball. They are dead last at heaving the rock. (With their two QB system of Geo Smith and more recently, Michael Vick). But they do have a top notch running game. (#5 in the NFL). And it seems as though we were exposed last Sunday at Mile High Stadium when it came to stopping the run. Hopefully, the lower altitude will get us back to our stingy ways in that category.

On the surface, this looks like one of those games that we should easily come out on top in. Yet, when these two teams butt heads, facts and figures go out the window. Why is that? Why is it any two teams that play each other twice a year have such heated battles on the field? Because they know each other, all too well. This rivalry has a flamboyant, colorful history. It seems that in recent times, our games have been more about vying for second best in the division behind the Patriots. None the less, this will be no walk in Central Park. Even the point spread reflects a rather timid 6 points to our advantage.

It's amazing how a team with only two wins can have such a consistently dominant defense. (They are ranked #7 while we have slipped to #5 this week). Credit Rex Ryan's defensive genius for putting a team on the field that always plays decently on that side of the ball. They have given up a lot of points this season, though. (303 to our 219) But when you have an offense that has only scored 177 points, (versus our 285) even the best defenses are going to leak a few points. (From exhaustion, if nothing else).

Where the Jets are most vulnerable is in their secondary. They have given up 27 TD's through the air with only 3 INT's. (Miami has 18 TD's to 10 INT's). Gone are the days of Revis Island and his side kick Cromarte guarding the back end. The Jets are not the opportunistic team they use to be with their -12 in turn overs. (The Dolphins sits at a +3 in that category). For the third week in a row we will be playing a stout defensive line that is capable of getting to the QB. (28 sacks to our 31).

There is something different about the Dolphins that the Jets will be experiencing for the first time. An offense guided by Bill Lazor. It was great to see how we were able to keep Tannehill relatively fluid against a fearsome and talented Denver defensive front. And we did it with a make shift, offensive line consisting of second and third string players, too. That is play calling if you ask me. I was also surprised at how effective our running game was against the best run defense in the league. (Until we went away from the run in the second half). This is something else Rex Ryan's boys are going to have to deal with next Monday night.

There will be nothing familiar or predictable about the Dolphin's mode of operation. The only thing old Rex is going to have are 11 weeks worth of film to get an idea of what we are capable of. But just in case he does find some strategy that might prove beneficial to his club, our pre-snap movement will give Tannehill some reads as to what the Jets are doing with their exotic pass rushing schemes. Shuffling players around before the snap forces a defense to tip their hand to an extent.

I have every reason to think we will try to jump out to an early lead to help quiet New York's hostile crowd. We are going to be giving it our all to rebound from our weak defensive showing in Denver. The Jets will be trying to recover from that blow out with the Bills in their rescheduled Monday night game. (Due to Ralph Wilson Stadium being snowed in). We have the extra day of preparation that they don't, as well.

You know Coyle will be emphasizing the fundamentals of shedding blocks and tackling, to overcome the Jets hard charging running attack. Gaining a sizable lead will place the Jets in a position where they will have to shelve the running game in favor of the pass, to make up lost ground and points. Michael Vick can still scramble, (though not as much as he use to) so we will have to watch out for him. Keep in mind that the Jets have allowed 36 sacks on the season. (We have given up 25, ourselves). Wake and company should be able to pad their stat lines a little this week.

The Jets have recently acquired Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks. Aside from him, they don't have too many weapons to worry about so we should be able to keep them in check. Our first priority needs to be stopping the run. Our second concern had better be, not to take this team lightly. Remember our final game, last season? That ought to be motivation enough for us to hand out a first rate curb stomping, in a New York heart beat.

After getting our nemesis the Buffalo Bills off our backs, I don't believe we will succumb to the type of game the Jets seem to play with us. (It's either a close, nip and tuck affair or a high scoring shoot out). It would be nice to see us get an early lead and continue to build on it without there being any concerns about them challenging us.

Another facet of our game that Mr Ryan is going to have a hard time coping with is our improved QB, Ryan Tannehill. He is becoming much more comfortable with Lazor's playbook and not so easy to rattle as he has been in previous seasons. A quick passing game that occasionally features Tannehill's ability to buy time with his legs, (or flat out run for it when he sees the opening) will give the Jet's DC fits. It should neutralize the pass rush, too. We ought to have little difficulty going through the air against their 14th ranked pass defense.

Tannehill has been a much better field general, (game manager) in recent weeks. If we limit mistakes and turn overs, this Dolphins team can leave New York with a much better idea of where they stand in the playoff hunt. We will have the benefit of seeing what the competition has done the day before. It is doubtful Rex Ryan is playing to keep his job anymore, so that should not be a rallying cry for his troops like it was at the end of the 2013 season.

Recently, because of Steven Ross's ties to New York, there was talk that Rex Ryan could be a possible candidate to take over in Miami if we decided to get rid of Philbin. (And Harbaugh was again, unavailable for hire). Oh God, let us win so that does not become a reality.

If I had to predict what the outcome of the game was going to be, I'd say the final score will be 27 to 13 in our favor. That is, if the weather does not play too much a factor. If it's windy and snowing, it will be a low scoring game.

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's a Miami Dolphins Touchdown!


Hear'Ye, Hear'Ye


May you ENJOY a FULL-FILLING FEAST of food, fun, and LOVE amongst all BRETHREN!!

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Miami Dolphins Run Over By Denver Bronco's 39 - 36

The NFL's eighth ranked rushing defense Miami Dolphins went out west on 2014's week twelve to face Peyton Manning's Denver Bronco's. Miami's defense went into the game allowing 94.4 rush yards per game as the host Bronco's offense were twenty seventh in the league with an average rushing output of 89.9 yard per game.

Miami led the entirety of the game until only 5 minutes remained as they held the NFL all time greatest quarterback to just 249 yards passing. However. Denver's third string running back C.J. Anderson tallied 167 rushing yards on 27 carries as the Bronco's galloped for 201 on 35 attempts via the hoof.

The Dolphins with five rushes for 44 yards, along with two passes to (Dion Sims & Jarvis Landry) for an additional 36 yards opened the game with an 80 yard drive. Danial Thomas' 3 yard Touchdown run just 3:38 into the first quarter put Miami ahead early 7 - 0.

Aided with a Dolphin personal foul penalty of 15 yards. Denver answered with 8 rush attempts for 26 yards of 53 total to kick a 38 yard field goal, and a 7 - 3 Bronco deficit.

After an exchange of three and outs. Miami's Lamar Miller had another two carries for 20 yards (9, 11). Ryan Tannehill had a run for 7 yards on Miami's 47 total yard series that ended with one additional rushing yard on a Tannehill Touchdown run and 14 - 3 Dolphin lead two minutes into the second quarter.

Another 32 rush yards on four attempts were accrued on Denver's following possession of 77 yards that resulted in a Peyton Manning five yard touchdown pass to the NFL elite receiver Demaryius Thomas to pull within 14 - 10. This Bronco series was also aided by a Dolphin personal foul penalty via the same culprit, though this time it was accidental.

Miami ran four times for 17 yards on their very next series. The Dolphins drove 87 yards in ten plays, and took a 21 - 10 lead with a ten yard Tannehill to Mike Wallace Touchdown.

To this point, Miami had accrued 91 rush yards on 13 attempts for the game while scoring touchdowns on three of their four possessions. However. Ju'Waun James the backup left tackle to Brandon Albert went down to injury midway through the most recent drive, he was replaced by third string left tackle Jason Fox and the Dolphins ran just 8 more times for 7 more yards over the game's remaining entirety. Miami had an eleven point lead, but no longer seemed able to, or even willing to attempt running the ball from there on out. Does Jason Fox know only of pass blocking?

Denver replied with an 80 yard series of 8 Peyton passes, and a second Manning to Thomas touchdown for a 21 - 17 halftime deficit.

The Dolphins had 91 rush yards on 13 attempts while Denver ran 14 times for 64 yards.
Lamar Miller had 52 first half rushing yards on just 6 attempts.

Tannhill had completed 11 of 14 passes for 122 yards with a Touchdown run and pass.
Manning was 15 of 19 for 147 with two Touchdown passes.
Neither quarterback had been sacked.

Each team had 13 first downs while Denver held a two and a half minute time of possession advantage, Miami was ahead 21 - 17 on the scoreboard.

The home team Bronco's rushed for 137, and Peyton Manning passed for just 102 second half yards. Miami went the shootout route in rushing for a net seven yards on just eight questionable attempts while gathering just 106 second half passing yards. Though between Miami's final first quarter series and into the Dolphins first third quarter possession, Ryan Tannehill had a streak of 12 consecutive passes completed.

Denver's opening third quarter series covered 65 yards on 13 plays in 7 minutes to Miami's 15 where the Dolphins forced a 33 yard field goal that was missed. Miami followed with an eight & out for 13 yards which included Tannehills first sacking of the day, but the Dolphins recovered the fumbled punt at the Bronco 12 yard line. Five plays later Ryan Tannehill hit Jarvis Landry for a five yard Touchdown, and Miami Dolphin 28 - 17 adoration with 2:11 remaining in the third quarter.

Nine plays, 60 yards, and 3 minutes later the Bronco's scored one minute into the fourth quarter with a third Manning to Thomas short touchdown of five yards to pull back within 3 points at 28 - 25 with a successful two point conversion.

Miami's wheels started to falter on the first play of the drive with an injury to starting corner back Jamar Taylor who was playing in place of regular starter Courtland Finnegan who is also injured. The Dolphins are suddenly extremely thin at a position of previous strength, and are now forced to play first year rookies against the one and only Peyton Manning. Overall in the passing game (yardage-wise) the substitutions weren't of much consequence (102 pass yards in the second half), though the game took a sudden turn from a defensive scheme/responsibility point of view, and Denver's running game took over for 80 fourth quarter yards.

The Dolphins get the ball and go five and out for 17 yards. Denver obliges with an 11 play, 70 yard drive that running back C.J Anderson caps off on a ten yard touchdown run and first Bronco lead of the day at 28 - 32 with 5 game minutes remaining.

Upon gaining 15 yards in two plays and a first down on Miami's next possession, a Tannehill pass grazes a Bronco defensive lineman's shoulder, bounces off the glove like palm of Jarvis Landry, is intercepted and returned 37 yards to the Miami eight yard line. Two plays later Manning hits Wes Welker for a two yard touchdown and Bronco scoreboard advantage of 28 - 39 with 3:13 remaining.

Miami takes 1:39 to cover 84 yards in 9 plays. For a second time on the day Tannehill connects on one yard with Jarvis Landry for a Touchdown to narrow the margin to 36 - 39 after a successful Dolphin two point conversion with 94 ticks of the second hand to go.

The Miami Dolphins on-side kick attempt failed, The Denver Bronco's gathered a rushing first down, and took a knee twice to end the game 36 - 39.

Ryan Tannehill was 26 of 36 for 228 passing yards with a (not of his fault) interception while accounting for four Touchdowns, three through the air and one on the ground.

Peyton Manning went 28 of 35 for 257 with four passing touchdowns.

Each team had one turnover, and both quarterbacks were sacked one time.

Jarvis Landry led Miami with 7 receptions for 50 yards with two touchdowns, and Mike Wallace had a touchdown on 4 catches for 35 yards.
Demaryius Thomas had 10 catches for 87 yards with three touchdowns while Emmanuel Sanders had 9 receptions for 129 yards for Denver.

Lamar Miller had 49 rushing yards on Miami's first three possessions, and totaled 59 for the game as the Dolphins aborted the run game upon Ju'Waun James' second quarter injury.
C.J. Andersons 167 yards on 27 attempts, and Denver's 201 rushing yards (137 in the second half) led to an 8 plus minute time of possession advantage for the home team Bronco's with 29 first downs to Miami's 25.

The Dolphins are 6 - 5, just one game behind the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th seed as of this moment with five games to go.

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!

Beat the Jets!!!

Miami Dolphins at Broncos Week 12 Game Chat

Miami heads into Denver this week in what will be a difficult matchup for one of the NFL's best defenses.

The State of the Dolphins at the Halfway Mark

Okay. So technically it's two games past the mid point of the season. But I've already written a couple of blogs over the last few weeks and didn't want to appear too selfish in wanting to express my feelings about our beloved Dolphins. Besides, it's not my fault we had to play three games in an eleven day span. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some thoughts on what I perceive to be the best Dolphin team to hit the field since our last playoff berth in 2008.

Here we are, sitting at 6 and 4 and right in the thick of the playoff race. And I don't mean gaining entry as a wild card team, either. We still have a decent chance of getting into the post season as the division champion. But first, I want to point out a few things that have become apparent about today's Miami Dolphins before I get into play off scenarios..

Is it my imagination but does this team seem to have some depth in some uncharacteristic ways? It's been a while since we have had so many rookie and second year players, making such an impact on the field. And I'm talking on all sides of the ball, too. Our new GM Dennis Hickey has gone out and gotten some free agents that have actually produced at a high level and given the newer players some much needed leadership on this young roster.

And while we haven't been overly plagued with the injury bug, we have had some key players go down, only to have the next player step up and do an admirable job of filling in. Especially along the offensive line. We have adapted and tailored our game plans to compensate for our weaknesses. All while maximizing our strengths.

When was the last time you saw our Dolphin team winning games by double digit scores instead of by field goal margins? (I'm talking about an average of 13 points per victory). We are still settling into this new playbook that Bill Lazor has laid out for us, but already we are scoring almost a touch down more per game than last season. And this offense has so many play makers that it is hard for defenses to game plan against us. And isn't it nice to see our offense adjust and correct our first half struggles to become the best scoring third quarter team in the NFL?

Ryan Tannehill is really starting to play like a franchise QB. Four of his last seven games have produced QB ratings over 100. We have won all 4 of those contests. (5 of the last 7 games, as well). He is still getting knocked around a bit too much, but it's not rattling him like it did in his first two seasons. He's making better decisions and spreading the ball around. Our running game is in the top 10, (6th) which is helping our passing game make strides just as Tannehill is improving his play in this balanced attack.

Defense? What can you say about a top 5 defense? (Top 10 in most relevant categories). 2nd in overall defense and against the pass. 8th versus the run, with 10 interceptions and +3 in turn overs. This defense has gone up against the best QB's in the league and forced them to have mediocre performances. Coyle's squad is a playoff caliber unit that can keep  us in games regardless of who our opponent is!

I only wish we would score more points in the red zone and goal to go situations. I know we tend to stall late in games that we already have a substantial lead in, but as the saying goes, "size matters". Best Net Points, Best Combined Ranking  Among Conference Teams in Points For/Against and Strength of Victories are all important categories when it comes to tie breaker rules. (Should they become necessary). And we are having no trouble moving the ball and getting into the red zone, visiting it more than any team in the NFL. It seems inconceivable to be so close and not even be able to get a field goal for our efforts. Definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Miami has a couple of statistics that will be helpful to us coming down the home stretch towards the playoffs. Now that Buffalo is in our rear view mirror, and San Diego lost the head to head competition against us, we still have some control of our destiny when the Ravens come to town. (And even where New England is concerned). 

Our Dolphins have only 3 winning opponents ahead of us. (I'm referring to Broncos, Ravens and Patriot games). The schedule looks like this: @Denver, @NYJ, Baltimore, @NE, Minnesota and NYJ. If we take care of business like we have been doing all season, it would not be unrealistic to win 4 of the last 6 contests, giving us a 10 and 6 record. And right now, Denver and Baltimore are looking like they are beatable, so who knows. Of course, Denver and New England have not lost a home game this year.(There is always a first time, though). 

New England is 2 games ahead of us but they have a difficult schedule going forward: (Detroit, @GB, @SD, Us, @NYJ and Buffalo). That's 5 teams with winning records. At 8 and 2, we would probably have to beat them again on their turf and hope they somehow lose another contests or two and wind up 11 and 5. Or.......

We need to win the games we are supposed to win, (like the Vikings and 2, verses the Jets). Then take 2 of the 3 against more difficult opponents, (Denver, NE and/or Baltimore) It will all come down to our head to head with the Patriots, and how each of us fare against conference teams. (Right now we are at 5 and 2 and they are sitting at 6 and 2 verses the conference). We both have 2 and 1 division marks. Depending on how we both reach 11 and 5 will determine who gets the division and who probably gets a wild card spot. There are too many permutations to consider right now for the division title.

Pittsburgh, (at 7 and 3) have taken over the 6th seed position, (bumping us down to the 7th spot) with their Monday Night win over the Titans. They do not have an easy road to plow: A BYE, NO, @Cincinnati, @Atlanta, KC and Cincinnati. (3 winners). And the Steelers may just do us a favor where the Bengals and/or Chiefs are concerned. I say the Bengals because that North division is crazy with all 4 teams having 6 wins at this point. Hard to say which one of these teams will take that division. Cleveland was on top last week, but now they are on the bottom.

As it stands, the Bengals lead the North division at 6 - 3 - 1, but they have: @Atlanta, @Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cleveland, @Carolina and @Baltimore. 4 winning clubs stand in the way of their taking the division or reaching the playoffs. They could benefit us with the Ravens and/or Browns games, too. 

The Browns, (6 and 4) play: @Atlanta, @Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, @Carolina and @ Baltimore.They must contend with 4 winning opponents.  Here again, they may give us a little assist with Cincinnati and/or Baltimore.

Baltimore, (6 and 4) had a BYE last week and their future holds: @NO, SD, @ Our House, Jacksonville, @Houston and Cleveland. That is 3 winning teams and they will have no picnic with the 4 and 6 Saints and 5 and 5 Texans. They might keep the Chargers or Browns from challenging us.

Kansas City, the number 5 seed at 7 and 3, is a concern since they beat us in week three. But of all the playoff candidates, they have the most grueling schedule. 4 games against winning teams, which could help us out considerably: @Oakland, Denver, @Arizona, Oakland, @Pittsburgh and then SD. They could lose 2 or 3 of these match ups, quite easily. And even if they don't, there is still one seed left open for us to fill.

And then there is a the aforementioned Chargers. They have it rough too with: St. Louis, @Baltimore, NE, Denver, @49ers, and @KC. 5 winners and the 4 and 6 Rams just beat the Broncos, too. There is a chance they could take out any one of our  rival teams along the way like the Ravens, Patriots or Chiefs.

And here's another advantage in our favor. We have only 2 losses in the AFC, along with KC and NE. (Denver has 1). Everyone else has 3 or more losses. And we have just 1 loss in divisional play, like NE, Cincinnati and KC, Division leaders, Denver and Indianapolis are undefeated in their respective divisions. (Which doesn't matter where our divisional aspirations or wild card possibilities are concerned). Regardless of seeding, a division champ is a division champ.

If you'll notice, there are still a lot of divisional games left to be played between possible playoff contenders. (Especially in the North and West divisions). And several matches that will take place against teams that are currently tied with our won/loss record. Those teams will cancel each other out of playoff contention for us.

Technically, we have a record that is equal to two division leaders. The Colts, who are 5 and 3 in conference play and the Bengals,  6 - 3 - 1, (with their 4 and 3 conference standing). I'm liking where we are situated at this juncture. We have a better division and conference record than any of the teams, currently sporting 6 wins and one of the least difficult paths to the playoffs

Yes sir. This Dolphin team has become a completely different ball club compared to the one we fielded in 2008. We have a capable, higher scoring offense with more game changing players. The best, (first round) quarterback since the days of Dan Marino, and a top notch, solid defense. I'm real anxious to see how this thing plays out for our Miami Dolphins and that is a good state to be in.


Men Of Teal Prevail 22 - 9 Over White Buffalo

The Miami Dolphins made a rare appearance on the nationally televised Thursday night football game versus inner-division rival and nemesis of late Buffalo Bills. Each team came into the game with a record of 5 - 4, and both teams NFL playoff lives were on the line. This was especially true for the home team Dolphins who had already lost the previous head to head match-up in Buffalo. A Miami loss in this instance literally spelt doom for the teams playoff hopes, it have been a second straight loss with a trip to Peyton's Place looming. This was a must win for the Dolphins, a loss would have meant they would lose all wild card playoff tie breaker scenario's to both the Chiefs, and Bills. If it were to come down to said three teams?

One would think that the network would inauspiciously highlight the home teams first time in ten years brightly colored entrance to the field? Miami wore teal uniforms from head to toe for the first time since the days of Ricky Williams. Low and Behold, the league's Rodney (Dolphins) Dangerfield get no respect and the network cuts to commercial as Miami approaches the tunnel's exit. The analysts (for the most part) dog the Dolphins during the pregame, and continuously suggest through halftime that the visitors will do something mystical to win the game.

Miami's Men Of Teal Prevailed 22 - 9! The Victory propels the Dolphins to 6 - 4 overall with a 5 - 2 Conference record which is presently second best to only Denver's present 5 - 1 AFC head to head status. The loss drops Buffalo to the AFC's eleventh seed of sixteen teams, where Miami might have ended up.

Instead. Miami is hot on the tail of the current 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th seeds, whom with losses this coming weekend the Dolphins can pull even with, if not ahead of. Your Miami Dolphins have now won five of their last seven games with only two last second heartbreak losses to powerhouse NFC offenses detouring the flow.

The Bills have one of the leagues best defensive fronts and humiliated the Dolphins 29 - 10 during the week two head to head in Buffalo. In week 11 (due to injury) Miami was forced to start three offensive lineman at positions that they hadn't started at the previous week, (if ever). Yards were hard to come by, and it seemed that every time the Dolphins made a prosperous play something would happen to nullify the advantage. It appeared as though every first half inch gained for the Dolphins was highly contested while Buffalo was rhythmically running around on the wide open plains. On top of that. The Dolphins tried their best to lose this game in the first half with a fumble, and penalties that killed the few momentous Miami moments.

Jarvis Landry returned the opening kickoff 37 yards, and a return team holding penalty put the ball at the home teams 12 yard line. In order to nullify the Bill's fearsome front, Miami started out with the quick short passing game on the series first three plays that gathered 25 yards, and drove to the visitors 33 before a first down sack of Ryan Tannehill at the Bills 45 followed by negative 2 yard rush attempt. With a 3rd down and 24 on Miami's opening possession the game was already looking too much like the previous meeting between the two teams, but a perfectly thrown short pass, and one handed grab up the seam to tail back Damien Williams in stride netted 32 yards for a first down at Buffalo's 15 yard line. Another pass to Williams took it to the nine while a penalty on the next play pushed the ball back to the 19 where the series stalled. Tannehill went 8 of 9 for 80 passing yards to five different receivers, and the Dolphins kicked a 38 yard field goal after controlling the opening possession for 8:20 on 14 plays for 68 net yards as Miami took a 3 - 0 lead.

Buffalo ate up all but 13 seconds that remained of the first quarter with a series of 14 plays for 67 yards and a 33 yard field goal of their own for a 3 - 3 tie.

Miami's Lamar Miller rushed for forty yards (7, 33) on two plays, and Brian Hartline caught a pass for 17 yards to the Bills 14. On first down a scrambling for yardage Tannehill was stripped of the ball from behind for Buffalo's first forced turnover of the day which ended the momentum gathering Dolphin drive of 67 yards in six plays for zero points. Ryan's fumble 2:10 into the second quarter was his first in over a year (19 games), it was the Dolphins fifth red zone turnover of the 2014 season (most in the league), Arrrghh!

The Bills march 85 yards on 17 plays in 9 minutes and 24 seconds to kick a momentum swinging field goal. The Dolphins aren't able to answer on 9 plays of 39 yards to the visitors 41, punts, and the Bills take a knee to end the first half of play with a scoreboard advantage of 6 - 3.

Tannehill is 14 of 18 for 136 yards with a fumble, and is sacked twice, Buffalo's Kyle Orton has yet to be swarmed. Miami has totaled 174 yards with 53 rushing to Buffalo's 151, and 51 on the ground. The Dolphins have converted 50% of their 3rd down plays while Buffalo has been successful 75% of the time. Miami is losing the time of possession (13:37 to 16:23), and turnover (0 - 1) battles.

2014's Miami Dolphins (for the most part) have been a slow starting, feel the opponent out, first half counter puncher. Unlike the 2013 Dolphins. Miami's o14 team has become a third quarter terror in leading the league at half time adjustments that have resulted in the leagues highest third quarter scoring output, as well as league leaders in allowing the opponents lowest rate of points produced. This Thursday Night Debut would be no different!

Buffalo received the third quarters opening kickoff, and Miami's defense forced a three and out of 3 yards gained. The Dolphin offense gains a first down on three plays before a false start penalty, and third sack of Tannehill leads to a second and 25. Miami punts two plays later as Buffalo takes possession at their own 23 yard line. The Bills drive 49 yards in eight plays to the Dolphins 28 for a 46 yard field goal, and 9 - 3 visitors lead.

Now the Dolphins are pissed off with 6:26 third quarter ticks of the clock to go, and are suddenly inspired to showoff their second half prowess. From their own 20, Miami drives 80 yards on 9 plays in four minutes 8 seconds. Lamar Miller rushes the ball three times for 21 yards while Tannehill completes 5 of 6 for 59 yards to three different receivers (Landry 11 & 5, Charles Clay for five, and the biggie to Hartline on a crossing route catch and run of thirty-one yards) to the Buffalo 16. Ryan caps the drive with a brilliant fake pitch left, roll out right to find a wide open Brandon Gibson in the end zone for the games first TOUCHDOWN, and Miami lead of 10 - 9.

The visitors second 3rd third quarter series goes three and out for negative 20 yards, and ends on a second and twenty intentional grounding penalty from within the end zone for a Dolphin defensive safety, and two more points for the good guys at 12 - 9. with 57 third quarter seconds remaining.

Mann Ohh Mann the momentum had swung, and things are looking good! The Dolphins have again outscored the opponents in the third quarter, this time by a score of 9 - 3, and they are about to get the ball back due to the forced safety. Dooahh. Upon the free kick Jarvis Landry returns the ball 21 yards to the Miami 39 but bobbles away the Dolphins second turnover of the day, and the mirage of momentum has disappeared yet again.

Buffalo is down by three points, and has a first down at the Miami 39 yard line. On first down they gain 10 yards for another first down at the Dolphins 29. Three plays later for minus one yard, and (two plays into the fourth quarter). Ex Dolphin Dan Carpenter was up to the tricks he excelled at while with Miami, in (turning momentum against the team he plays for) with a wide left field goal kick on Buffalo's attempted tie of the game. The Carpenters warped hammer keeps the game in Miami's favor at 12 - 9.

From the Dolphins 29 Lamar Miller runs three times for 14 yards, Tannehill completes a 12 yard pass to Clay, and Miami gets a 24 yard defensive pass interference upon Mike Wallace called in their favor for a first down at the Bills 13 yard line. Daniel Thomas rushes for five yards on first down, on second down Ryan Tannehill connects with Jarvis Landry for an 8 yard TOUCHDOWN, and Miami Dolphins 19 - 9 scoreboard advantage 2:25 into the fourth quarter.

During a 5 minute 43 second span between the 2:18 remaining in the third quarter mark, and 3:25 into the fourth quarter, The Miami Dolphins scored 16 unanswered points!

Buffalo had three fourth quarter possessions for 33 total yards on 13 total plays. While harassing Kyle Orton over the majority of the games second half, the Miami defense accrued it's only two sacks on the visitors final two series of four plays each. Your Dolphins sealed the game with a 32 yard field goal that took place between the Bills final two possessions that were both turned over on downs, and THE MIAMI DOLPHINS WIN 22 - 9!

Miami converted twenty four first downs to Buffalo's thirteen, 125 rushing yards to 54, 240 passing yards to 183, for a total yardage advantage of 330 to 237, and held possession of the ball for nearly 5 minutes more than the opponent.

Lamar Miller had 15 rush attempts for 86 yards.
Though he was sacked five times by Buffalo's vaunted front seven, Ryan Tannehill went 26 of 34 for 240 passing yards, with two touchdowns (Landry & Gibson), and zero interceptions with yet another game above the century mark, and overall quarter back grade of 114.8. Tannehill has 17 touchdowns to 7 interception's on the year.

Injured Courtland Finnegans replacement Jamar Taylor led the Dolphins in tackles with seven solo, and shinning again was Earl Mitchell and Olivier Vernon with sacks of the opposing quarterback.


Thank You for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


Miami Dolphins vs Bills Thursday Night Game Chat

Big time division game here. Can Miami bounce back from their last-minute loss last night?

Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills Contest Playoff Hopes

Thanks Tony Nicoletti for the following post...

So here we are after a tough loss in the final minute by yet, another NFC North team (The Detroit Lions). There is no time to lick our wounds because we host the Buffalo Bills in our house Thursday Night. (BTW, I hope Finnegan is not too seriously hurt after losing Branden Albert for the season).

Normally, I like to wait until after the Monday Night game so I can get the most up-to-date stats and standings information before contemplating our chances against an upcoming opponent. But I'll be away from my PC Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for health reasons, so I'm offering up this game preview, now. (That means the stats from today's games are not included). It shouldn't make much of a difference in this contest. Statistics don't always reflect the whole story in these games. This far into the season, player and team figures/rankings are not going to vary much.

Both the Dolphins and Bills are coming into this game after losing by 4 point margins to playoff caliber teams. Buffalo was leading 13 to 3 before the Chiefs scored 14 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to win the game. We, on the other hand battled back to capture the lead, in the 4th quarter, only to lose the game in the last 29 seconds. This kind of scenario makes for an intriguing match up. Neither of us are happy with losing games we could and should have won.

The statistics suggest this will be another close defensive struggle as both teams have a top 10 defense. The Bills possesses the best defensive line in the league, with the most sacks. They are a little stronger than we are at defending the run.  Our defense has given up fewer yards and points overall. We allow the fewest average passing yards per play of anyone in the league, as well. Buffalo also has some ball hawks on the back end that we have to watch out for with their 12 INT versus our 9. We both have been opportunistic in the turn over category.

Offensively, we are ranked 12th overall, while they are 24th. Without CJ Spiller, they have lost considerable ground in their running game. They favor and have a passing attack that equals our own. First, it was El Manuel, (earlier in the season) and now Kyle Orton. Orton has a 104.0 rating through 8 games and has been playing well of late. They have allowed their QB's to get sacked 23 times so that might be an area we can exploit as we too, can chase down the QB.

After facing the toughest defense we are likely going to meet this season, Buffalo"s will be almost as challenging. We were able to adjust against the Lions so that Tannehill was more effective passing from the second quarter, on. I expect Lazor will dial up a game plan that will neutralize Buffalo's stampeding front 4 and their pass rush.

These two teams know each other all too well and are fairly evenly matched. I'm personally tired of Buffalo pressing our buttons with that vaunted pass rush of theirs. They caught us earlier this season, just after we emotionally spent ourselves with that surprising New England victory. Ryan Tannehill was still deciphering and getting acclimated to Bill Lazors new playbook. Now that Ryan has a better, more comfortable understanding of his role in this offense, it could be a different story this time around.

Anticipate Tannehill moving around in the pocket with roll outs, scrambles and read option plays designed to negate the athletic, fast and formidable Buffalo rush. Quick intermediate passes, screens and slants, interspersed with strategic running plays should keep Buffalo off balanced and at bay. This will give Miami opportunities to take shots down the field on occasion to Wallace.

We need to pressure, hurry, hit and sack Kyle Orton. There seems to be a resurgence of veteran QB's getting second chances in the league these days. I would just assume see Kyle make the most of his opportunities from a prone position. Can't have him getting a reputation off of us! Tannehill is the more mobile of the two QB's. Let's see how the Bills like having their QB under duress instead of the other way around.

Essentially, I want to see Miami knock the buffalo chips out of the Bills. It won't be an easy task, though. They have had our number 4 out of the last 5 meetings. That kind of familiarity breeds contempt. Time to turn that around. This is a different Dolphins team that they will be going up against in Miami.

I said before, because of our defenses, this just might be a close game. Well, history dictates otherwise. We need to get some redemption after the squeaker in Detroit. This Buffalo Bills team has been a thorn in our side for a number of years. Wouldn't you just love for the Dolphins to demonstrate that this was a bad time for the Buffalo Bills to show up in south Florida to play football? What better team to get a little pay back against than them. Besides, we need to cover the point differential they hung on us in our previous match. (19 points, remember)?

I'd settle for a three touch down deficit.....in our favor, of course. If not, we better hope we don't end the season in a tie. Oh... and that is another reason I want to beat them so bad. They lost to Kansas City. The Bills gave the team that holds the tie breaker against us, a one game advantage, too.

Get them Miami! GO DOLPHINS!

Dolphins Lose Battle Of Three Game Winning Streaks To Lions

The 5 - 3 Miami Dolphins traveled to the Motor City's 6 - 2 Lions for a head to head match up between two teams on three game winning streaks with two of the leagues three best defenses overall.

Miami with the leagues #3 defense, and #9 offense (at the very least) faced an equally compensated, talented and in desire of a win Detroit Lions team with the leagues #1 defense and #20 offense.

The Lions made plays all day from both sides of the ball while the Dolphins flashed on only a few instances, and gave up the go ahead touchdown with 29 fourth quarter seconds remaining. The NFC's Detroit Lions prevailed over Miami's Dolphins by a score of 20 - 16.

Calvin Johnson (the leagues best receiver) returned from injury for Detroit as his old self, and dominated with 7 receptions for 113 yards including a 49 yard touchdown while one of the leagues stats leaders among receivers Golden Tate of the Lions also cleared the century mark with 11 receptions for 109 yards.

Detroit threw the book at Miami, and held possession of the opening kick for 8:41 on 15 plays for 72 yards. Following a 3rd down Cam Wake sack of Matthew Stafford with a 4th & 6 at their own forty five yard line, the Lions executed a pass and catch from punter to full back for 22 yards on a fake punt. Miami's defense held at their own eight, and forced a Detroit field goal for a Lions lead of 3 - 0.

Ndamukong Suh of the Lions (the leagues noted most nastiest player) swung a kitchen sink at Miami's offensive line with a tackle for loss of two yards on the Dolphins opening rush attempt, and a 2nd down sack of Ryan Tannehill for a loss of ten on Miami's initial three play for negative seven yard touch of the ball. On 4th & 17 the Dolphins punted to their own 49 yard line where the Lions took possession. On first down, an absolutely perfect Matt Stafford 49 yard pass to an elegantly run route and catch by Calvin Johnson (despite great Brent Grimes coverage) resulted in a Lions 10 - 0 advantage.

The Lions Iggy Ansah dominated the following Dolphins possession of the ball with a first down tackle for loss of seven yards on a Jarvis Landry end-around, and a third down sack of minus eleven yards on Tannehill. Detroit's #1 defense came to play, and again forced Miami to go three & out for minus 13 yards. Miami punted from their own end zone, and the home team again took possession on Miami's side of the field at the 47 yard line. The Dolphin defense forced a Lions minus one yard three & out on consecutive incompletions with 32 first quarter seconds remaining.

Miami and Detroit exchanged short termed scoreless possessions, and the Dolphins took the ball at their own 38 yard line. Tannehill drove the Dolphins to the Lions 19 in completing three of four passes to Landry, Wallace, and Gibson. On 3rd & 7 he committed his one major mistake of the day with a five yard sideline toss that was intercepted at the 14. On the return of that same interception, Tannehill perhaps made his best play of the day in tracking down and making a line backer like tackle at Miami's 16 yard line on the returnee of what was an obvious easy pik-six opportunity. The Dolphins next extremely exceptional play of the day came via the one hand of Brent Grimes that got Tannehill off the hook with an end zone interception on Staffords first down play. Grimmey's pick was his fourth in three games.

The Dolphins took the ball 75 yards on 14 plays from their own twenty. Tannehill went 8 of 10 to six different receivers for 55 yards to Detroit's five yard line, from where Miami kicked a field goal on 4th & 4 to get on the board and pull within seven at 3 - 10, with thirteen meaningless fist half seconds remaining.

As the NFL's most proficient third quarter team in terms of scoring ratio. The Dolphins on three possessions scored 10 unanswered third quarter points to pull ahead of the Lions by a score of 13 - 10 going into the fourth quarter. Jarvis Landry returned the third quarters opening kick 46 yards, and on first down Tannehill hit Hartline for a 12 yard first down, on second down the ball was punched away from Daniel Thomas' grasp for a Detroit forced fumble and recovery.

Detroit went five & out for three yards with the aid of a Jelani Jenkins sack and loss of 10 yards on the Lions second first down attempt, and Miami took possession at their own forty three. The Dolphins covered 25 yards on seven plays, and kicked a 50 yard field goal for a four point deficit of 6 - 10.

The home team followed from their own 23 with a 55 yard drive on 12 plays to the visitors 24 yard line where they faced a 4th & 6 forty two yard field goal attempt. Miami defensive tackle Earl Mitchell made a play for the second consecutive week with a block of the kick as much maligned defensive end Dion Jordan scooped it up at the Dolphins 39, and did all he could to return it 58 yards to the Lions 3 yard line. On first and goal from the three Ryan Tannehill connected with Mike Wallace in the flat for a Dolphins TOUCHDOWN, and 13 - 10 scoreboard advantage. with 1:17 third quarter ticks to go.

Miami's host negated the Dolphin lead with a 50 yard possession on eight plays that concluded with a 4th & 26 fifty yard field goal to even it up at 13 - 13 three minutes into the fourth quarter. Cam Wake accrued his second sack of the day for a 9 yard loss on 3rd & 17.

Dolphin ball from their own 28 yard line with 12:02 to go drive 70 yards on thirteen plays in 7:43 to the Lions TWO YARD LINE where Charles Clay drops a Tannehill touchdown pass on 3rd down which forces a Miami go ahead field goal for a 16 - 13 lead.

The Dolphins #3 defense forces another Lions three and out on three consecutive incompletions, and regains ball control at their own 17 yard line with 3:47 remaining on the game clock. Detroit's #1 defense returns the favor with a three and out of their own, and have the ball at their own 26 yard line with 3:13 to go.

Coincidentally. The Detroit Lions end the game with a 3 minute and 8 second time of possession advantage which was the deciding factor as they held the ball last (with substantial time remaining), and drove 74 yards on eleven plays in 2:44 for a third down go ahead touchdown pass of eleven yards. Miami got the ball needing a touchdown with 29 seconds remaining in a hell of an exciting back and fourth defensive battle that the 5 - 3 Dolphins unfortunately lose to the 6 - 2 Lions by a final score of 20 - 16.

The now 7 - 2 on a four game winning streak Lions with 351 total yards (288 through the air & 63 on the ground) out gained the now 5 - 4 Dolphins (222 total, 172 & 50) in yardage by 129 total yards (116 via the pass) to the extraordinary receivers by the name of Calvin Johnson, and Golden Tate.

Stafford went 24 of 40 for 280 with two touchdowns and an interception while Tannehill was 27 of 38 for 201 with a touchdown and interception. Jarvis Landry led the Dolphins in receiving with 7 catches for 53 yards followed by Mike Wallace's 5 receptions for 50 yards with a touchdown, and Charles Clay's 7 for 45 yards.

Each team had three sacks (Jelani Jenkins & Cam Wake times two), and an interception (Brent Grimes) while the Lions forced a fumble (D Thomas) and recovery (that didn't cost the Dolphins points) to win the turnover battle.

One more note of extreme game/season consequence is that the Miami Dolphins lost their prize free agent acquisition of Left Tackle Brandon Albert (for the remainder of the year) on their final possession of the second quarter!!

""Drizzle, Drazzle, Driffle, Drumm, Time For this One To Go Home""
Have Solace Friends!!
You only need to endure for four days when your Miami Dolphins come home to kick some Buffalo hide on the nationally televised Thursday Night Football Game!!

The Miami Dolphins are one game behind the pace of the AFC's current 3rd, 4th, 5th seeds, and just one half game behind the present 6th seed. As is Buffalo with a 2 - 4 conference record while the Dolphins are 4 - 2 within the AFC.

THANK YOU for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view :))!

Beat the Bills!!

Miami Dolphins at Lions Week 10 Game Chat

Can Miami continue their hot streak and move to 5-3? They've got a big test this week in Detroit.

It Appears That the Detroit Lions Are Little More than Paper Tigers

The very talented Tony Nicoletti sent me this piece to share with the great readers of Dolphin Shout. I know you'll enjoy it:

I keep hearing about the Detroit Lions having the number one ranked defense and this high powered, explosive offense but frankly, I don't see it. Sure they have Megatron, Reggie Bush and a few nice pieces on offense. (Including a top 10 QB in Stafford). But like Green Bay, and San Diego, they rely too heavily on the pass which makes them resort too easily to a one dimensional game plan.

And yes, their defense has allowed the fewest points in the NFL at the half way point of the season. They have also won 3 of their 4 games at home, too. Both of us are coming into the match with a 3 game winning streaks. Miami is a 3 point underdog. But when you investigate a little deeper you see some kinks in their armor.

I mean, look at their defense. They really haven't played any teams with power house offenses. They have only faced two teams that have scored more than 200 points, so far this season. (The Packers and the Saints). For that matter, they have only played 2 teams that have a winning record. (The Bills and Packers, both having a 5 and 3 record). (The Saints are sitting at 4 and 4). They did beat Green Bay and New Orleans, though. Their only losses were at Buffalo and a home game against the Panthers, (A 3 - 5 and 1 team).

Meanwhile, Miami has gone up against 5 teams with a winning record. (The Patriots who are 7 and 2, and the Chargers with their 5 and 4 record). We won both of those contests, convincingly. (The Bills, Chiefs and Packers are all sitting at 5 and 3). They also happen to be the only teams we have lost to. And despite our leaking points and yardage to teams like Buffalo and Kansas City, we held some potent offenses, well in check. Four of our contests involved clubs that have bested 200 points or more. The Dolphins have been steadily climbing the Defensive and Offensive charts.We are number 3 in points allowed now. The defense is 2nd in the league against the pass. (The Lions are 5th).

They haven't teed off against a defense like ours yet, this season. They may be in for a rude awakening. They are efficient in scoring and have relied on their defense to keep them in games. (Doesn't that sound familiar)? They needed to, putting up a meager 162 points. (We are sitting at 211 points, offensively and ranked 9th in the league in scoring and total offense). The Lions are 20th in total offense but have a 9th ranking passing attack.That doesn't sound like that much of a threat. Especially when they have no balance or running game to speak of. They are no where near as talented or formidable as the aerial attack Brady, Rodgers, Cutler or Rivers can lay on you.

I envision  this as a defensive struggle, early on. I believe Lazor will adjust and find ways to counter Detroit's defensive strengths and with our balanced attack, we should be able to put up some points. I believe our defense will be able to contain their weak running game and stifle their passing assault. (Rendering Stafford's strong arm to minimal damage against us). We need to execute and win the turn over battle. Home field advantage and crowd noise aside, we stand a good chance of leaving Ford Field victorious, and could well reduce the upstart Lions to what I see as.........paper tigers.

Miami Dolphin Heroics Decide Outcome in Detroit

Miami Dolphin Coach Joe Philbin has a reminder for his squad as bold predictions from bandwagon jumping media seep into his player’s psyche. Four consecutive losses followed a three game winning streak to open the 2013 season. Should it not be enough to quell bulging heads, perhaps the two humbling defeats that ended 2013 following another three game winning streak will do the trick.

The misleading headline heading to Detroit is Lion QB Matthew versus Miami QB Ryan Tannehill…

Two of the NFL’s best defenses will decide the outcome. Detroit leads the NFL in points allowed (126) and Miami is 3rd at (151). Detroit is 2nd in rushing yards allowed per game and Miami is 2nd in passing yards allowed per game. Detroit’s offense is 9th in passing yards per game and Miami’s offense is 4th in rushing yards per game. Both teams are riding 3 game winning streaks.

The Detroit defense shuts down what Miami does best and the Miami defense shuts down what Detroit does best. The Lions are coming off a bye week expecting the return of ailing receiver Calvin Johnson and former Dolphin Reggie Bush. Miami’s best running back Lamar Miller is nursing a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder.

On paper, the game seems evenly matched and has the makings of a slugfest.

The quarterbacks in this contest are heading in separate directions as Stafford’s decline finds him ranked 22nd and Tannehill’s rise ranks him at 17th. Statistics point to game plans featuring the Lions challenging Miami’s run defense and the Dolphins going aerial to test Detroit’s secondary.

For fans capable of sorting fantasy numbers from true QB play, Matthew Stafford’s stats are a little misleading. As evidenced in 2013, when Stafford ranked 3rd in the NFL with 4650 yards, while his 84.2 QB rating was marginal at best.
Reggie Bush tried to toughen his game between the tackles in Miami, leading to nagging injuries. The injury bug continues to plague Bush in Detroit and the Lions are more apt to use Joique Bell between the tackles with Bush working the edges and the passing game.

Numbers indicate a Detroit team prone to abandon the running game in favor of airing it out. These tendencies create an opportunity for the Dolphin defense to use their front-seven effectively taking away the run and pressuring the QB without blitzing. It does not bode well for Detroit that Matthew Stafford is second in league with 24 sacks and Miami ranks 5th with 25 sacks.

The Detroit offense is similar to San Diego but uses more one-back and empty backfield formations. The lack of motion allows Stafford to read static defenses, meaning Miami must disguise coverage schemes while pressuring from a four-man front. Like most QBs, Stafford will make mistakes when the defense eliminates his first option, forcing him to hold the ball and scan the field. The large, fast Detroit receiving crops could present trouble for Miami’s smallish secondary.

Detroit has the advantage of playing at home, but the indoor stadium negates any effect cold weather could have on the Dolphins. In a game that looks surprisingly even, emotion will rue the day. For Miami, the AFC’s 9th seeded team, every game has playoff implications and three game winning streaks quickly dissolve into what-have-you-done-for-me-lately with a loss in Detroit.

Entering the second half of the season, a Dolphins team playing consistently in all three phases is a formidable opponent. It doesn’t coronate the Dolphins as an elite squad or even a playoff team. Each week presents a new challenge for an evolving Miami football team.

Detroit is 6-2 and is the NFC’s version of Miami, a mid-season darling that never seems to finish the deal.
Savoring victories does little for the Lions or the Dolphins hopes of progressing into December and January. Beating the next opponent must be the primary focus.

The keys to the game will be keeping Matthew Stafford from getting comfortable in the pocket and allowing time to find second or third options. On the Miami offensive side, running the ball will be tough against the stout Detroit defensive line, leaving the ball in Ryan Tannehill’s hands to make plays in the passing game. Statistically, these are two of the best defenses in the NFL and the game could come down to the last possession of a low scoring contest.

It’s another challenge for a Dolphin team not known to fare well in contests won on last second heroics. Practicing late game hysteria is impossible at game speed and experiences like Green Bay this year will prepare Miami for better a outcome.

This will be a closely contested football game and the team with the most want-to at the end could decide the winner.

Miami Dolphins 37 - 0 Surge Short Circuits Chargers

Through eight 2014 NFL games the 5 - 3, and AFC fifth seeded San Diego Chargers went south to face the 4 - 3 Miami Dolphins.

Miami has the Dolphins (your favorite) football team, they're moving the ball from goal to goal like (no one since thirteen), whether through the air or on the ground they've been (often) in control, and when you say Miami you're talking (on a roll)!!
Cuz we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins Number One !!

The Dolphins splashed about the confines of their Miami aquarium, and doused the highly explosive power grid that is the Chargers. San Diego's quarterback Phillip Rivers came into the day with the leagues third most touchdown passes (20), and only five interceptions thrown while the Charger superstar tight end Antonio Gates entered the game with nine scores in just eight games.

In case the title to this piece moistened your eye's to a blur?
The Miami Dolphins started fast, finished strong, and won the game THIRTY SEVEN to ZERO!

Since the return of starting safety Rashad Jones four games ago, the Miami defense has been catapulted to an elite level, and versus the Chargers they were even better. Rashad Jones has led the team in tackles in all four weeks since his return, and contributed an interception on this day, (his second of the season). For the second consecutive game corner back Brent Grimes had an interception, this time he had two for a season total of four to go along with a pik-six last week, and the Dolphins have six interceptions over the last three games with nine for the season.

Miami has four sacks in two successive outings with eleven over the last three games. Randy Starks set the tone early with a sack of the nearly elite Phillip Rivers on the games very first offensive play for a loss of three yards. The first, and lone substantial San Diego drive of the day covered fifty seven yards in twelve plays only to end on a fourth and one (Rashad Jones) stuff of the running back at the Dolphin twenty three yard line.

The Chargers second possession went three and out for nine yards. Rashad Jones had his interception on the first play of the visitors third touch of the ball. San Diego's fourth series went five and out for sixteen yards which happened to be identical to their fifth and final first half possession. For the first half of play, the Chargers offensive unit snapped the ball twenty five times for ninety eight yards, and ZERO POINTS in five possessions!

On six second half series, San Diego ran twenty four plays for forty eight yards, and ZERO POINTS! Their first second half possession went seventeen yards on six plays, and ended upon Brent Grimes' first interception of the day that he returned twenty six yards to the Chargers nineteen.

The Miami defense splashed again on the visitors following three and out for six yards touch of the ball. Defensive Lineman (Earl Mitchell) got his first sack of the season for a loss of eight yards, and a second Brent Grimes interception of an attempted bomb ended the series on second and eighteen.

Upon the high voltage Chargers third second half possession that netted one yard on three plays, Olivier Vernon executed a third and nine sack and a forced fumble via Rivers that Jared Odrick recovered at the Chargers fourteen.

Charger quarterback Phillip Rivers is benched with 120 third quarter ticks of the clock remaining. Kellen Clemons replaces the near elite Rivers for the Chargers final three possessions of the game, and is greeted by Cam Wake on third and five of a four play for one yard series that ended the third quarter. For the visitors two fourth quarter possessions they ran eight plays for twenty three yards, and ZERO POINTS!

And that's the way it ended, hail to the Miami Dolphin Defense.
Ohh-Wait, Almost forgot.
The Dolphin Offense splashed about through electrified hoops too!

ZERO to ZERO with 7:36 remaining in the first quarter. Miami's first possession with a first down ball at their own twenty three. On consecutive plays that started with a Jarvis Landry reception for nine yards, Lamar Miller run for seven, Charles Clay catch for twenty four, Miller rush for five, Mike Wallace grab for five, Landry for thirteen, Miller run for six, Brian Hartline reception for six, and a Miller rush for one to San Diego's six yard line. The ten play's in 5:56, seventy seven yard drive ended with a Charles Clay six yard TOUCHDOWN from Ryan Tannehill who went six of six for sixty three passing yards, and a Miami Dolphin first quarter lead of Seven to ZERO!

Next Miami possession takes 3:42 to "matriculate" sixty one yards in eight plays. First and ten at the Dolphins thirty nine, Tannehill up the middle for four yards. Following a second down and six incompletion/drop, Tannehill hits Landry for seven, then Clay for another eighteen. On first and ten from the Chargers thirty two Tannehill runs around the right end for twenty two yards and another first down, then hits Miller for an eight yard reception. Third and two from San Diego's two yard line, Lamar Miller TOUCHDOWN for a home team early second quarter advantage of Fourteen to ZERO!

Following the Rashad Jones pick on the visitors third series of one play. The Dolphins have the ball at the Chargers thirty one yard line, they gather a first down on first down with a twenty one yard reception and run for reserve running back Damien Williams to the opponents ten. The series stalls with an incompletion to Brandon Gibson (who was dragging a defender), a Williams rush for nadda, as well as a two yard pass to the running back. Miami kicks a twenty six yard field goal for a Seventeen to ZERO game six minutes into the second quarter.

The Chargers go three and out. Miami takes possession at the Dolphin thirty with 7:23 remaining in the first half. Daniel Thomas shakes and bakes a one yard reception for twelve, and on the Dolphins second third down attempt of the drive Tannehill hits Wallace for thirty eight yards to the San Diego six. They pass on first down to Thomas for two yards, but a negative rush attempt, and an incompletion results in an eleven play, sixty three yard drive in 5:36 for a twenty five yard field goal which puts the home team lead at Twenty to ZERO.

Miami gets the ball one last time in the first half with 1:03 to go. They drive forty eight yards in eight plays from their own twenty four to the San Diego twenty eight, but miss the forty five yard field goal attempt as the clock runs out with a Miami Dolphin scoreboard advantage of Twenty to ZERO!

The Dolphins have accrued 283 total yards (208 passing, 75 rushing on 13 attempts). Ryan Tannehill is 18 of 25 for 208 to seven different receivers. The Chargers have 118 total yards (14 rushing). Miami's defense has one sack, and one interception.

Third Quarter. Miami ball, first down at their own twenty eight, Tannehill to Hartline for eighteen. On the drives third first down play Tannehill runs around the left end for eleven more first down yards, and on second and ten Miller rushes for fourteen yards and the drives fifth first down opportunity at the Chargers twenty one. Second and ten, Tannehill eludes a fierce sack attack, gets creative in extending the play for an end zone TOUCHDOWN pass to Rishard Matthews, and Twenty Seven to ZERO Dolphin lead.

Brent Grimes' first interception occurs on the Chargers following possession, and Miami has the ball at the visitors nineteen yard line. Tannehill goes one for three, the Dolphins cover fourteen yards on six plays, and kick a twenty three yard field goal for a Thirty to ZERO score.

A first down Earl Mitchell sack is immediately followed by a second Brent Grimes interception, this one was of the long bomb variety, and Miami takes control at their own twenty nine. On first down Tannehill completes a pass of eleven yards to Clay, The Dolphin then take the conservative route with three rushes for nine yards, and with 2:53 remaining in the third quarter Brandon Fields has his first and only punt of the day.

Charger ball at their own eleven, third down and nine, Olivier Vernon sacks and forces a Phillip Rivers fumble that is recovered by Jared Odrick at the San Diego fourteen yard line. Miami ball, first and ten. Ryan Tannehill completes short pass to Jarvis Landry who tip-toes down the sideline while towing a double-wide Charger trailer for another Miami Dolphin TOUCHDOWN, and THIRTY SEVEN to ZERO scoreboard final!`

With two third quarter minutes remaining Phillip Rivers is benched. Kellen Clemons reluctantly replaces him and is greeted by Cam Wake for minus five yards on third and five. The sack was Miami's fourth and final of the day, and the third quarter ended upon the punt.

With a Thirty Seven to ZERO Dolphin Victory in hand!
The Miami Dolphins Franchise Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is sat down in order to preserve his health. Not a whole lot took place in the fourth quarter, though Matt Moore did drive the team forty six yards into the Chargers red zone, as Miami exhibited professional courtesy in turning the ball over on downs rather than taking a chip shot field goal of the rub it in your face variety with 26 ticks of the clock to go.

Miami ran 74 plays to accrue 441 yards for a six yard per play average via (309 passing on 39 attempts, and 132 rushing in 35 carries) with 28 first downs (17 through the air, and 10 via the rush) in 36:07. San Diego had 49 plays for 178 yards (128 passing, and 50 on the ground) in 23:53. The Dolphin Defense had four sacks, a forced fumble, and three interceptions.

Lamar Miller ran 11 times for 49 yards with a touchdown, and Tannehill had 4 attempts for 47 yards. Charles Clay led the receiving game with 5 catches for 65 yards and a touchdown while others were also equal to the task. To name a few of the nine different receivers that Tannehill connected with. Hartline had 5 for 50, Wallace snagged 3 for 50, Landry caught 5 for 46 with a touchdown, and Rishard Matthews had one reception for 21 yards and a touchdown.

Ryan Tannehill had his career day two weeks ago in Chicago. Today he eclipsed that performance while going 24 of 34 for 288 yards with three touchdowns, zero interceptions, zero sacks, and a QBR of 94.5 with an overall RTG of 125.6. He has fourteen touchdowns to six interceptions on the year, and the Miami Dolphins are 5 - 3 at the mid season point.

Thank You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!

Beat The Lions!!

Miami Dolphins vs Chargers Week 9 Game Chat

This will be a good test for the Dolphins. Let's see how they do.