Sorry Dolphin Fans, But Rex Ryan Did It To Us Again!

A season finale Dolphins versus Jets Post Game Courtesy of Tony Nicoletti.

It seems Coach Ryan had to offer a parting gift to his team in their 37 to 24 defeat of the Miami Dolphins. Old Ryan sure made Geno Smith look like the best kept, "big play" secret of the season. He had career stats with his 20 of 25 completions, 358 passing yards and 3 touch down effort. His primary receiver, Eric Decker had 10 receptions for 221 yards. (The most ever allowed by a Dolphin's defense to any receiver in a game).

Ryan most assuredly will not be back with the Jets in 2015 but he sure made a statement for Geno Smith to be seriously considered for another season. Mr Ryan will be pursuing his options with another NFL Franchise. Thank God he will not be in our division anymore. (I hope).

This victory did not happen the way some might have thought, though. Miami held New York's high powered running game to a net of 104 yards on 34 carries and a 3.1 yard average. The Dolphins actually stopped 7 of their runs for minus 12 yards in the process. But who could have known that the Jets 32nd ranked passing offense would have such success against Miami's 4th ranked pass defense. (Any more than the Dolphins 14th ranked running game would shred the 5th best run defense in the NFL for 178 yards on 20 carries for a 9.0 yard average).

Yes, we wanted to finish the season with a 9 and 7 record,but as the saying goes, "two out of three, ain't bad". We were all hoping that Ryan Tannehill would reach the 4,000 plateau in passing yards and for Lamar Miller to eclipse 1,000 rushing yards on the season. Both marks were achieved. Tannehill just barely got his goal and Miller almost finished with 1,100 rushing yards. Ryan Tannehill also surpassed Dan Marino's single season completion record. This was the first time in team history that the Dolphins had a 4,000 yard quarterback and a 1,000 yard running back in the same season.

The only thing that would have made these accomplishments even sweeter is if Mike Wallace could have gotten 130+ receiving yards to wind up with a 1,000 yards for the season as well, while contributing toward a potential Dolphin final game victory. He did not catch a pass all game long and for some reason, wound up sitting on the sidelines the entire second half.

Both teams started out with a 3 and out, but not before sacking each others quarterback once during their first possessions. The only difference being that Miami would not sack Geno Smith for the remainder of the game. The Jets however, added 6 more sacks, (particularly, late in the game) which ruined Ryan Tannehill's completion percentage. (And any chance of him leading a comeback). Tannehill was sacked 7 times for a staggering 51 yards of lost real estate. He was hurried and hit often too. It's a wonder he did not throw an interception, though he did get a strip sack late in the game which resulted in a Jets recovered fumble.

Miami started the scoring first on their second possession with a 37 yard field goal, after the Jets missed a 45 yard attempt that bounced off the goal post.

Score: Dolphins 3, the Jets 0.

The Jets rolled down the field for their first touchdown. It took all of 6 plays. Geno Smith highlighted C. Owusu's multiple talents with a 36 yard deep pass, followed by Owusu's 23 yard run for the score.

Score: Dolphins 3, the Jets 7.

Miami went 6 and out. (L. Miller had a nice 20 yard run and was setting the stage for better things to come).

A couple of minutes into the second quarter,Miami would get the game's first turn over as Reshad Jones tackles Geno Smith after a 2 yard scramble and forces the fumble which was recovered by Jason Trunsik on the Jets 21 yard line. Tannehill hits Charles Clay for 16 yards and on a 3rd and 1, Daniel Thomas goes in for the touch down.

Score: Dolphins 10, Jets 7.

The Jets start their next drive on their 21 yard line. Smith connects on passes of 17, 40 and 8 yards to take the lead on 7 plays.

Score: Dolphins 10, Jets 14.

Miami squanders it's next opportunity as Mike Wallace gets a false start penalty on 1st down, Daryn Colledge has a offensive holding penalty on 2nd down and Miami commits an illegal shift penalty on 3rd down. The Jets decline the last penalty since the Dolphins came up short of the 1st down, anyway.

Now New York starts on their own 31 yard line, but on 2nd and 7 Cameron Wake gets a questionable roughing the passer penalty. Ultimately, their drive stalls and they punt it, pinning Miami deep on their own 7 yard line.

At the 2 minute warning, Tannehill gets sack on the 50 yard line, but gets back up and hits Brian Hartline deep for 16 yards.Several good pass plays later he throws a 23 yard touch down strike to Charles Clay.

Score: Dolphins 17, Jets 14 at the half.

The Jets get the ball first in the 3rd quarter and runs the kick off from their 1 yard line, 87 yards to the Dolphin 12 yard line. Miami holds them on 3rd and 4th down needing 1 yard to score and get the ball back on their 3 yard line. It was a nice defensive stop.

Miami returns the big play favor on 1st down with a Lamar Miller 97 yard running play for the score. The 3rd longest running play from scrimmage in NFL history and the longest in Dolphin franchise history.

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 14.

But wait! The big plays aren't over yet. On 3rd down with 4 yards to go on their own 26 yard line, Geno Smith heaves a 74 yard scoring pass to a (wide open) Eric Decker

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 21.

On Miami's next possession Tannehill connects with a 33 yard pass to Brian Hartline, driving down to the Jets 41 yard line. On 3rd and 10 Ryan throws an incomplete pass to Brandon Gibson who is called for offensive pass interference which the Jets of course, decline. However, on the ensuing punt the Jets are caught with 12 men on the field which advances the ball down to their 36 yard line. Now Miami faces a 4th and 5 situation. They decide to go for it, but the pass attempt to Jarvis Landry is incomplete and the Jets take over on downs. A gutsy call.

On a 3rd and 9 play Geno completes a 50 yard reception to Eric Decker. Brent Grimes jumps between the receiver and the ball for the interception but Decker jumps for it too, bumping Grimes out of the away in mid air, to haul in the reception. Miami manages to hold them to a field goal.

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 24.

With the score tied Miami goes 4 and out.

The Jets get the ball back but must start from their 17 yard line due to a offensive holding penalty. On 1st down Smiths throws to J. Kerley for 33 yards. After several more completions, the Jets drive stalls on Miami's 5 yard line and they settle for a field goal just as the 4th quarter gets under way. During the drive, both Koa Misi and Eric Decker would sustain injuries that would take them out for the remainder of the contest.

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 27.

Miami drives down into field goal range, helped by a 17 yard pass play to Jarvis Landry. Caleb Sturgis misses the 53 yard attempt.

The Jets however, go 3 and out.

On the Dolphins subsequent drive Tannehill gets sacked on 2nd and 4 on their own 26. But on 3rd and 12 he finds Hartline for 14 yards to keep the drive alive. Tannehill gets sacked once again on 2nd and 10. They are also penalized for an illegal formation which the Jets decline so they can get the ball back.

With 5:46 left in the 4th quarter the Jets have the ball on their own 26 yard line. On 4th and 12 they line up in punt formation. However, R. Quigley fakes the punt and throw to an (uncovered) Z. Sudifeld for 39 yards to continue the drive. Jarvis Landry saves the touch down by getting an open field tackle of Sudifeld on Miami's 23 yard line. Even one of the announcers stated that we should watch out for the fake since it has been in the Jets arsenal for many years, but...

I believe the damage was done at this point as the successful fake punt for the first down swayed the momentum in New York's favor. On the very next play Geno tosses a 23 yard touch down pass to a (wide open) J. Cumberland. Olivier Vernon gets a neutral zone infraction which is enforced between downs.

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 34.

Miami gets the ball back with 3:22 to play on their 25 yard line. (After Jarvis Landry runs it out from -9 yards in the end zone for 34 yards). Tannehill promptly gets sacked on 1st and 2nd down. On 4th and 16 Tannehill's pass to Brandon Gibson falls short but the Jets are called for roughing the passer. (With Miami being 10 points behind this late in the game, the Jets can afford to bring the house against Ryan Tannehill and he is taking a pounding in the process).

On 2nd and 10, New York sacks Tannehill and forces a fumble which they recover on Miami's 22 yard line. The Jets run 3 meaningless plays and kick a 37 yard field goal to seal the victory.

Score: Dolphins 24, Jets 37.

With 31 seconds left in regulation Tannehill completes one last play to Jarvis Landry but it's, "game over".

Most of the statistics were unremarkable in this game for the Dolphins. There where some points in the game where they played well and others where they seemed to be over matched and confused. The Miami Dolphins are a mediocre, 8 and 8 ball club that wound up splitting their games within the division this year. There is a lot of room for improvement. Having their staff intact for next season, will hopefully address the issues that need correcting. But that will be a blog for another time.

The good thing in all of this, (besides Tannehill and Miller achieving their milestones and setting team records) is that we will not have Rex Ryan opposing us on the sidelines twice a year anymore. As a matter of fact, I would just assume he gets a gig on the NFC side the NFL for a while.

Miami Dolphins vs Jets Week 17 Game Chat

A loss here would benefit Miami more than a win, but you didn't hear that from me.

Will This Be a Repeat of Last Season's Final Show Down Versus the Jets?

A Dolphins Versus Jets Pre-Game Piece via Tony Nicoletti.

Here we go again. The Miami Dolphins have one last chance to close out at home with a win to finish the season at 9 and 7. This time against our bitter rivals, the New York Jets. Unlike the final game of the 2013 season where they denied us a chance to make the playoffs, this time the stage is set completely different. We won't be playing in January. The only stakes riding on this contest are pride and bragging rights to a season sweep.

The Dolphins were 7 point favorites in their week 13 trip to New Jersey. Strangely enough, the current odds makers have them at -5.5 in Miami. Not much has changed in the last four weeks except that the Dolphin defense has slipped from 5th overall to 8th
while the Jets have moved up from 7th to 6th in the league.

The Jets gave the New England Patriots a tough battle last week at MetLife Stadium but lost in the end by a score of 17 to 16. They still have a top five defense against the run, (though we seemed to have had good results on the ground in our earlier meeting). Offensively, New York has the 3rd best running attack in the league yet remain the worst team in the NFL at passing the ball.

Defensively, Miami has made some marginal improvements versus the run in the last couple of weeks. They didn't get gashed for 200+ yards by New England or Minnesota. I hope it doesn't take DC Kevin Coyle two full quarters to stack the box if New York tries their ground and pound philosophy again. As before, forcing Geno Smith, (or Michael Vick) to pass is going to be the best recipe Miami has to win this test of wills. In the end, it proved to be the Jets undoing a month ago, as the Dolphins won, and remain 4th in pass defense to this day.

Ryan Tannehill should finish this game on a high note. He had his best game of the season against a decent Minnesota Vikings defense who was ranked considerably higher against the pass, (6th as opposed to the Jets 15th position) entering the game. If the Dolphins can score 36 points they will reach 400 points for the season. (An average of 25 points per game). Tannehill only needs 214 yards to reach a first of 4,000 passing yards, and if Lamar Miller gets 82 more rushing yards he will have his first 1,000 yard season also. I feel these last two milestones are attainable in this game, and here is why.

The mystery is over in Miami. For better or worse, Philbin will be back in 2015. It appears a majority of the players are happy with this oddly timed, Christmas announcement by Steven Ross. I think there will be a show of solidarity by this team. They will want to play their hearts out, now that they know Joe Philbin will be at the helm another year. They have to be relieved that they won't be auditioning for a chance to play for someone else, or somewhere else next season, if at all. The worry that there will be sweeping changes to this staff and roster, no longer exists. I believe having the weight alleviated from their shoulders will give them that extra incentive to win this one.

Remember? How the players came together during that emotional week Joe Philbin had to take a couple of days off to go see his ailing father, (whom unfortunately, passed away shortly after that visit). The Dolphins went out and literally destroyed the San Diego Chargers that Sunday in Miami and gave Joe Philbin the game ball with their condolences.

This is a jubilant Miami Dolphins football team, right now. A franchise that knows they have been given a reprieve of sorts. If the Jets have any ideas about beating the Dolphins like they did in last seasons finale while ruining the home teams high? They may have picked the wrong time to come to South Florida, and New York won't have Jet Lag to blame when they are leaving Miami with a loss.

Go Dolphins!

Miami Dolphins Beat The Minnesota Vikings 37 - 35

For the 15th game of the 2014 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins with Head Coach Joe Philbin's job on the line hosted the Minnesota Vikings.

The Dolphins spotted the Vikings seven first quarter points to go along with another second quarter touchdown and trailed 0 - 14 three and a half minutes into the second quarter. Minnesota had seven rush attempts for 27 of 54 total yards, and walked into the end zone on their first possession. They went five and out on the next series, and on the Vikings third possession they scored their second touchdown on a short field of 23 yards with a twenty one yard Teddy Bridgewater to Greg Jennings touchdown pass. The short field was the result of a Tannehill pass that was intercepted upon being released from his fingertips, on the Dolphins third play of their third touch of the ball.

Miami's first 12 play 42 yard series field goal attempt fell short of the required 56 yards while their second possession stalled on 7 plays for 37 yards at the Vikings forty four yard line. With their fourth possession, Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill went five of five for 56 yards as the Dolphins managed their lone first half seven points on a 92 yard drive in 12 plays that took 6:41 off the clock. The drive concluded on a Ryan Tannehill fourteen yard TOUCHDOWN PASS to tight end Dion Sims to draw within 7 - 14.

Cam Wake got the first sack of Bridgewater on the Vikings fourth series that went three and out. Miami's fifth touch of the ball went forty five yards on six plays, and concluded with a punt from the visitors forty six yard line. The Vikings drove 86 yards in ten plays on their fifth possession to kick a field goal, and increase the Minnesota lead to 7 - 17 as the first half ended.

Minnesota rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was 7 of 11 for 113 yards with a touchdown pass and sack. The Vikings running game produced 67 rushing yards with a touchdown on 18 attempts. Ryan Tannehill completed 16 of 24 for 160 yards with a touchdown, interception, and sack. Miami's ground game accrued 63 yards on 11 carries.

The visitors opened the third quarter with a three and out of 9 yards. Miami followed with their quarterback completing 3 of 3 passes for 53 yards on a six play 80 yard drive. The Dolphin drive concluded with a Mike Wallace extraordinary reception, and effort to dive into the end zone for Ryan Tannehill's second TOUCHDOWN PASS of the day to pull within 14 - 17.

Bridgewater suffered his second Dolphin sack of the day via Dion Jordan on the Vikings initial play. Minnesota gathered three first downs on the 46 yard drive to the Miami thirty four. Upon the third first down play Dolphin line backer Derrick Shelby snatched an offensively deflected pass at the line of scrimmage for an interception and two yard return to that Miami 36 yard line.

With 3:36 remaining in the third quarter, Lamar Miller ran for fourteen to the fifty yard line. Tannehill followed that with a 17 yard completion to Dion Sims. After a 15 yard defensive penalty, a couple rushes for a yard each that surrounded a Charles Clay reception of eleven yards at the visitors one yard line, the third quarter ended.

Let the Fireworks begin!
The games fourth quarter included Five Touchdowns (three for Miami), a Vikings field goal, four extra points, a Minnesota two point conversion, and a Dolphins Special Teams blocked punt for a two point safety! With the fourth quarters first play from the Vikings one. On third down Lamar Miller walked the ball in for the TOUCHDOWN to give Miami it's first lead of the day at 21 - 17.

Upon gathering 64 yards in nine plays that included a Randy Starks sack (Miami's third of the day), the visitors kick a 33 yard field goal for a 21 - 20 deficit.

The home team marches eighty yards in eight plays as Tannehill (with one being of forty yards to Brandon Gibson) goes 3 of 5 for 57 yards passing. Running backs Miller (6), and Damien Williams (12, 5) gather 23 yards on three attempts. The 80 yard drive finishes with Ryan Tannehills third TOUCHDOWN PASS of the day and second (14 & 7) to Mike Wallace to give the Miami Dolphins an eight point advantage at 28 - 20.

The clock has 6:39 fourth quarter clicks to go as Sturgis (who for some terribly odd reasoning is terrified to kick the ball through the end zone) kicks the ball on the ground to a short man at the 30 whom easily returns it to the Vikings forty. Five plays later Teddy Bridgewater tosses an eight yard 6 point touchdown for a 28 - 26 deficit. Minnesota decides to tie it with a two point conversion that Miami stops twice, but committed penalties upon to give the Vikings a third opportunity from the one inch line. The visitors convert the two point play to tie the game at 28 - 28.

On the two point conversion Miami commits it's third successive penalty, this one of the personal foul variety via Olivier Vernon (his second penalty of the three), and the Vikings kickoff from the fifty yard line. They kick a pop fly that allows the coverage to swarm as Jarvis Landry slips, falls, and fumbles the ball away to the opponents at the Dolphins five yard line. The next official offensive play is a Minnesota five yard run and touchdown as the Vikings have gone from eight points down to seven points up in eleven seconds for a scoreboard Dolphin disadvantage of 28 - 35.

4:35 ticks to go, and the Miami Dolphins take 3:24 to go eighty three yards in eleven plays. Ryan Tannehill completes nine of ten passes for the entire 83 yards, the connections of ten plus yards include the first pass of 22 yards to Clay, the next play of 11 to Landry with later well executed passes to Wallace of 11 and 14 yards. Tannehill finished the 83 yard drive with his fourth TOUCHDOWN PASS of the day, a three yard dart to running back Damien Williams to tie the score at 35 - 35.

The Minnesota Vikings take possession at their own 13 yard line with 71 game seconds to go. On third down Cam Wake notches his second sack, and Miami's fourth of the day to force a visiting team punt from their own eleven yard line. Rookie defensive lineman Terrance Fede swats the punt attempt into the front row of fans for a home team Special Teams safety of two points, and MIAMI DOLPHINS VICTORY of 37 - 35.

Minnesota accrued 20 first downs with 357 total yards (238 on 26 passes, and 119 on 28 rush attempts). Miami defensive lineman Derrick Shelby had an interception while Randy Starks & Dion Jordan accrued single sacks each to go along with Cam Wake's two for his season total of 11.5, and team 38th.

The Miami Dolphins totaled 36 first downs with 493 yards (377 through the air on 47 attempts, and 116 via the ground attack on 28 carries). Miami held a six plus minute time of possession advantage, and lost the turnover battle (2 - 1).

Lamar Miller romped for 92 yards on nineteen attempts with a touchdown, and had five receptions for 58 yards. Miller is 79 yards shy of 1000 for the year while scoring eight touchdowns.

Charles Clay caught six balls for 114 with a long of 41 yards.
Running back Damien Williams had six receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown.
Brandon Gibson grabbed two for 50 yards with a long of 40.
Mike Wallace snatched five balls for 58 yards with two touchdowns, his 9th and 10th of the season equaling his career high!

Ryan Tannehill whom was sacked twice connected on 35 passes, a career high, and in another best effort, he threw FOUR TOUCHDOWN PASSES! He has twenty six touchdowns to twelve interceptions for the year!

Upon the excitement of victory, Miami Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross announced that Joe Philbin will return in 2015!

A Pittsburgh Steeler win prior to the Dolphins Victory eliminated 8 - 7 Miami from the playoffs. Your Favorite Football Team closes the season at home versus the New York Jets.

Thank-You for an Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!! : ))
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to All!!


Miami Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross Finally Gets His Man ?

NOTE; This article was written with included pictures just after the loss to New England last week, and was to be posted had Miami lost to Minnesota! The Dolphins Won!

BLACK MONDAY 12-29-2014.
The NFL'S day of administrative reckoning is a week or so away, and door's are ajar!

It is beginning to appear that the Miami Dolphin owner Stephen Ross may finally be able to put his manipulative BUSINESS PROWESS to work in the NFL world through a side door.

The universe is aware that Mr. Ross is infatuated with current 48 - 22 - 1 San Francisco Head Coach Jim (Tasmanian Devil) Harbaugh, and it is looking like Ross may get his man this time around.

Oakland, and the New York Jets are interested in Harbaugh too.

The collegiate Michigan Wolverines are also in the market for a head coach, but it's cold there while the now established as one of the NFL's best coaches in Jim Harbaugh has nothing to prove at the college level.

Stephen Ross and Jim Harbaugh are both Michigan Alumni.

Ross is one of Michigan's top money donators to their overall campus' mystique as well as educational, and football programs. The Miami Dolphin owner has A LOTTT to say about who and how much the Michigan Wolverines might pay someone to be a part of their program.

The Dolphins can not currently negotiate and/or tamper with anything Harbaugh (due to NFL rules), but Michigan can.

Michigan who again, (Ross holds a ton of influential power with) has (subliminally) put a ridiculous number on the table for Harbaugh as well as his current employers to consider, (8 MILLION PER OVER 6 YEARS).

Could it be that Stephen Ross is putting his extraordinary BUSINESS PROWESS to work in an attempt to corner the market? In order to steer Jim Harbaugh toward being the head coach of his Miami Dolphins.

Harbaugh (who is under contract for one more year at 5 mill), is at serious odds with San Francisco Management, have been since their honeymoon! The Forty-Niners are demanding while hoping to get a high draft pick, or two for the rights to their head coach rather than just simply terminating his contract.

Again However.
Michigan has (subliminally) put a ridiculous number on the table that will scare the slum of Oakland and the Jets away, an offer that the Raiders, Jets, and Niners can't and won't touch. Therefore a draft pick bidding war for Harbaughs NFL rights are more than likely out of the equation. The Forty-Niners want to rid themselves of the GM's thorn. Upon the end of this season, one way or another, they will, though they would like to strong arm someone into compensation beforehand. Due to such a scenario of no bidding war amongst NFL teams. San Francisco will now need to significantly lower their high draft picks trade demands for Harbaugh, or risk his walking out the door to Michigan for nothing in return. (Subliminally)!

San Francisco Brass has bumped heads with Jim Harbaugh too many times, and they want him gone, while Harbaugh would be more than willing to jump ship a year early for the money that Michigan/(Ross) have (subliminally) put on the table.

Dolphin owner Stephen Ross' Michigan influence has all but eliminated the Raiders, Jets, and likely any other NFL team from the process.

Meanwhile, Ross as the Miami Dolphin owner,(when permitted to negotiate with Harbaugh directly) is more than willing to crush the Michigan offer to get him to Miami as the head coach. (Suggested numbers are hovering in the 10 plus million per year neighborhood) which would make Mr. Harbaugh the highest paid coach in any football venue.

Again, the egotistical Harbaugh has nothing to prove at the college level where Alabama's Nick Saban would still be making more money than him.

Could it be that the two individual entities (though bound at the hip) are working as one? Stephen Ross (due to his enormous donations to the Michigan program), and the Wolverines (in order to compensate the loyal Mr. Ross for all his much appreciated charity), as well as to keep the cash flow coming from his direction. Could it be that the two are in this game together?

The strategy, and goal to such a game is for Stephen Ross to land Jim Harbaugh as the head coach for his Miami Dolphins which would bring him more dough to donate in the future!

Way back when in 2011. Trent Baalke (a guy with 14 total years of NFL white collar experience) became the Forty-Niner General manager. He hired Harbaugh (an NFL player of 14 years, and 17 year coach). Harbaugh was happy to to get his first professional head coaching opportunity while remaining in the astounding San Francisco Bay Area that he and family had already resided in for the previous four years as the head coach of Stanford. The Forty-Niner facilities at the time was a stones throw from the Stanford Campus. Also influential toward him staying in the Bay Area was that the highly successful talent evaluator Tom Gamble was already with the SF organization. Harbaugh immediately promoted the now 28 year veteran Gamble from 7 year SF pro personnel director to player personnel director. Long time Jocks Jim Harbaugh, and Tom Gamble quickly clashed with the bookworm GM Trent Baalke. Shortly thereafter, Gamble was lured back to Philadelphia in 2013 with a promotion to Vice President of player personnel by Chip Kelly, where Tom Gamble began his career.

Stephen Ross may have been of some belief that Gamble was one of the keys that kept Harbaugh from opening the door to Miami. Ross has attempted to lure Gamble south a time or two since, and has supposedly become close with him since missing out on Harbaugh way back when. Tom Gamble is currently Philly's Vice President of player personnel while still pursuing a title of General Manager, and is very much liked by Harbaugh.

Stephen Ross may be able to honor both of their wishes this time around, in promoting Tom Gamble to a much deserved GM position, while simultaneously reuniting he and his buddy Jim Harbaugh. Tom Gamble has extensive experience in college as well as pro scouting, contract negotiations, and has also been a coach. While Dennis Hickey has done a more than admirable job in his one year with the Dolphins, and he will remain the General Manager that potentially hires his own Head Coach in Miami, Jim Harbaugh. If Gamble doesn't bite!

Current Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor came from the Eagles, so maybe Gamble likes him, though they spent just 2013 together in Philadelphia, so maybe not? Harbaugh was an NFL Quarterback who's expertise is offense, but a Head Coach needs to be a Head Coach, and an Offensive Coordinator should still be a necessary requirement!

Stephen Ross is putting some 400 million of his own money into the renovation of HIS Miami Dolphin Stadium, and the job will be completed in three to four years!

Is it possible that a Bizzillionaire that is used to winning is tired of losing?
Could Ross be putting his BUSINESS PROWESS to work in cornering the Harbaugh market? In order to assure that HIS 400 million dollar renovated stadium doesn't have a single empty seat due to a (potentially) inferior product on the field and/or sidelines.

Jim Harbaugh is a great player coach, motivator, leader, proven winner, and fan favorite (which equates to positive vibes from within as well as from afar)!

Quite honestly, he'd be every bit as likely to turn this current trend around as the present might be able to! Not suggesting that the present can't turn it around (with some key additions, and reasonable health, etc, etc). It's just that Jim Harbaugh is highly experienced as a BIG GAME Head Coach via college as well as in the NFL including two Conference titles games, and a Super Bowl appearance in his four head coaching NFL years. A proven winner, great player motivator, seat filler, fan favorite, and College Brethren to Stephen Ross!

It seems as though that business man Stephen Ross might get his man this time.

Potential Final scenario, if all else fails?
Harbaugh agrees with Michigan for 8 mill per without Miami having to relinquish a draft pick as trade compensation to San Francisco. Then during Harbaughs flight to Ann Arbor Michigan (on Stephen Ross' Private Jet) in a pre-arranged amongst all parties deal. Ross diverts the journey, and gives his Alma-Mata another crazy donation to buy out the rights to the Head Coach while giving Harbaugh an additional two plus million more than the 8 million per year offer that initially frees Jim Harbaugh from San Francisco.

If It Has To Be ?
Jim (The Tasmanian Devil) Harbaugh is the only legitimate alternative to Joe Philbin!!
Another beginner PUP is not a good option!!

THANK YOU for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view! : ))



NOTE; This article was written with included pictures just after the loss to New England, and was to be posted had Miami lost to Minnesota!
Upon an exciting victory over the Vikings!
Miami Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross announced that Joe Philbin will return in 2015!

Blatantly Dropped Deep Ball Touchdowns, and Turnovers Doom Dolphins at Patriots

Don't blame the Miami Dolphins only everyday Joe and Head Coach!

Ryan Tannehill's deep ball throws were well placed on this day! On the games first play the quarterback tossed the ball 60 yards through the air between two defenders for a 50 yard completion to Mike Wallace at the Patriots 30 yard line. Miami followed up that play with a three and out which resulted in a blocked field goal attempt that was returned 62 yards for a New England touchdown and 7 - 0 score. It was the Dolphins first blocked field goal returned for a touchdown by the opponent since 1991.

On the eighth play of Miami's second series with a third down and fifteen yards to go. Tannehill lobbed a ball 55 yards through the air to a precise spot at the Pats 15 yard line. Brian Hartline lost track of the ball due to the sun being in his eyes while had he simply continued to run forward the ball would have hit him in the face mask.

Miami punted, and on New England's 6th play of the possession, a backup to the backup linebacker Jason Trusnik intercepted Tom Brady at the Dolphins 35 yard line. The Dolphins went 60 yards in 9 plays for a 24 yard field goal, and 7 - 3 deficit with 59 first quarter seconds remaining. By quarters end, the visitors with 10 rush attempts for 49 yards had out gained the home team in total yardage by 150 to 57.

New England's first quarter ending series was halted 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter at the Miami 47 yard line, and the Dolphins fair caught the punt at their own 10. Six plays later from the Miami 45 on 3rd and 14, Tannehill threw a high pass of an intended 18 yards to Brandon Gibson that went off of his fingertips and into the arms of a Patriot defender who returned the interception 60 yards to the Dolphins 8 yard line. Three plays later the Pats walked it in from 3 yards out for a 14 - 3 lead seven minutes into the 2nd quarter.

The Dolphins returned the kickoff to their own 27, and in five plays moved it to the Patriots 35 yard line. On 3rd and 9 from the 35, Ryan Tannehill tossed another perfectly placed 42 yards through the air pass into the end zone that running back Damien Williams blatantly dropped. Caleb Sturgis kicked a 53 yard field goal to narrow the deficit to eight points at 14 - 6.

New England followed with a six & out. Then Miami had an eight & out which was prior to a Patriots three & out and punt that the Dolphins Jarvis Landry returned 32 yards to the home teams 32 yard line with eleven second quarter ticks to go. On first down, Ryan Tannehill dropped back to the 40 and threw another perfect pass down the left sideline into the end zone that Mike Wallace caught with one hand for a touchdown and 14 - 13 halftime score.

Miami's visiting Dolphins accrued 271 total first half yards to the home teams mighty New England Patriots 103. Ryan Tannehill didn't suffer a single sack, and Miami had 18 rushes for 74 yards.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the day as the Patriots came out of the tunnel with a different strategy. They proceeded to attack the Dolphins backup to the backup linebackers as well as at backup safety with tight end Rob Gronkowski (who wasn't targeted over the first half), and New England scored 27 unanswered second half points for a 41 - 13 final score.

The Pats opened the third quarter with a 3 yard touchdown run on a drive that covered 79 yards in 8 plays for a score of 21 - 13. After a Dolphin three & out, New England covered another 47 yards in ten plays for a 35 yard field goal and 24 - 13 game.

In four 3rd quarter touches of the ball Miami had 10 plays for 46 yards, and a Tannehill interception that was deflected off of Lamar Miller (due to an non-call of early contact). The interception came on first and ten from the Miami 20 on the Dolphins second 3rd quarter touch of the ball, and was returned to the Dolphin 27 yard line. On first down Brady hit Gronkowski for a 27 yard touchdown to pull away at 31 - 13.

Miami followed with another three & out which was followed by a Patriots 3 play drive of 47 yards and Brady touchdown pass of six yards to go up 38 - 13. The win or lose outcome had already been decided, but Tannehill had one last perfectly thrown touchdown pass of 35 yards through the air into the end zone that was blatantly dropped by Rishard Matthews in the 4th quarter. The Dolphins had 27 plays for 91 yards in the fourth quarter, and New England added a field goal on their second to last possession to finalize the scoreboard at 41 - 13.

After keeping Ryan Tannehill's butt clean over the first half, the Dolphins offensive line allowed four second half sacks of their quarterback! Tom Brady was not sacked on the day! Due to the Patriots increasing a one point halftime lead to 18 points in just eleven minutes on their first three 3rd quarter possessions! Miami was forced to throw the ball, and their running game gained just two second half yards on four attempts!

The Miami Dolphins with 23 first downs held the ball for 7 and a half minutes longer than New England who also converted 23 first downs. Miami's 308 via the pass and 76 on the ground to total (384 yards) had eleven fewer total yards than the Patriots (395) which included 287 pass, and 108 rushing. Ryan Tannehill went 29 of 47 with one touchdown to go along with two deflections that resulted in interceptions, and numerous receiver drops. Mike Wallace had 5 receptions for 104 yards with a touchdown, and Jarvis Landry caught 8 balls for 99 yards.

In a game with a final score Dolphin deficit of 28 points the Patriots scored 21 points off of turnovers which included a blocked field goal returned for an early touchdown lead, and two interceptions while Miami receivers blatantly dropped two perfectly placed Ryan Tannehill deep ball touchdowns in the end zone.

As suggested they'd be prior to the season, the Dolphins are 7 and 7 with two games to go. However. As suggested prior to the season that the final two games would be the deciding factor. They will not be, as the decimated by injuries Miami Dolphins have been all but mathematically eliminated from post season play.

Thank You for an Open Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!
On Behalf of The Miami Dolphins, I'm SORRY that they let you down AGAIN!! :""(( !!

For what it's worth. Whether you want to believe it or not?
Though the Dolphins may end up with a lesser record than in 2013.
The 2014 Miami Dolphins are far better than last years team, and 2015 should be spectacular with a few key additions and reasonable health!

Other than the first half of play, the only good that came from today's results was that Miami drew three spots closer to the top of the 2015 draft, and would pick 15th if the draft were tomorrow.

Here are some first round prospects that the Dolphins need to target.

True double coverage requiring number one receivers to free up Mike Wallace.
Amari Cooper Alabama (Heisman Runner Up)
Kevin White West Virginia
Devante Parker Louisville
Jaelan Strong Arizona State

Offensive Left Tackle so that Ju'Waun James can play his natural right tackle spot.
Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame

Offensive Lineman Right Tackle/Guard
La'el Collins LSU

Defensive End/OLB/Pass rusher extraordinaire
Shane Ray Missouri
Vic Beasley Clemson

Corner Back
P.J. Williams FSU

Running Back
Melvin Gordon Wisconsin (Heisman third place runner up)

Round Two.
Line Backers
Bernardrick McKinney Mississippi State
Denzel Perryman The U

Corner Backs
Trae Waynes Michigan State
Ronald Darby FSU
Alex Carter Stanford

Offensive Tackle
T.J Clemmings Pittsburgh
Ereck Flowers The U

Offensive Guard
Arie Kouandjio Alabama
Josue Matias FSU

Wide Receiver
Sammie Coates Auburn
Dorial Green-Beckham Oklahoma

BRING-ON APRIL, and fast !!

Baltimore Ravens Poop On Miami Dolphins Playoff Hopes

Coming into week fourteen of the 2014 NFL season, though tied with five other teams at 7 - 5. The Miami Dolphins were ranked as the AFC's final 6th seed playoff team and in control of their own destiny.

In a head to head three game swing scenario Miami hosted the 7 - 5 Baltimore Ravens, and lost 28 - 13. The game started out well with the Ravens first three possessions going three and out as the Dolphins scored on their two first quarter series. Miami's first touch resulted in a 46 yard field goal. Their second drive covered 66 yards on 11 plays, and ended with a three yard Ryan Tannehill to Brian Hartline Touchdown for a 0 - 10 Miami lead at first quarters end.

On Baltimore's fourth series they drove 74 yards to the Miami twelve yard line. On third and seven, insurance agent/seventh string corner back/starter RJ Stanford claimed an end zone interception of Joe Flacco, and the Dolphins took possession of the Ravens belongings.

Some invisible lost yardage (via referee) hurt this Dolphins drive from their own 20 yard line while on four rushes and an incompletion they drove to their own 42. On second down with 10 yards to go Tannehill rolled right and hit Mike Wallace on a beautifully placed lazor, and sliding catch for a gain of 31 yards to the Ravens 27 yard line. The play was nullified by an illegal-lineman down field penalty, and cost Miami huge momentum as well as a first down in scoring range with an opportunity to add to their already 0 - 10 lead. Tannehill was sacked on the following play at his own 37 which resulted in an insurmountable 3rd and 26 which led to a 4th down punt.

Former Buffalo Bill, and well known Dolphin detractor turned CBS analyst Steve Tasker suggested the call to be ridiculous as the lineman was only a legal one yard beyond the line of scrimmage. The Ravens took the punt while closing the half with a 97 yard drive in twelve plays, and one yard Flacco to Steve Smith touchdown to pull within 7 - 10 upon going to the tunnel.

Despite several dropped balls by the men in white, and dropped calls by the men in stripes the Dolphins are winning. The Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco had accrued just 132 passing yards on 14 of 19 attempts with a touchdown and interception, while their running game has gathered 60 yards rushing on 12 carries. Tannehill is 10 of 14 for 88 yards with two sacks and a touchdown (his 21st for the year to just 9 interceptions) as Miami has 53 net yards rushing on 12 attempts.

The Ravens changed their second half pass defense philosophy, and decide to sit on the Dolphins short routes while daring Miami to go deep, but those designed deep plays resulted in four second half sacks (via the offensive line) long before the plays were able to develop.

Miami opened the third quarter with a 6 play 20 yard series that was stalled by two offensive line false start penalties on first downs, and another (according to Tasker) phantom flag of illegal lineman down field during a Tannehill to Jarvis Landry completion of 13 yards on first and fifteen. Baltimore replies with an 11 play 75 yard touchdown drive to take a 14 - 10 third quarter lead.

Heart Breaking momentum swings are beginning to take their toll on the Miami psyche.
The Dolphins next touch of the ball ends in 5 plays on a third and three from the Ravens 48 with a sack of Tannehill, and punt on fourth & nine. With 3:07 third quarter ticks to go Baltimore takes control at their own six yard line. On third and ten Miami's Olivier Vernon sacks Flacco with his knee touching down one yard deep into the end zone for what appeared to be a momentum changing safety, but with a beyond downed Flacco final lunge from his knee's the refs suggest that the ball cleared the goal line, and the visitors snap the ball from their own one to punt.

The Dolphins take control of the ball at the Ravens 48 yard line. A third and five Tannehill completion to Landry for 20 yards ends the third quarter at Baltimore's 18 yard line. The following play is a short toss to tight end Charles Clay who scampers through a multitude of defenders down the sidelines for 14 yards to the Ravens four and a Miami first down. Lamar Miller is stuffed for minus two on first down, starting Center Samson Satele is injured and Mike Pouncey steps in. On second down Pouncey's replacement at guard is hit with a false start penalty that pushes the home team back to the visitors eleven. On third and 11 Tannehill is sacked for another minus five yards, and the Dolphins are forced to kick a 34 yard field goal to close the scoreboard deficit to 14 - 13.

Through the third quarter the Miami (porous of late) rush defense has held the visitors to 75 yards on 17 carries, but the Ravens can see that Miami's numerous misfortunes on both sides of the ball are breaking them down mentally. With 12:41 remaining in the game on just two rush attempts for one yard, Baltimore passes it's way down to the Dolphins two yard line in seven plays for 78 yards. On the eighth play the home teams bubble was busted one last psyche altering time as Cam Wake sacked Flacco who fumbled the ball to Miami according to the call on the field. The replay (according to the referees) suggested that the play be reversed. On the ninth play the Ravens ran the ball for a two yard touchdown, and 21 - 13 advantage.

It was over! Miami was physically and mentally broken with 8:09 ticks to go, and replied with a three and out that included another sack of Tannehill! To make matters worse, starting safety Louis Delmas went down with what appeared to be a season ending injury on the first play of the Ravens next drive. With six minutes remaining Baltimore didn't bother to attack the Dolphins severely diminished pass defense. They simply rushed the ball for 81 yards in seven plays for another one yard touchdown run to finalize the score of 28 - 13.

Ryan Tannehill was sacked for a sixth time on the Dolphins final 5 plays for 33 yards touch of the ball, and the Ravens had one last final series rush attempt of 27 yards. The Dolphins had held the Ravens rushing attack to 75 yards through three quarters, but upon a final straw being thrown onto their back, Miami allowed 108 yards via the feet on Baltimore's final two possessions.

Tannehill was 23 of 33 for 227 yards, with a touchdown pass, and the Dolphins rushed the ball just 4 times for 10 yards in the second half to total 63 yards on 16 carries for the game. Flacco was sacked one time in 60 minutes while completing 25 of 33 attempts for 269 yards with two touchdowns passes, and the Ravens ended up with 198 more net offensive yards than their host with 120 being that of the 31 attempt rush attack!

""Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs?""
Due to the Dolphin loss. The previously trailing (7 - 5) field of today's (now 8 - 5) winners include Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and (7 - 6) Houston who have all leap frogged the home team in the AFC standings and detoured Miami to the 9th seed. Currently 7 - 6 Buffalo, Cleveland, and Kansas City remain behind 7 - 6 Miami while all are (one game behind the presently fifth seeded) 8 - 5 Pittsburgh Steelers, and sixth seeded 8 - 5 San Diego Chargers (who Miami holds a one on one, head to head tiebreaker advantage on). .

AFC North leader Cincinnati dropped to 8 - 4 - 1 in a home loss to inner division rival Pittsburgh. Suddenly! The Miami Dolphins are no longer in control of their own Wild Card playoff destiny as they (if able to end even with) would presently lose playoff tiebreaker scenario's to the Ravens, Steelers, and Texans. Meanwhile, the Bengals have a tie under their belt which is suggestive that the Dolphins would have to end the season with an (outright) better overall record than at least 3 of the 4 most recently mentioned teams in order to potentially get a glimpse of post season play.

Stranger things have happened, but Miami travels to (10 - 3) New England next week while two games of disturbing note have the Ravens hosting the (2 - 11) Jaguars, and Chiefs entertaining the (2 - 11) Raiders. Pittsburgh goes to 5 - 7 Atlanta, Houston goes to 9 - 4 Indianapolis, San Diego host the 10 - 3 Denver Bronco's, and Cincinnati goes to Cleveland (who Miami will need to win) as they themselves will absolutely need to win.

Not looking good folks, Raven Poop has stained the Dolphins recently shinning veneer.

Thank You for a Open-Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!

BEAT the Patriots, Vikings, and Jets, or start thinking about 2015!!


Dolphins Deep Passing Game Arrives - Raven Review

Miami Dolphin middle linebacker Koa Misi and the rest of the front seven are on notice. The Ravens have seen the tape and know Zach Thomas is no longer in the middle of the Miami defense. Baltimore’s 5th ranked rushing offense will attempt to exploit the weakness exposed in two previous games. Joe Flacco may not be Peyton Manning, but his 93 passer rating and 16th ranked passing offense are a much greater threat than Geno Smith and the hapless Jets.

The the Miami defensive line may end up telling the story of this game when they are left to fend for themselves as the LBs and DBs must back off the line. Cortland Finnegan is a game time decision after being limited in practice and Jamar Taylor is out with a separated shoulder, leaving Miami precariously thin at corner. RJ Stanford and Jimmy Wilson are the only available CBs if Finnegan cannot go.

The NFL is fond of the term “next man up,” but when the next man was preparing to take his insurance sales exam two weeks ago, things are not good. It could be another week of conceding big rushing yards with the consolation of allowing only 13 points as the Miami defense did in defeating the Jets. Issues in the secondary should tempt offenses into airing it out, but a productive running game is difficult for any NFL team to abandon. Denver was able to exploit the Miami secondary when it needed to in the fourth quarter and Baltimore may look to do the same.

It places the onus on the Dolphin offense to be more productive leaving Ryan Tannehill and the Miami receivers a very active part of Sunday’s game plan. The Ravens are ranked 16th defensively, but 30th against the pass, a weakness Miami will look to exploit. The Dolphins lead the NFL in redzone attempts, but barely 50% have resulted in touchdowns. Touchdowns will be critical in keeping pace with the Ravens.

December is the month when playoff teams separate themselves from the pack and both teams need a victory to keep pace. At 7-5 the Dolphins are at the same stage they arrived at the past two seasons before melting down and out of the playoffs. A little more confidence has been flowing from Dolphins camp this season and that solidarity was evident in beating New York while playing an awful game.

There will be off-weeks in every season and some teams manage to come out of those stinkers smelling rosy. It was not so for Miami in recent seasons and perhaps an ugly victory can do more for the psyche than a blowout. Winning is as much about attitude as it is about talent or scheming and the Dolphins showed they can play ugly and still walk out smiling. The Jets wanted nothing more than to ruin a Miami playoff run but the Dolphins came away victorious.

Miami will have the comforts of its own surroundings with some warm muggy air to greet the Ravens Sunday. Denver exploits its home field advantage very well as the Dolphins breathlessly found out in the final quarter. Make no mistake, Miami can be a tough place to play for those not acclimated to the climate. This was an advantage Shula used for years and his victory total is proof of its validity. Time to welcome Baltimore to the sunshine state.

This is a game the Dolphins can win, but they must accept the weakness of their own CB situation and play within those confines. Expect a similar game plan, LBs dropping to help in coverage leaving open running lanes. As the field begins to shrink this type of defense becomes much more difficult to exploit. Miami will take giving up yards as long as the score remains within reach. “Rope a dope” as one of our favorite readers proclaimed.

We must score, that means no showboating one handed attempts at easy TD catches.  A shootout does not favor Miami,
but Tannehill will have a career game. Miller left and Miller right with short passes to Landry will begin the show to get the juices flowing. Yet, this is the week the Dolphin coaching staff hands the ball to Ryan Tannehill.

At some point Ryan Tannehill is going to complete at least 3 passes for over 50 yards in a single game, it is inevitable. This is the game it will happen.

The Miami deep pass will makes its appearance this week and the NFL will be on notice...

The Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill have arrived.

Ugly Game Becomes Attractive Upon Last Call

A Miami Dolphin Post Game Piece by Tony Nicoletti.

As the expression goes, "The Boys/Girls always get better looking right around closing time at the bar". So was this night when the Miami Dolphins came to play the New York Jets.

It started out as a sloppy, boring, Monday night game, and the ugly parts are as follows.

Unfortunately, Denver paved the way for subsequent teams to try and use the same, "run heavy" approach that proved to be successful against Miami last week.

As many feared, old Rex Ryan pulled every running gadget play he could think of in the first half to keep the Dolphins reeling. These Jets just happened to already have the 5th best running game in the league, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that they would try to employ a similar strategy.

It worked very well for the first two quarters of the game. It helped New York jump out to an early lead with a 20 yard touch down run in the first quarter. By the time the first quarter was half way over, the home team had -2 yards passing, and 102 yards rushing. They also got a 47 yard run during that first half from Chris Johnson a 2009 two thousand yard running back for the Tennessee Titans . (CJ would wind up with 105 yards on 17 carries for the evening, as well).
The Score: NYJETS 7, MIAMI 0.

On the Dolphins second series they moved the ball down field from their own 18 to the Jets 25 yard line, (mostly on Tannehill's passing and his 10 yard run) but Sturgis missed the stalled drives 43 yard field goal attempted wide left.

The Jets followed that up with a successful field goal, early in the second quarter on their third possession of the game. Starting from their own 34 yard line and ending up on Miami's 22 yard line with all of their 9 plays being runs. At that point they had run the ball 12 straight plays and had racked up 152 yards on the ground with 19 yards through the air!
The score: NYJETS 10, MIAMI 0.

After Miami follows with a three and out, NY marches down the field once again, but missed a 48 yard field goal to keep the score at 10 to 0. The drive began on their 6 and ended on the Dolphin 30 yard line. They have run a total of 14 straight running plays and have 205 yards rushing, and Geno Smith has completed 3 of 6 passes for 22 yards.

At the very end of the first half, Miami finally tie's a pink ribbon around a muddy Sow's neck by getting a field goal The drive began on the Dolphins own 38 and was halted on the Jets 25 yard line. Ryan Tannehill did connect on a nice 20 yard pass to tight end Dion Sims during the drive.
The Score: NYJETS 10, MIAMI 3.

Regardless, the stats are looking butt ugly for the visitors over the first half of play. The unsightly first half totals are such.

Time of possession: New York 17:38 to Miami's 12:22.

The Dolphins looked good passing the ball, though:
Tannehill was 15 of 19 (almost a 79% completion percentage) for 128 yards while Geno Smith had the same 3 completions on 6 attempts for 22 yards mentioned earlier.

Miami only ran the ball 3 times for 15 yards. (10 of which were Ryan Tannehill's).
The Jets ran the ball 29 times for 210 yards, the most in a single half of play by any team in the last 5 years!

Fortunately, there were no turn overs by either team in the first half.

During Miami's opening series of the third quarter they marched from their own 25, only to stall on the Jets 26 yard line. The drive ended on a deep pass that Mike Wallace dropped in the end zone. Dolphin running back Lamar Miller had 4 carries for 21 yards on the series which was more yardage than Miami had accrued over the entire first half on the ground. It appeared as though the Dolphin running game might be picking up steam, though they ended up settling for a Sturgis 44 yard field goal.
The Score: NYJETS 10, MIAMI 6.

The Dolphins have been very good at making half time adjustments this season. Especially on offense. Miami is supposed to be the most successful team in the NFL when it comes to scoring in the third quarter. Second half expectations were to see some good offensive adjustments by offensive coordinator Bill Lazor which at this point, seemed to become the case. Miami was moving the ball much better on the ground while Tannehill continued to be effective through the air. The Dolphins now have 162 yards passing and 36 yards rushing.

But what was really most anticipated was to witness the Dolphin defense finding a way to counter the juggernaut that was the Jets rushing attack.

New York's first possession of the second half started on their own 40 yard line because Miami kicker Caleb Sturgis squandered the kickoff out of bounds. Once again the Jets are able to move the ball down the field 33 yards, (this time with the help of a 20 yard Smith pass on a third and 5 play). Miami finally stopped them on a 3rd and 1 at the Dolphin 27 yard line by stuffing a running play for zero yardage, and short of the first down marker. The ball actually came out on the play but the Jets recovered it, and kicked a 45 yard field goal that hit the crossbar, yet still went through the uprights.
The Score: NYJETS 13, MIAMI 6.

Miami gets the ball on their own 22 yard line but go 3 and out. The Dolphins punt it away to New York, and they go 3 and out as well, (for the first time in the game). Dolphin defensive end Dion Jordan partially blocks their punt attempt, it only travels 6 yards before being downed at the Jets 41 yard line, and Miami takes over with the best starting field position they've had all day.

On the first play from scrimmage an under serious duress Tannehill tosses a short pass that was intended for Lamar Miller, but somehow the ball bounces up in the air off of Miller's two palms and is intercepted. New York corner back Darrin Walls catches it and runs it back 25 yards from the Jet 45 yard line to Miami's 30. However, the Jets do not get anywhere on the ground, (for a change) and Smith also gets sacked by Cam Wake on third down for an 8 yard loss. This effectively puts the home team out of field goal range after another three and out!

Miami's subsequent possession takes the game into the fourth quarter when the Dolphins again have to kick it away, after just 5 plays. (So much for Miami being a big third quarter scoring team). But there seems to be a theme developing here, and this is where things start looking good for the visitors.

After 3 quarters of play, Miami has a total of 201 yards, (149 yards passing and 52 yards rushing) while the Jets have 267 total yards, (34 yards passing and 233 yards on the ground). New York has only gotten 23 yards rushing and 12 yards passing during the third quarter.

It seems as though Dolphin defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle has also made some effective adjustments to start the second half. He has gone to an 8 or 9 man defensive front when the Jets have shown a single or double running back set, (respectively). It has slowed New York down considerably and forced them to throw the ball more. (Note that all three Dolphin defensive levels are in on this tackle, Wake/Misi/Jones)!

Anyway. Miami manages to pin them deep in their own territory where Geno almost fumbles the ball away at New York's 5 yard line. After a 3 and out they kick the ball from their 4 yard line to their own 49. The Jets commit a 10 yard holding penalty during the kick which gives the Dolphins a second possession starting on the oppositions side of the 50 yard line. This time on the home teams 39 yard line with 12:52 remaining in the game and the score still at 13 to 6 in their favor.

Tannehill does not waste the opportunity and immediately hits Landry on a crossing route over the middle for a 25 yard gain to the Jets 14 yard line. Then Ryan runs for 5 yards, himself. Miller runs for 3 and 2 yards before Tannehill throws an incomplete pass to Gibson. On third and 4, Miller runs it in from 4 yards out to tie it up.
The Score: NYJETS 13, MIAMI 13.

The Jets get the ball back with 10:24 left to play in regulation. They have good field position on their own 39 yard line to start. Geno Smith scrambles twice, the first for 13, and the second for 5 yards. New York managed to work their way down the field on mostly, short running plays, (aside from Johnson's 13 yard scamper). They wind up with a first and 10 on Miami's 22 yard line. Percy Harvin gets 4 yards. Chris Johnson gets -1, and then Smith gets sacked for an 8 yard loss by Miami linebacker Koa Misi, back on the 27 yard line. This lost yardage is just enough for Nick Folk to miss his second field goal on the day. (A 45 yard attempt).

Miami now has the ball back with 5:42 left in the game. The score is tied and momentum has obviously swung their way. From their own 35 yard line they start moving down field. Tannehill connects with tight end Sims on a deep pass of 18 yards, and a short toss that nets 17 yards. Miller runs for 8, 3, 3, -2 yards and has a 5 yard reception to move them to the Jets 8 yard line. Surgis kicks the 26 yard, go ahead field goal with only 1:57 left for the Jets to mount a come back.
The Score: NYJETS 13, MIAMI 16.

Geno Smith starts from his own 20 yard line and completes two passes for 10 and 11 yards, (sandwiching an incomplete pass). He scrambles to get a yard and they have another run for 2 yards. On his 4th passing attempt of the drive, (from his own 44 yard line) he throws deep for Jeff Cumberland at the Miami 30 yard line, but is intercepted by Dolphin safety Rashad Jones!

GAME OVER! This was the least attractive win of the season for our Miami Dolphins. But in the end, they showed some rather attractive attributes.


Tannehill going 25 of 35 for 217 yards and 1 INT. This 71.4 completion percentage is his 5th consecutive 70+% outing (a Miami Dolphin record), and 7th of this season.

Ryan wasn't great in the early going, (though his first half stats showed him completing almost 80 percent of his passes). Meanwhile, he also brought his team back in the fourth quarter in driving them to score 10 unanswered points to win the game.

The Dolphin defense finally closed out a close game with a drive stopping interception and limited the Jets running attack to just 67 yards on 20 attempts in the second half. (After being steam rolled in the first half for 210 yards on 29 carries). A shame that they couldn't make such an adjustment sooner! But Miami did hold the Jets to just 3 points in the second half and scoreless in the fourth quarter.

After 3 attempts in the first half for 15 yards Miami's offense manages to balance their attack in the second half with an additional 59 yards on 15 carries and 10 of 16 passes for 107 yards.

Despite more adjustments and shuffling on the offensive line the Dolphins only allowed two sacks, all game long against a very good Jets defensive front.

Yes. This was a pretty ugly win. A, "Coyote Ugly" affair, at that. (We have all heard how a Coyote will chew a paw off to get out of a trap). Well......after Sturgis missed that first field goal of 43 yards in this trap game, Dolphin Nation was willing to volunteer sticking his kicking foot in such a trap.

Let's just be happy that such a hideous attempt didn't become an omen for uglier things to come and that it isn't always necessary to win so.......pretty.

The 7 - 5 Miami Dolphins are presently the AFC's sixth seed in a six seed playoff chase with the 7 - 5 Baltimore Ravens coming to town!

There are four additional 7 - 5 teams (Chiefs, Steelers, Browns, and Bills) tailgating your favorite team!

San Diego's Chargers are currently the AFC's fifth seed at 8 - 4, and if able to pull even Miami wins the tie-breaker!


Miami Dolphins at Jets Monday Night Game Chat

A win would put Miami back in the thick of the AFC wild card hunt. Cross your fingers.