Miami Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross Finally Gets His Man ?

NOTE; This article was written with included pictures just after the loss to New England last week, and was to be posted had Miami lost to Minnesota! The Dolphins Won!

BLACK MONDAY 12-29-2014.
The NFL'S day of administrative reckoning is a week or so away, and door's are ajar!

It is beginning to appear that the Miami Dolphin owner Stephen Ross may finally be able to put his manipulative BUSINESS PROWESS to work in the NFL world through a side door.

The universe is aware that Mr. Ross is infatuated with current 48 - 22 - 1 San Francisco Head Coach Jim (Tasmanian Devil) Harbaugh, and it is looking like Ross may get his man this time around.

Oakland, and the New York Jets are interested in Harbaugh too.

The collegiate Michigan Wolverines are also in the market for a head coach, but it's cold there while the now established as one of the NFL's best coaches in Jim Harbaugh has nothing to prove at the college level.

Stephen Ross and Jim Harbaugh are both Michigan Alumni.

Ross is one of Michigan's top money donators to their overall campus' mystique as well as educational, and football programs. The Miami Dolphin owner has A LOTTT to say about who and how much the Michigan Wolverines might pay someone to be a part of their program.

The Dolphins can not currently negotiate and/or tamper with anything Harbaugh (due to NFL rules), but Michigan can.

Michigan who again, (Ross holds a ton of influential power with) has (subliminally) put a ridiculous number on the table for Harbaugh as well as his current employers to consider, (8 MILLION PER OVER 6 YEARS).

Could it be that Stephen Ross is putting his extraordinary BUSINESS PROWESS to work in an attempt to corner the market? In order to steer Jim Harbaugh toward being the head coach of his Miami Dolphins.

Harbaugh (who is under contract for one more year at 5 mill), is at serious odds with San Francisco Management, have been since their honeymoon! The Forty-Niners are demanding while hoping to get a high draft pick, or two for the rights to their head coach rather than just simply terminating his contract.

Again However.
Michigan has (subliminally) put a ridiculous number on the table that will scare the slum of Oakland and the Jets away, an offer that the Raiders, Jets, and Niners can't and won't touch. Therefore a draft pick bidding war for Harbaughs NFL rights are more than likely out of the equation. The Forty-Niners want to rid themselves of the GM's thorn. Upon the end of this season, one way or another, they will, though they would like to strong arm someone into compensation beforehand. Due to such a scenario of no bidding war amongst NFL teams. San Francisco will now need to significantly lower their high draft picks trade demands for Harbaugh, or risk his walking out the door to Michigan for nothing in return. (Subliminally)!

San Francisco Brass has bumped heads with Jim Harbaugh too many times, and they want him gone, while Harbaugh would be more than willing to jump ship a year early for the money that Michigan/(Ross) have (subliminally) put on the table.

Dolphin owner Stephen Ross' Michigan influence has all but eliminated the Raiders, Jets, and likely any other NFL team from the process.

Meanwhile, Ross as the Miami Dolphin owner,(when permitted to negotiate with Harbaugh directly) is more than willing to crush the Michigan offer to get him to Miami as the head coach. (Suggested numbers are hovering in the 10 plus million per year neighborhood) which would make Mr. Harbaugh the highest paid coach in any football venue.

Again, the egotistical Harbaugh has nothing to prove at the college level where Alabama's Nick Saban would still be making more money than him.

Could it be that the two individual entities (though bound at the hip) are working as one? Stephen Ross (due to his enormous donations to the Michigan program), and the Wolverines (in order to compensate the loyal Mr. Ross for all his much appreciated charity), as well as to keep the cash flow coming from his direction. Could it be that the two are in this game together?

The strategy, and goal to such a game is for Stephen Ross to land Jim Harbaugh as the head coach for his Miami Dolphins which would bring him more dough to donate in the future!

Way back when in 2011. Trent Baalke (a guy with 14 total years of NFL white collar experience) became the Forty-Niner General manager. He hired Harbaugh (an NFL player of 14 years, and 17 year coach). Harbaugh was happy to to get his first professional head coaching opportunity while remaining in the astounding San Francisco Bay Area that he and family had already resided in for the previous four years as the head coach of Stanford. The Forty-Niner facilities at the time was a stones throw from the Stanford Campus. Also influential toward him staying in the Bay Area was that the highly successful talent evaluator Tom Gamble was already with the SF organization. Harbaugh immediately promoted the now 28 year veteran Gamble from 7 year SF pro personnel director to player personnel director. Long time Jocks Jim Harbaugh, and Tom Gamble quickly clashed with the bookworm GM Trent Baalke. Shortly thereafter, Gamble was lured back to Philadelphia in 2013 with a promotion to Vice President of player personnel by Chip Kelly, where Tom Gamble began his career.

Stephen Ross may have been of some belief that Gamble was one of the keys that kept Harbaugh from opening the door to Miami. Ross has attempted to lure Gamble south a time or two since, and has supposedly become close with him since missing out on Harbaugh way back when. Tom Gamble is currently Philly's Vice President of player personnel while still pursuing a title of General Manager, and is very much liked by Harbaugh.

Stephen Ross may be able to honor both of their wishes this time around, in promoting Tom Gamble to a much deserved GM position, while simultaneously reuniting he and his buddy Jim Harbaugh. Tom Gamble has extensive experience in college as well as pro scouting, contract negotiations, and has also been a coach. While Dennis Hickey has done a more than admirable job in his one year with the Dolphins, and he will remain the General Manager that potentially hires his own Head Coach in Miami, Jim Harbaugh. If Gamble doesn't bite!

Current Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor came from the Eagles, so maybe Gamble likes him, though they spent just 2013 together in Philadelphia, so maybe not? Harbaugh was an NFL Quarterback who's expertise is offense, but a Head Coach needs to be a Head Coach, and an Offensive Coordinator should still be a necessary requirement!

Stephen Ross is putting some 400 million of his own money into the renovation of HIS Miami Dolphin Stadium, and the job will be completed in three to four years!

Is it possible that a Bizzillionaire that is used to winning is tired of losing?
Could Ross be putting his BUSINESS PROWESS to work in cornering the Harbaugh market? In order to assure that HIS 400 million dollar renovated stadium doesn't have a single empty seat due to a (potentially) inferior product on the field and/or sidelines.

Jim Harbaugh is a great player coach, motivator, leader, proven winner, and fan favorite (which equates to positive vibes from within as well as from afar)!

Quite honestly, he'd be every bit as likely to turn this current trend around as the present might be able to! Not suggesting that the present can't turn it around (with some key additions, and reasonable health, etc, etc). It's just that Jim Harbaugh is highly experienced as a BIG GAME Head Coach via college as well as in the NFL including two Conference titles games, and a Super Bowl appearance in his four head coaching NFL years. A proven winner, great player motivator, seat filler, fan favorite, and College Brethren to Stephen Ross!

It seems as though that business man Stephen Ross might get his man this time.

Potential Final scenario, if all else fails?
Harbaugh agrees with Michigan for 8 mill per without Miami having to relinquish a draft pick as trade compensation to San Francisco. Then during Harbaughs flight to Ann Arbor Michigan (on Stephen Ross' Private Jet) in a pre-arranged amongst all parties deal. Ross diverts the journey, and gives his Alma-Mata another crazy donation to buy out the rights to the Head Coach while giving Harbaugh an additional two plus million more than the 8 million per year offer that initially frees Jim Harbaugh from San Francisco.

If It Has To Be ?
Jim (The Tasmanian Devil) Harbaugh is the only legitimate alternative to Joe Philbin!!
Another beginner PUP is not a good option!!

THANK YOU for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view! : ))



NOTE; This article was written with included pictures just after the loss to New England, and was to be posted had Miami lost to Minnesota!
Upon an exciting victory over the Vikings!
Miami Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross announced that Joe Philbin will return in 2015!