2015 Miami Dolphins Imaginary Schedule Against Actual Opponents

In an attempted leap from Chicken-Little to fun mode for all. I've taken the liberty to devise a facsimile of how The Miami Dolphins 2015 schedule might look once those in charge are done counting their money. The National Football Leagues schedule makers usually come to their final assessments in the spring, after all the jumping off of bridges into the rivers of ice have already taken their toll of 31 teams severely disappointed fans. Consider this a life preserver, though it has no rope, it'll keep you afloat!

Now of course it's entirely unknown which games will come when, or if a particular game might be a prime time Nationally televised event (which adds intensity to such games of possibility), but the who's and where Miami plays in 2015 are factual.

There is one game of note that has it's date and time set in stone. On week four, Sunday, October 4th at 9:30 AM EST, the Dolphins will host the New York Jets at London's Wembley Stadium which is followed with the BYE week. Those facts had to be worked around while fairly sprinkling in other required home and away contest.

In a seventh scenario, an attempt came together that would get the Dolphins most noted AFC competition to visit the breath taking humidity of Southern Florida in September, October, and even into mid November which would help factor into an advantageous start while catching such teams before they find their cardio-conditioning, and/or groove. The downfall would be three potential late season games in the snow at Divisional opponents in late November thru December which would be a good tune-up for a January playoff football atmosphere.

A 2015 Miami Dolphin schedule facsimile against actual opponents at actual venues, though the dates will change in order to protect the guilty. The Dolphins weren't permitted back to back weeks at home when it still counted in 2014 while New England had a mid-season five week stretch when they slept in their own beds, amongst their family members, and didn't have to jump on a single cross country airplane. The Pats won all of their games during that segment of the season!

This is a test, this is only a test, if this were an actual emergency, you would be notified of when and what channel to tune to. The sky is not falling, IGNORE THE SIRENS, now go and try to have some fun!


1) at Jacksonville

2) vs Indy

3) at Tennessee

4) vs New York Jets (Wembley Stadium London, Sunday, October 4th 9:30 AM EST.)

5) BYE

6) vs New England

7) at Washington

8) at Philadelphia

9) vs Buffalo

10) vs Baltimore

11) at San Diego

12) at New York Jets

13) vs New York Giants

14) at Buffalo

15) vs Dallas

16) vs Houston

17) at New England

Is this a scenario you might hope for? What would be ideal for you, and our Miami Dolphins come spring time's actual release of the schedule? Miami is playing these teams at these venues, it's just a matter of when! 2014 is history! Sooo, What MIGHT be your prognostication for a restocked reasonably healthy Dolphin team record in 2015?

Just a little tension reliever, and/or floatee to strap around your biceps until something else come's about. Needed a new piece and/or place for comments. Meanwhile, free agency list of preferred targets at every position have already been established, but require far more extensive research before the March opening of free agency.

Thanks for an Open-Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view!