The Miami Dolphins Need A True Number One Receiver, (at the least)!

With or without Mike Wallace?

In the case that the 6 foot, 200 pound, 4.33 forty running Mike Wallace is to be discarded?
There are a few speedster types of note in the pending free agency period that will be covered after this weeks combine. Their names are Jeremy Maclin, Kenny Britt, and the likely unattainable Randall Cobb who like Jarvis Landry is a thriving slot receiver that is also a highly capable number two, outside receiver option.

Here are a few DRAFT COMBINE participating, second or third round projected speedsters that would perfectly fill the potentially voided speed of Mike Wallace. While none are of the One Trick Pony variety,(Nor is Mike Wallace anymore). However. A far cheaper draft version could very possibly be just around the bend.

3) Sammie Coates 6 - 2, 213 Auburn Tiger Jr. is this years chiseled freak that will shock and awe onlookers. He's big & tall yet clocks-in as the drafts third fastest prospect overall at 4.36. Coates is a raw, yet strong talent with blazing speed, he will test great which hasn't quite transferred to the field at the same extent. His production has been decent, but could be great with better execution of patterns, mental fortitude, and a dabb'a'stick'em.

2) Phillip Dorsett 5 - 10, 183 Miami Hurricane Sr. is this drafts fastest player at 4.32. He is a Miami native with good to great all around receiver skills, work ethics, morals, and character. (See Devin Smith). Though trailing Smith to the End Zone by a score of 30 to 17, and 300 or so yards at the college level. Dorsett is a slightly smaller, slightly faster, more explosive, exact replica from the two, or three spot to an opposing defenses coverage nightmare.

1) Devin Smith 6 - 0, 190 Ohio State Buckeye Sr. runs a 4.38 forty and is quick to get open at the line of scrimmage. As well. (Though his routes need tweaking), his feet and hips offer a serious wiggle to quickly create space on short to intermediate patterns. This ability to create instant separation eventually leads to him blowing a defender out of his shoes with his outright over the top speed. He can score from anywhere on the field, and covering him requires an equally fleet of foot defender, or their damn sure better be a safety over the top.

All three of the above have professed to be shooting for a sub 4.3 forty this weekend.

With or without Mike Wallace!

In either case for The Miami Dolphins. A true number one receiver needs to be of the tall, big, strong, fast, athletic, smart, do'it'all variety. A player with a distinction of ultimate importance that the opposition has to game plan against with multiple defenders on every play. A guy that can be a threat at all levels of the field while opening zones for the single coverage drawing, primary targets in Miami's offensive scheme.

This six foot three-plus, two hundred and ten-plus pound man of men would be defensively identified as Miami's Number One Receiver. This doesn't mean that he would necessarily be the Dolphins receptions leader, just that he can be a highly productive threat at all levels. Such a bulls-eye would also be the one to draw double and triple coverage away from the preferred zones of Jarvis Landry, or a Mike Wallace and/or his potential replacement of a similarly proficient skill set.

Mike Wallace is a true number two receiver with blazing speed being his most important to Miami asset. Jarvis Landry is likely to be the Dolphins receptions leader for as long as Miami can hold onto him as their number three slot receiver while he also has the ability to be productive at the outside number two spot. Both Landry, and a Wallace type player are the perfect complements to a True Number One Receiver, and Vice-Versa. To have all three and/or a facsimile of would offer quite the dilemma for an opposing defense. Let-Alone a productive Tight End, and Running Back already being in the mix.

In a league of thirty two teams, twenty of the participants Number One Receivers are at least 6 - 3 while carrying a minimum weight of 210 pounds. In the case of those 20 receivers, they are also their teams most productive receivers, and most are stars of the league. A few teams number one, and number two receivers are both at, if not towering above the 75 inch barometer. Every remaining team (other than a couple along with Miami) has at least one of these statuesque receivers on their active game day roster.

Proof in the pudding that the Dolphins are aware of this BIG need lay in the fact that somewhere along the way since his release on October 9th, 2014 from Dallas. The Dolphins signed a 2012 un-drafted free agent receiver LaRon Byrd who happens to be 6 - 4 while carrying 220 pounds. On December 16th, 2014, Miami signed another big guy of 6 - 3, 220, a first year player by the name of Gerrell Robinson. Byrd has spent a moment or two with four organizations previous to Miami while the Dolphins are Robinson's third chance. Neither player has yet to do anything at the NFL level, so it's not likely that either are the immediate answer to Miami's extreme need of a true number one wide receiver. However. They are proof that the Dolphins understand that a big, tall, productive receiver is a necessity to land in the cards yet to be dealt. Other than the above two, only the relevant Brian Hartline at 6 - 2, 200 pounds is taller than six foot, and he too may become a cap casualty along with Mike Wallace this year. As well, the latter's linguist Brandon Gibson might also be on the cap chopping block.

As of this moment (previous to a flurry of league wide cap casualties). The upcoming 2015 free agency period which opens on (March 10th) doesn't offer a scheduled to be, attainable Number One Receiver option of suggested minimum height, weight, and skill-set parameters. The only legit men of such is in Denver's Demaryius Thomas, and The Cowboys Dez Bryant who are far more than likely to be franchised before being allowed to hit the open market. Meanwhile, Miami couldn't afford them to begin with. Therefore, the Dolphins may need to pursue such a disruptive number one force versus the opposition with the first rounds fourteenth pick of the draft.

More extensive analysis of these and other positional prospects will be covered as the draft approaches, but this is Combine week, a Defibrillator of sorts intended to keep the heart pumping until the start of Free Agency, and/or until day one of the end of Aprils draft.

Here are a desired handful of the 2015 drafts first and second round, Big, Tall, Potentially True Number One Receiver Prospects. Guy's that will be showing-off their stuff starting upon Tuesday's NFL Combine. Let us see just how Big, Tall, Strong, Fast, Athletic, Agile, and Smart they really are at this years ""Under-Wear Olympics.""

7) Devin Funchess 6 - 5, 230 Michigan Wolverine Jr. was a Tight End until the 2014 season when he moved to receiver. His collegiate forty time was 4.63 which is somewhat fast for a tight end, but reasonably slow for a receiver. He is too light to block as a three down tight end, while being quite the receiving threat out of the Tight end position. With his height, and weight out of the receiver position, he may be a nightmare match up, if he proves to be strong, athletically agile, and a bit faster at his combine. Lucky Seven, A serious multi-positional red zone threat, if nothing else.

6) Jaelen Strong 6 - 3, 215, 4.55 Arizona State Sun Devil Jr. is a guy that is strong in both the lower body and hands, a receiver who fights hard for possession and yardage. A big, tall, long armed, skilled leaper that catches most everything. He's not particularly quick, or fast, and doesn't consistently create great separation, but he is a smartly skilled route runner that knows how to get himself between the defender and quarterback, while attacking the ball in traffic comes from his competitive nature. Said his Offensive Coordinator Mike Norvell. "Jaelen Strong is probably one of the sharpest receivers I've been around, he understands concepts. He understands his role of not only trying to get himself open, but how he might be pulling two people to open up somebody else."

5) Breshad Perriman 6 - 3, 214, 4.52 Central Florida Knights. Unlike Jaelan Strong, and despite a far inferior route running technique, this guy quickly creates space on every pattern. He's more quick than fast (especially for a big receiver), he can stop on a dime and be back to full speed with his first step. Another receiver of great athleticism, leaping ability, body control, and wingspan that can go to the house on every play. He is also strong, and a willing blocker. It'll be interesting to see if he can improve upon his overall forty time speed, as he's proven to be plenty quick. With a cleanup of his pattern preciseness, hand/eye coordination, and mental focus on receptions, Breshad Perriman could be that coveted Number One Receiver.

4) Dorial Green Beckham 6 - 5, 225, 4.49 Oklahoma Sooner Jr. has had a set back or two of his own doing, and may not be on the Dolphins draft board because of it. He didn't play ball in 2014 due to transfer restrictions. However. He is every bit as talented, (if not more-so) than this entire bunch, and a personal favorite if he were to (take an unlikely) fall to Miami's second round pick. Green-Beckham is the subject of this receiver classes best height to weight to speed ratio. An NFL Star if his fingers are sticky on game day only.

3) Amari Cooper 6 -1, 210 Alabama Crimson Tide Jr. doesn't meet the sought after altitude, but he is this drafts top rated receiver as a Heisman Trophy runner up with the potential to be an NFL number one. He will start at one or another receiver position on opening day. While not quite up to the height line for this particular ride, he is also one of the slowest (according to the clock) of these Miami hopefuls, but he plays fast. His height nor collegiate 4.52 speed hasn't hindered his production thus-far due to motherly motivations toward him being the best ever as a hard working technical aficionado with exemplary character traits.

2) Devante Parker 6 - 3, 209, 4.48 Louisville Cardinal Sr. is an extremely competitive, highly focused, explosive play-maker that aggressively stalks possession with great agility, hands and range in a spectacular fashion. His quickness, and preciseness in routes could be easily perfected with some minor coaching instructions. He plays far better in competition than he will test. Devante Parker's only real question mark is his strength, and he has become stronger each of the last two seasons which will be put on display this coming weekend.

1) Kevin White 6 - 3, 210, 4.49 West Virginia Mountaineer Sr. with a similar to Parker aggressively competitive, focused desire. Kevin also has great hands, leaping ability, bodily agility, and large reception radius. However. White is currently a more precisely skilled route runner with a slightly better ability to create separation at all level's of the field. He is technically refined in most every route of which he runs a larger variety, quicker into his breaks, sharper out of them, can stop on a dime, is stronger from start to finish, and runs with more power after the catch. Though he still has work to do,(for the most part) Kevin White is ready to be an NFL True Number One Receiver upon the day of his signing.

The 2015 NFL Draft Combine.
Tuesday February 17th thru Thursday covers the specifics of every prospect.

Combine Schedule of on-field workouts Televised via NFL Network:
Friday, Feb. 20: Specialists, offensive linemen, tight ends
Saturday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, running backs wide receivers
Sunday: Feb. 22: Defensive linemen, linebackers
Monday, Feb. 23: Defensive backs

Thank You for an Open Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view on all mentioned or not mentioned combine participants : )) !!