Miami Dolphins Trade Down Partners, and Prospect Potentialities.

The Miami Dolphins First Round and Fourteenth selection of the 2015 National Football Leagues Draft is just two Thursdays away on April 30th. The under-belly of the shark that the Dolphins should be targeting is the top corner back Trae Waynes, the top offensive lineman Brandon Scherff, or one of the top three truly legit number one receivers.

Problem is that Waynes, Scherff, as well as the top receivers in order Amari Cooper, Kevin White, and DeVante Parker appear to be disappearing from the prospect boards before Miami's fourteenth pick, according to the universe of mock drafts consensus. If those positional prospects are gone it's suggestive that prospects of other positions will be falling. In thus scenario, The Best Players Available at pick fourteen could end up being those of the nose tackle (Danny Shelton), defensive tackle (Arik Armstead), outside line backer (Randy Gregory), or the drafts top power running back (Todd Gurley ranked 14th overall with a 6.3 grade) and/or the speedster Melvin ghost Gordon rated at 6.2 which are positions/players of minimal Dolphin desire but may well be held in much higher regard to other NFL team needs.

In the case of the above becoming fact.
Perhaps the top safety Landon Collins who is the overall 13th ranked prospect is available at 14 for Miami to choose for themselves? Maybe the Dolphins reach slightly for the next best corner back Jalen Collins ranked 20th overall with a grade of 6.2, or the 4th, 5th, 6th most statuesque though question marked receivers Breshad Perriman, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Jaelan Strong who is in need of wrist surgery.

The Big,Tall, Do-It-All Receiver class is the drafts second thinnest position with only six prospects graded above 5.5, and just four players rated at 6.0 or better. A Grade of (5.50 to 5.99 is described on paper as a player with a chance to become a starter). 6.00 to 6.49 is a player suggested to be an instant starter. Amari Cooper and Kevin White are most definitely gone long before pick 14. Parker and Perriman grade at 6.2, Green-Beckham & Strong grade below 6.0 and presently have the most disturbing red-flag issues.

Presently, Miami owns just six draft picks and are without a third round selection that they traded for their current number two wide-out Kenny Stills. The Dolphins do not as of yet have a legit number one Wide-Out, a DeVante Parker with the most collegiate experience and zero question marks precisely fits the void. Miami has plenty of more than capable bodies at corner back, but a Trae Waynes would make for an impenetrable corner back duo with Brent Grimes who himself isn't getting any younger.

Ifff Parker AND Waynes AND Scherff are gone at pick 14?
Does Miami (reach) for the next best receivers, corner back, or offensive lineman?

Is Safety Landon Collins at pick 14, and do the Dolphins take him or spit the tasty trade bait? The 2015 Safety class is by far the thinnest of all positions with just five prospects that grade at 5.5 or above. Landon Collins at 6.33 is the only Safety with a grade of 6.0 or better. Much like a potential combination of Grimes & Waynes at corner back, a Jones & Collins tandem at safety would deem the deep backfield as impregnable. Though Miami can likely get by effectively with what they have if Louis Delmas and his backups can get and stay healthy along side of Rashad Jones throughout the season.

Does Miami take a prospect at a position of minimal need (DL,OLB,RB) because they happen to be the Best Player Available as time ticks away?

Or do the Dolphins pursue a willing trade partner within ten selections of pick 14 in order to recoup an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick plus others, and perhaps still have an option of need at one or another prospects that were available to (reach) for at 14?

Some aggressive of late draft participants with a multitude of picks in various rounds beyond the first round are the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile. Any of the leagues teams in the vicinities of said teams picks could also come into play while having to compensate similarly for the Miami Dolphins 14th pick.

Miami's first round pick at FOURTEEN is demanding of 1,100 draft trade value points.

The Cleveland Browns first round pick at NINETEEN carries a draft trade value number of 875 points while their 77th overall selection that falls in the third round is worth 205, and the Browns overall 189th pick is a sixth round selection with a trade value designation of 15.8 for a combined total worth of 1,095.8 points. Miami trades down five spots from pick 14 to pick 19 with the inclusion of an additional third and sixth round pick as compensation to the Dolphins. The Browns are in need of a Defensive Lineman (Shelton/Armstead), Inside Line Backer (minus a prospect of pick 14 value), Wide Receiver, and Quarterback Marcus Mariota (should he take an Aaron Rodgers type fall) to Miami's selection at 14.

Philadelphia with selection TWENTY of the first round has a value set at 850 points along with their 84th overall pick in the third round worth 170 points, the 113th fourth round choice at 68 points, and the Eagles 196th overall draft selection that falls in the sixth round carries 13 draft trade value points for a combined total of 1,101. Miami's first for Philly's first, third, fourth, and sixth round selections. The Eagles are in need of an Outside Line Backer (Randy Gregory), Safety (Landon Collins), Corner Back (Jalen Collins), and perhaps Quarterback Marcus Mariota. Mariota is the Quarterback recruited to Oregon by then Duck, and present Eagles Head Coach/GM Chip Kelly.

Arizona's Cardinals own the first rounds TWENTY-FOURTH pick worth (740), and the overall 55th selection (350) that comes in the second round for a combined grand total of 1,090 draft trade value points. Miami's first at pick 14 for Arizona's first round pick #24 and #55 overall that falls in the second round. The Cardinals are in need of an Outside Linebacker (Gregory), Defensive Lineman (Shelton/Armstead), Running Back (Todd Gurley/Melvin Gordon), and/or a Corner Back (Jalen Collins).

Should Miami not be able to hit the Bulls-Eye with their own top targeted selections of WR Parker, CB Waynes, OL Scherff, or Safety Landon Collins at pick 14, and choose to trade down five to ten spots in gathering additional high round picks of great value? They could still have a (more valuable) opportunity at landing some of those that they'd have had to initially (reach) for at pick 14. As well, they would have value type selections of the next best corner backs Kevin Johnson, Byron Jones, and Ronald Darby, or highly graded offensive lineman La'El Collins at 6.1 and/or DJ Humphries 6.2 rating among many in the 15 plus deep (with a grade of 5.5 or better) CB & OL classes.

Otherwise, it's potentially safety Landon Collins, reach slightly for the next best corner back, offensive lineman or receiver, select a prospect at a position of minimal need, or trade down for more value, and additional picks.

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