On an April 24th Saturday in the year 2010 a youthful 17 year old entrepreneur wrote an introductory post to his new Miami Dolphin Shout Community Blog site.

Paul Smythe. Our Host, Founder, Owner, Writer, Editor, Creator, Designer, and whatever else of Dolphin Shout opened with this on that initial Dolphin Shout day.

""I am obviously a huge Miami Dolphins fan. I love football in general, and I want to write about it as much as I can.""

Six or so weeks later on June 4th, 2010 one of the Shouts first followers Gary (RiverdoG) Cowell was recruited by Paul to write his first article. The title was. My First Post: Don't Worry Miami Dolphins Fans, Jason Taylor Is Replaceable.

""He was always a liability in the running game. Most of the time he was so intent to get his sacks he took himself out the play and face it his coverage skills were well, lets just say not very good.""

""Yea, yea I know I'm going to take some heat on this, I understand I'm taking on what most fans feel is an icon for the Dolphins. So it's not going to be popular.""

Say What? How Dare You!

In the Shouts (About Us) section the doG wrote.
""What you will get from me on Paul's site is a bit different from many others, and you may not agree with what I say. You may even question if I am a "true Dolphin fan" as I have heard that many times before. I can assure you that I am a Dolphin fan no matter what you may think. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy. It could be a bumpy ride...""

Gary/RiverdoG's self proclaimed unpopular thought process made him the Shouts driving force as attendance began to soar to read and respond to the most wisely approachable, popular enigma, and Dolphin Shout Hero. Boy did he ever have it right with that last thought! ""It could be a bumpy ride"" Upon the ending of a much too exciting Miami Dolphin Victory over the New England Patriots on December 15th 2013, Our Beloved doG was called upon to do good deeds elsewhere, but he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!

Previous to the worlds loss!
In July of 2011 Paul asked Gary to recruit some writing for the Shout prospects. In being associated with through other blogging sites over the previous handful of years the doG brought home Patrick and myself.

In the Shouts (About Us) tab. Patrick wrote some stuff that I personally found very amusing.

""I grew up in a small town near Carlisle Pennsylvania, my brother and I used to ride our bikes to the Washington Redskins training camp at the war college. One day while sitting in the stands the coach of the Redskins walked up, he said hello and talked with us for a bit, his name was Vince Lombardi…

My three brothers and I never liked to root for the same team, it wasn’t as much fun, so when they all stayed in the NFC East choosing the Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys I had to select either the Giants or the Cardinals (at the time) neither was very appealing to me, so I selected this start up team in Miami, the Dolphins.

As fate would have it, a few years later my dad got a job in Fort Lauderdale and we moved to Florida. The year was 1972 and I got to witness the undefeated season, going to many of the games with my father who had taken a liking to Don Shula. I have been in Florida ever since, now living on the west coast.

Some folks might say I’m obsessed with the Dolphins, I prefer the word passion. Just because I pace around the room, yell at the TV using language better fit for a brothel and call every official a flaming idiot does not mean I’m obsessive! I prefer to call it passion…

Hopefully I can bring some of that passion to the readers of Dolphin Shout!""

And he's killed-it with every article he's ever written!

On December 5th of 2012 Paul brought Shawn Carlson and Todd Bartley aboard, and in 2014 Tony Nicoletti started writing his take for The Dolphin Shout Community.

Numerous others have come and gone (John Bleech, Richard Anderson, James Tieman, Jeff Brennan, and Mike Ferguson) have all assisted greatly with their contributions.

Five plus years, and 1250 articles later Dolphin Shout is still a favored community of intelligently civilized Miami Dolphin fan contributors that drive the site. Too many to mention as it would be an injustice to all in forgetting to mention any one single name! So, Let It Be Known that every one of you is a force that drives us toward the success of Dolphin Shout, and that you are greatly appreciated within the community as well as beyond our time here together!

Back to the reasoning for this particular piece.
In the midst of that initial Dolphin Shout introductory post, our host Paul included.
""I am into more than just football, though. I am pursuing degrees in Real Estate and Marketing. I am also planning on obtaining my Masters in Real Estate Development.""

Our youthful entrepreneur Paul Smythe Graduated College this past Friday!
CONGRATULATIONS Paul, and good luck to you in all your future endeavors!
THANK YOU for all the good times and great people that your initial vision of Dolphin Shout has provided us over the years!

Here's to all for five more years on a less bumpy, and more joyous ride!

THANK YOU ALL for your Open-Minded Reads and contributions over the duration,
(as always) we look forward to your angles of view : )) !!