Dolphins Sleep Walk Through Humiliating Home Loss

The Miami Dolphins hosted their first home game of the season and didn't bother to show-up for the seasons third straight week. Buffalo came to play while Miami would have had a better showing if they had simply stayed in bed while forfeiting the loss of 41 - 14. Visiting Buffalo converted 53% of their thirteen third down opportunities as the home team was able to exhale after third down plays just 30% of time.

Miami's (whats supposed to be) vaunted defense once again didn't touch the opposing quarterback all day and have just one sack for the season (week one). The Dolphins defense allowed yet another opponent to rush for a buck fifty plus while the Bills accrued a total of 428 net yards (half of that in the first half) as Miami's defense also didn't create a single turnover on the day. Once again, for the second consecutive week the Dolphin defense extended many a stalled Bills drive with untimely stupid penalties. Week one corner back hero Brice McCain was eaten alive for the second straight week, and second year safety Walt Aikens committed a second major error in as many weeks, while on this day no one Dolphin defensive player deserved to be wearing anything but their pajamas as they slept through the games entirety.

Though he was sacked just twice, Ryan Tannehill played from within a stampeding herd of Buffalo over the games entirety while the Bills jumped out to an early 14 point lead as their defense pinned their ears back for the rest of the day. Left tackle Brandon Albert was out with a hamstring and Miami's offensive line in the run and/or pass protection game is simply atrocious without him on the field or at less than 100% when he has been on the field three games into the season. Miami couldn't run and gave up on the run far too early while deciding to run effectively in the fourth quarter they managed to accumulate 102 rushing yards on 20 attempts, and 391 mostly garbage time total offensive yards for the game.

Tannehill threw what will suggest (in the box-score) to be three interceptions. After a punt return and Bills penalty with Miami down 14 - 0. On a first down play inside the Buffalo 40. Tannehill's first quarter "interception" came after he planted one in the gut of Jarvis Landry for a first down and as Landry pulled it from his mid-section he tip-drilled it to the opposition. The visitors turned that turnover into 3 more points to total 17. A second "interception" came with under two first half minutes to go as one of many Buffalo horns misplaced the ball from Tannehill's forward aiming firearm while a Bills defensive lineman returned it 43 yards for the pik-six 24 - 0 lead. The one interception that he can truly be blamed for came with less than a minute remaining though in that instance too, Tannehill was under heavy duress in a desperate end of the half attempt that the opposition turned into another three points.

Digital lighting at each end of the stadium spelt out a score of Visitors 27, Home 0 at halftime. With 5:40 remaining in the third quarter Ryan Tannehill hit Rishard Matthews on an 21 yard touchdown pass and converted the two point play for the Sno-Man 8 points on Miami's side of the board. The abused (via play-calling, offensive line & defense) quarterback connected with Matthews again late in the fourth quarter for a meaningless 46 yard touchdown on a 4th & 8 broken play, and the Dolphins couldn't even manage to connect on the extra one point attempt which left Miami with just 14 total points for the day.

Other Miami Dolphin Highlights.
1st quarter) Miami won the coin toss.
2nd quarter) They executed a brilliantly choreographed sprint into the halftime tunnel.
3rd quarter) Buffalo's Dan Carpenter missed a 54 yard field goal attempt.
4th quarter) Miami players and staff shook the hands of all the opposition as the Dolphins wiped the nights mucus from their eye's.

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One things for sure, this is the worst game Miami will be a part of this year!
They can't possibly attend a game in any worse condition! Note, "attend" was the word!
Surely, No one will survive another such running in quick sand type of nightmare!
Miami faces the Jets from London at 9AM EST next Sunday in a Nationally Televised game!


Time for the Real Miami Dolphins to Stand Up

The Miami Dolphins followed a flat uninspiring victory in week one with lackluster loss in week two. If the season is a marathon, Miami came out with very little desire to lead the pack from the opening gun. Joe Philbin’s stoic unemotional style has made its mark on the organization early in the season.

The Dolphins uncharacteristically amassed 13 penalties including a personal foul by Olivier Vernon setting up Jacksonville’s game winning field goal. The Miami offense ran 7 plays in the first quarter and, with only 5 in the first quarter last week the trend of starting anemically slow continued. Ryan Tannehill and the Miami offense showed some life by tying the game on the first drive of the second half, but that was it. Tannehill was unable to move the offense when the defense finally made a stand.

The running game was held to 2.6 yards per carry with Lamar Miller averaging only 1.4. Tannehill's stats looked the part completing 30 of 44 passes for 359 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. The issue has always been in the “W” column with Tannehill and in a game where one drive in the final 6 could have sealed a victory, Tannehill could not muster the troops. The loss cannot be placed on Tannehill, but in a QB league, these are the games he must lift and carry the team to join the elite players at his position.

The vaunted Miami defensive line registered zero sacks and looked ineffective in the first half. No defensive lineman registered more than one tackle over the entire game. Suh and Mitchell may not be expected to make many tackles but the DEs brought no heat and were ineffective. The defense produced zero turnovers and Blake Bortles looked calm without duress the entire game.

In the simplest terms, for the second week in a row, Miami did not look prepared to play. They were uninspired, sloppy as though they had taken Jacksonville for granted in the week leading up to the game. This same issue has led Miami to 8-8 finishes the last two seasons, losing to less talented teams because they are unemotional and unprepared.

This game is the wakeup call for the Dolphins. With Jets surprising 2-0 start, the Bills looking better and NE again dominating, Miami must not leave any winnable games on the table. Joe Philbin will no longer be coaching the Dolphins if the uninspired play continues. Tannehill must find a way to join the elite QBs and come out with an ugly win.

It’s early and the Dolphins are clearly a better team than they showed in the first two weeks. It’s time to light the fire, the defense has been sluggish and the offense has not gotten untracked in the first quarter. These are signs Miami is not presenting anything different than on film and are not executing the plays they do run. There are only 16 games and at the end of the season this game may loom large as a reason for not making the playoffs.

It is not time to panic, but playing flat and barely beating the hapless redskins, then losing to the inexperienced Jaguars is not the start Miami fans were hoping for. If this team is truly the special unit many came into the season believing, the time to step up is now.

Beat Rex Ryan and the Bills!

If the Dolphins cannot get inspired by that challenge than Joe Philbin may indeed be looking for a job...

Dolphins Toxic JUICE Sedates Redskins

The Miami Dolphins began the 2015 season at the Washington Redskins. Over the games first twenty-eight minutes the home team scalped the (pre-season) ready Dolphins who couldn't tackle or execute a play from either side of the ball while making Washington's savages look like a well oiled playoff machine.

Miami's daunting defense were hit head-on and quite frankly getting run over time after time as the Redskins held possession of the ball for 23 of the games 30 first half minutes. The Dolphin rookie Jordan Phillips had Miami's first and only sack of the game on the home teams game opening 12 play possession of 7:21 that resulted in a Field Goal and 3 - 0 lead.

The visitors had a tough road to hoe while an opening day event is the loudest, most inspired day of the season for the home team other than in a playoff atmosphere, and Miami's opening series went three and out. After a Redskin 5 plus minute drive came to an end upon a missed field goal, Miami took the ball with 27 first quarter seconds remaining and went six and out. With 12:09 remaining in the second quarter the Dolphins made their second defensive play of the game as Brent Grimes intercepted Kirk Cousins and returned what looked to be a pik-six for two yards at the Washington 21. On the Dolphins first play Tight End Dion Sims was carted off the field with a neck and head injury after diving for an overthrown Tannehill ball in the end-zone, and Miami went four and out in attempting to gain one yard for a first down from the twelve yard line.

Washington took the ball 78 yards in the opposite direction on 17 plays in 8:49 for a touchdown and 10 - 0 lead with 1:49 first half ticks remaining. Though the previously mentioned injury to tight end Dion Sims who was just one of two active for a team that likes to run a two tight end set seemed to be a nail in the coffin, it was actually a blessing in disguise as Miami was forced to spread wide with multiple receivers for the games remainder. Note; Ryan Tannehill talked to Sims after the game and said he seems to be fine! So. Miami gets the ball with fewer than two first half minutes to go and finally finds it's MOJO with an 80 yard, 9 play, 1:22 drive for a 3 yard Tannehill TOUCHDOWN pass the Rishard Matthews, and a 10 - 7 halftime deficit.

The Dolphins took the second half kick from their own 27, and marched down to the Redskin 22 for what looked to be at least a game tying field goal before on a third and four play Tannehill was sacked and fumbled while the ball was hot-potatoed threw the grasp of many all the way back to the Miami 40 where Washington recovered. Fortunately, Miami's defense came to play in the second half as Washington executed a run of negative two yards, and two passes for zero yards as the Dolphins (other than on the series of the Grimes interception) forced just their second three and out.

Two more scoreless Miami series, and a Washington possession ended the third quarter. The Dolphins second series began with 1:34 to go while continuing into the fourth quarter as Miami drove from their own 20 on ten plays in 5:13 to the home teams 4 when on fourth and four the Dolphins rookie Andrew Franks kicked the game tying 10 - 10 FIELD GOAL.

2015's first fourth quarter has arrived as has finally the Dolphins Defense and Special Teams. The Defense forces it's third three and out of the game, this time for minus five yards and Washington punts from their own 15 yard line. Miami punt returner Jarvis (JUICE) Landry fields the ball at his own 31 and hits the gas straight up the middle between perfectly executed blocks, and goes 69 yards untouched for a Miami Dolphin TOUCHDOWN as his team takes it's first lead of the season at 17 - 10.

The Redskins follow with a drive from their own 35 to the Miami 29 before an absolutely brilliant interception by free agent acquisition Brice McCain at the Dolphins two on a 3rd & 13 play. With 7:35 of the game to go Miami has a 6 play series for 20 yards and punts to Washington who with 5 minutes remaining drives from their own 31 to the visitors 20 in 2:43. On fourth and seven Miami brings the heat and forces an errant incompletion as Miami controls the ball over the final 2:17 for a 17 - 10 Opening Day Road VICTORY!

The rest of the AFC East won their opening day games at home versus AFC teams.

Miami gained 256 total net yards to Washington's (349 of which most came in the first half) as did the final Redskins Time Of Possession advantage of 37:54 to The Dolphins 22:06.

S Rashad Jones (7 solo) led the team with 12 tackles.
LB Koa Misi (9 solo) and Jelani Jenkins (7 solo) each had 11 tackles.
CB Brent Grimes and Brice McCain converted spectacularly played interceptions.
QB Ryan Tannehill went 22 of 34 for 226 yards with a touchdown pass.
RB Lamar Miller had 13 rush attempts for 53 yards.
TE Jordan Cameron caught four balls for 73 yards.
WR Rishard Matthews had a touchdown.
WR Jarvis (JUICE) Landry had 8 receptions for 53 yards with the final score deciding TOXIC 69 yard punt return TOUCHDOWN!

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Eleven final cuts that are potential candidates for the Miami Dolphins ten man allotted Developmental/Practice Squad.

Linebackers Mike Hull and Jeff Luc (2015 Un-Drafted Rookies), and Jordan Tripp (a 2014 fifth round draft pick)

Safety Cedric Thompson (a 2015 fifth round draft selection), and Don Jones (a 2013 seventh round pick)

Defensive-Tackle Anthony (The Freak) Johnson who made the Dolphin roster as a 2014 Un-Drafted rookie free agent and played in seven games.

Running-Back Mike Gillislee (a 2013 fifth round draft choice)

Offensive-Tackle Aundrey Walker (a 2015 Rookie Free Agent)

Tight-Ends Jake Stoneburner at 6 - 3, 250 is (a 2013 Un-Drafted Free Agent that played in nine games for that same years Green Bay Packers) before joining the 2014 Dolphins practice squad, and Tim Semisch (a 6 - 8, 267 pound 2015 UDFA)

Center Sam Brenner (a 2013 Un-Drafted Free Agent) that just can't seem to get through the yearly final cuts. Though he has always managed a return to the practice squad and has actually been activated to the game day roster for instances of each year with four starts in seven games played.

The above are just eleven of the 22 most recently released by Miami prospects while there have been some 1,300 players cut throughout the league in the last five days.

The 2015 Miami Dolphins Fifty-Three Man Roster as of September 6th.

Specialists (3) — Rookie K Andrew Franks, Rookie P Matt Darr, LS John Denney

Quarterbacks (2) — Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore

Running Backs (4) — Lamar Miller, Damien Williams, Rookie Jay Ajayi, and (RB/Kick Returner Free Agent acquisition LaMike James) in order to minimize the possibility of injury to receiver stud, and 2014 Return Man Jarvis (Juice) Landry

Wide Receivers (6) — Jarvis Landry, Rookie DeVante Parker, Miami's longest tenured receiver of three years Rishard Matthews, (free agent acquisitions Greg Jennings, Kenny Stills), and 2014 rookie/practice squad attendee Matt Hazel

Tight Ends (2) — Free Agent Jordan Cameron, and third year Dolphin Dion Sims

Offensive Linemen (9) — Left to Right Starters T Branden Albert, G Dallas Thomas, C Mike Pouncey, Rookie G Jamil Douglas, T Ja’Wuan James, with backups in G Billy Turner, T Jason Fox, along with Free Agents G/T Jeff Linkenbach, and C/G Jacques McClendon

Linebackers (7) — Jelani Jenkins, Koa Misi, Kelvin Sheppard, Chris McCain, Free Agent Spencer Paysinger, as well as Un-Drafted Rookies Zach Vigil and Neville Hewitt

Defensive Backs (11) — CB Brent Grimes, CB Jamar Taylor, Free Agent CB Brice McCain, S Reshad Jones, S Walt Aikens, as well as the depth of CB Will Davis, Free Agent CB Zack Bowman, Rookie CB Bobby McCain, Rookie CB Tony Lippett, along with Safties Michael Thomas and Jordan Kovacs. The Dolphins won't have to play the seasons final six weeks with a multitude of bums off the street in 2015.

Defensive Linemen (9) — DE Cameron Wake, Free Agent DT Ndamukong Suh, DT Earl Mitchell, DE Olivier Vernon, with the insurmountable depth of DE Derrick Shelby, DE Terrence Fede, DT A.J. Francis, and Free Agent DT C.J. Mosley as well as Rookie DT Jordan Phillips . Miami's DL backups could be the four starters for the majority of the leagues 31 other teams!

Of Course the 53 man roster can be altered slightly over the next few days and every day beyond while the PS/Developmental Squad can begin being addressed within the next few minutes.

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