Dolphins Sleep Walk Through Humiliating Home Loss

The Miami Dolphins hosted their first home game of the season and didn't bother to show-up for the seasons third straight week. Buffalo came to play while Miami would have had a better showing if they had simply stayed in bed while forfeiting the loss of 41 - 14. Visiting Buffalo converted 53% of their thirteen third down opportunities as the home team was able to exhale after third down plays just 30% of time.

Miami's (whats supposed to be) vaunted defense once again didn't touch the opposing quarterback all day and have just one sack for the season (week one). The Dolphins defense allowed yet another opponent to rush for a buck fifty plus while the Bills accrued a total of 428 net yards (half of that in the first half) as Miami's defense also didn't create a single turnover on the day. Once again, for the second consecutive week the Dolphin defense extended many a stalled Bills drive with untimely stupid penalties. Week one corner back hero Brice McCain was eaten alive for the second straight week, and second year safety Walt Aikens committed a second major error in as many weeks, while on this day no one Dolphin defensive player deserved to be wearing anything but their pajamas as they slept through the games entirety.

Though he was sacked just twice, Ryan Tannehill played from within a stampeding herd of Buffalo over the games entirety while the Bills jumped out to an early 14 point lead as their defense pinned their ears back for the rest of the day. Left tackle Brandon Albert was out with a hamstring and Miami's offensive line in the run and/or pass protection game is simply atrocious without him on the field or at less than 100% when he has been on the field three games into the season. Miami couldn't run and gave up on the run far too early while deciding to run effectively in the fourth quarter they managed to accumulate 102 rushing yards on 20 attempts, and 391 mostly garbage time total offensive yards for the game.

Tannehill threw what will suggest (in the box-score) to be three interceptions. After a punt return and Bills penalty with Miami down 14 - 0. On a first down play inside the Buffalo 40. Tannehill's first quarter "interception" came after he planted one in the gut of Jarvis Landry for a first down and as Landry pulled it from his mid-section he tip-drilled it to the opposition. The visitors turned that turnover into 3 more points to total 17. A second "interception" came with under two first half minutes to go as one of many Buffalo horns misplaced the ball from Tannehill's forward aiming firearm while a Bills defensive lineman returned it 43 yards for the pik-six 24 - 0 lead. The one interception that he can truly be blamed for came with less than a minute remaining though in that instance too, Tannehill was under heavy duress in a desperate end of the half attempt that the opposition turned into another three points.

Digital lighting at each end of the stadium spelt out a score of Visitors 27, Home 0 at halftime. With 5:40 remaining in the third quarter Ryan Tannehill hit Rishard Matthews on an 21 yard touchdown pass and converted the two point play for the Sno-Man 8 points on Miami's side of the board. The abused (via play-calling, offensive line & defense) quarterback connected with Matthews again late in the fourth quarter for a meaningless 46 yard touchdown on a 4th & 8 broken play, and the Dolphins couldn't even manage to connect on the extra one point attempt which left Miami with just 14 total points for the day.

Other Miami Dolphin Highlights.
1st quarter) Miami won the coin toss.
2nd quarter) They executed a brilliantly choreographed sprint into the halftime tunnel.
3rd quarter) Buffalo's Dan Carpenter missed a 54 yard field goal attempt.
4th quarter) Miami players and staff shook the hands of all the opposition as the Dolphins wiped the nights mucus from their eye's.

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One things for sure, this is the worst game Miami will be a part of this year!
They can't possibly attend a game in any worse condition! Note, "attend" was the word!
Surely, No one will survive another such running in quick sand type of nightmare!
Miami faces the Jets from London at 9AM EST next Sunday in a Nationally Televised game!