The Miami Dolphins Outclassed by the Patriots

Challenging the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium on Prime Time TV proved too large for fledgling head coach Dan Campbell and shaky Miami Dolphin quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The cards were stacked against the Dolphins; a short week, the reigning NFL champion, four time SB winning coach, the league’s best QB and a packed house all conspiring to suck the wind from Miami’s sails.

NFL schedule makers could not hope for a more predictable easy New England victory…

The league’s best team held court in its lofty aerie… Foolish minions, attempting to storm a fortress that has not seen an October loss in over ten years, conjures David versus Goliath. The Miami Dolphins got to see the-view-from-the-top firsthand and know how far they must climb to reach the pinnacle.

From the opening drive, Brady and the Patriot’s offense set the Dolphin defense on its heels. The score came far too easy and perhaps the confidence Miami brought to the game wavered early. Getting Brady off his spot proved elusive as footballs flashed across the field in rapid succession. The Dolphins knew Brady would come out slinging five yard lasers but it was his ability to always find the mismatch that stifled the Miami defense.

It is hard to reconcile Ryan Tannehill’s inconsistency week to week when watching Brady’s mastery of the position. Baffling interceptions seem to come exactly when the team is gravely in need of a champion. Great performances mean little when followed by rotten eggs billowing gaseous sulfuric stench from Foxborough all the way to Miami.

Brady commandeered the position from Drew Bledsoe and led New England to the Super Bowl in his second season. Miami fans mope through another awful QB performance wondering if Tannehill's good will ever overcome his bad…

The bad got worse when Cameron Wake sustained an Achilles tendon injury late in the third quarter and former first-round pick offensive tackle Ja'Wuan James was carted off in the first half, neither returned. The Dolphins precarious offensive line depth could not stand the test, as the Miami running game ground to a halt producing, only 15 yards in 13 carries.

It was a typical Bill Belichick game plan… The Dolphins wondered which player Billy Genius would take away when Belichick simply attacked the running game begging Tannehill to beat him. It was the formula well used at the end of last season and proved just as effective. Without a running game, Tannehill could not put the team on his back and win the football game, it’s that simple.

The sick fact is, over the past 10 seasons, the Patriots are 4-0 when at least 80 percent of their plays are passes… The rest of the NFL is 3-109 over that time! (Thanks whoever I stole that from!)

Belichick re-exposed the weakness in Miami and the old films will resurface. Shut down the run and force Tannehill to win with his arm. Dominating on the offensive front early solves the issue, but when the defense knows the strategy it’s easy to game plan and Belichick was right on it.

Our Man Campbell knows what’s in store, and hopefully will not have to work without right tackle Ja'Wuan James.

The Dolphin defense did not play as bad a game as the score would indicate. A botched snap by Mike Pouncey led to a safety and a constant Patriot field position advantage caused short fields the entire night. Miami held New England to nine points for most of the first half, but the offense offered no help. Belichick and Brady are famous for getting defensive mismatches and speeding up the game to keep defenses from adjusting.

The disappointing loss will leave a bitter taste in Man Campbell’s mouth but the long week helps Miami face two consecutive road games. How the Dolphins respond to the loss in the New England will determine their relevancy for the remainder of the season.

Going through Brady and Belichick twice each season places a severe burden on teams in the AFC East. No other division in the NFL has been dominated by a single team and that lack of domination allows different teams to rise. Miami knows climbing the mountain only leads to the impenetrable fortress on top but it cannot be the deterrent for a gradual climb.

Teams will begin shutting the run game down from the onset and the Miami Dolphin’s fate will follow Ryan Tannehill’s right arm. The fairness of that assessment is irrelevant. The cruel reality of playing in the AFC East is irrelevant. The NFL is a bottom line league and the bottom line question for Miami is, can the team can ride Ryan Tannehill when a defense takes away the run game? Unfortunately the answer has not been favorable to this point in Tannehill’s career.

If Man Campbell wishes to be a successful NFL head coach he will have to solve this problem for the sake of his own career. Campbell is the ninth Miami HC since Don Shula and each coach has lacked the one ingredient separating them from Shula and Bill Belichick, for that matter, a great quarterback.

The clock is running out on Ryan Tannehill. The next several games will define his career and unfortunately it may also determine whether Campbell is the coach in Miami next season. In the fourth season, there can no longer be a learning curve. There can no longer be a couple great games followed by an odorous rotten egg. Mediocrity is another definition for inconsistency and in the NFL, there is no middle ground.

Man Campbell and Ryan Tannehill were left wounded at the bottom of mountain…

Foolish minions, attempting to storm the fortress like David taking on Goliath. A lucky sling will not slay this giant. Consistency every game is the only match for the precision emanating from the fortress above.

Waiting for its emergence season after season is not only foolish; it’s the definition of insanity…

Dan (TEX) Campbell's Miami Dolphins Strike Oil Versus Texans

The Miami Dolphins quickly got into Whoop-Ass mode for a second consecutive game under recently instated (interim?) Head Coach Dan Campbell. Houston's Texans found themselves down on the scoreboard by 35 - Zipp in the first half before executing their initial first down of the game as Miami's defense forced them into six consecutive three and outs to start the game. The Texans seventh possession of two plays was intercepted and returned by Rashad Jones for a Pik-Six Touchdown, and the 35 - ZERO Dolphin lead.

Miami's offense (best NFL yardage output in a half since 1991) fell just a few yards short of the 400 yard mark over the first half while they rushed for more than last weeks game total of 180 yards. The Dolphins Franchise Quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw four touchdown passes in the first half with three of them to (Rishard Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Lamar Miller) being of the 50 plus yard variety.

Tannehill also broke franchise as well as historical league records with his 25th consecutive completion. He converted his final seven attempts last week while going 18 of 18 thru the midway point of this weeks fourth quarter while his first and only incompletion on this day was a drop.

Upon taking the Texans first punt at the Miami 12 yard line, the Dolphins on five plays and three first downs quickly moved to their own 47. From there, on first and ten Tannehill threw an inside slant strike of oil to Rishard Matthews who sped untouched through a swarm of defenders for the 53 yard TOUCHDOWN and 7 - 0 Dolphin lead.

Houston then surrounded a Miami three and out with two more of their own and the Dolphins started to drill at midfield. On first and ten, Tannehill hit pay-dirt with a 12 yard out to Jarvis Landry on the left sideline who then juked the first defender, took a Bee-Line to the opposite sidelines while avoiding several tackles as his offensive line caught up to form the wall of China and lead him into the end zone for the fifty yard TOUCHDOWN score of 14 - 0.

After a fourth consecutive Texan three and out. Miami from the Houston 47 moved the ball to the oppositions 16 yard line on a first down Lamar Miller run of 29 yards. On third and four to go, Tannehill drilled a ten yard TOUCHDOWN pass to a wide open Jarvis Landry for the 21 - 0 Dolphin scoreboard advantage.

A fifth consecutive Houston three and out punt gave the home team Dolphins the ball at their own 17 yard line with two first quarter minutes remaining. On five plays and three first downs Miami moved the rig to their 44 by the first quarters end. Less than a minute into the second quarter on 2nd and 8. Tannehill while "shootin at some food" hit a "bubbling crude" with a screen pass to Lamar Miller who exploded for a 54 yard TOUCHDOWN and 28 - 0 gold.

Just fourteen seconds later. On the Texans sixth "touch" of the ball which included one incomplete pass that preceded their second play of a Rashad Jones (his second in as many weeks) 23 yard "full gainer with a half twist back-flip" into the end zone for a Pik-Six TOUCHDOWN and a score of 35 - ZILCH.

A seventh consecutive Houston "touch" that went three and out was followed by a Miami punt and a 15 play loss on downs Texan drive of 66 yards. With a 35 - 0 lead the Dolphins had the Texan's in four down territory before halftime and took possession at their own 9 yard line. On first down Miller ran for 6 yards. On second down Lamar Miller busted the barrels seams with an 85 yard TOUCHDOWN burst of oil To'Da'House for a MIAMI DOLPHINS 41 to NOTHING explosion of digital lights at halftime.

With a 41 - 0 halftime lead and another Dolphin game in just four days on Thursday, at New England. Dan Campbell made an intelligent decision to rest (for the upcoming game) many of his starters over the second half versus the Texans while allowing numerous players of depth to get some in game experience. Though the Texans scored 26 second half garbage time points on Miami's (for the most part) backups, their scores were still highly contested. Other than Tannehill, Miami (for the most part) played with his second string running backs and receivers for the second half as rookie kicker Andrew Franks kicked a 53 yard field goal for the Dolphins only second half score and 44 - 26 MIAMI DOLPHIN VICTORY!

Ndamukong Suh had three TFL's (tackles for loss) while also accruing his first two 2015 sacks on back to back plays near the end of the games first half while Cam Wake also tabulated two more first half sacks, his sixth in two games. Houston had 71 rushing yards on 25 game attempts.

Rashad Jones got another Pik-Six and led the team in tackles.

Lamar Miller had 236 offensive yards with 14 rush attempts for One Hundred Seventy Five Yards that included an 85 yard touchdown run, and 3 receptions for 61 yards of which one (on a screen pass) went for 54 yards and another touchdown.

Jarvis Landry led the receivers with 5 catches for 83 yards and two touchdowns (with one being of 50 yards). Rishard Matthews and Lamar Miller were both close behind Landry's receiving yardage output, and each of them also had a receiving touchdown of length.

Ryan Tannehill passed for 282 yards in going 18 for 19 and four touchdowns with three of over 50 yards (while breaking history's NFL record of consecutive passes completed) with his 25th successive completion.

The Miami Dolphins Team netted 503 offensive yards on 59 plays with 248 coming via the ground attack on 35 attempts as the home team held possession for 32:05.

Upon widdeling their way back to the shack of Dan Campbell the Dolphins came to the door of a mansion and are presently living in the lap of his luxury!

Thank You for an open-minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


Miami Dolphins, Campbell's Soup, Mmmm-Mmmm GOOD

One Serving Heating Instructions;

Open One Can of specially blended Whoop-Ass Campbell's Soup, bring to boil, add spices of four takeaways, six sacks, five touchdowns with a field goal for the most Miami Dolphin points in six years, and serve with gatorade bath for Victorious Nutrition.

Upon a third straight loss two weeks ago a new Texas born interim sheriff by the name of Dan Campbell was designated to lead the town of Miami from dysfunction. On his very first day he brought the towns people into the streets and put them head to head in a wild west style shootout referred to as the Oklahoma drill which was intended to leave only the best men alive while also re-uniting those left standing. A fortnight later. The 2015 Miami Dolphins that even the most pessimistic of town-folk expected on the field of play this season finally came to fight on this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

To this point of a four game season the Dolphins had only led a game for mere minutes of a week one win. On this fifth Sunday, they led from the opening gun and never looked back at the carnage left lying between the hash marks. Miami took it's game opening drive 80 yards on 7 plays in 4:21 for a Jarvis Landry end-around TOUCHDOWN of 22 yards and a 7 - 0 lead.

The Titans fought back with a 10 play, 61 yard drive in 5:11 of their own that resulted in a field goal of 37 yards to pull within four points at 7 - 3. Miami returned the favor 5:22 later with a 10 play, 68 yard drive and Dolphins 30 yard field goal to end the first quarter with a 10 - 3 lead.

In four games plus one quarter, The Miami Dolphins Defense had accrued just one (opening day) quarterback sack on the season, but that was about to drastically change. On the Titans next drive which started at their own 20, in 3 plays with the aid of an unnecessary roughness penalty quickly moved to the Dolphins 41 yard line. On a 2nd down with 5 yards to go, a hindered by a hamstring injury till this day Cameron Wake notched his first sack of the season. Miami had stopped the following 3rd down play though a bogus roughing the passer penalty gave the Titans a first down at Miami's 33. Two plays later on a 3rd & 5, Wake sacked the opposing quarterback for a second time on the drive and forced a fumble that was recovered by the Dolphins Jelani Jenkins while the referee's suggested that it was an incomplete pass. Miami's new Head Coach threw the first red flag of his career and won the challenge that returned possession to the Dolphins at their own 27 yard line.

On the third play from the Dolphins 49, a Ryan Tannehill pass that glanced off the hands of tight end Jordan Cameron resulted in an interception and return to Miami's 29 yard line. On the fourth play of the Titans ensuing possession, Cameron Wake engulfed the Tennessee Quarterback for the third time on the day while forcing yet another fumble that was recovered and returned 31 yards to the Titans 34 by Jamar Taylor . Seven plays later Dolphin running back Lamar Miller scored his first TOUCHDOWN of the year from seven yards out for a Miami scoreboard lead of 17 - 3.

With 5:07 first half minutes remaining the Titans marched down to the Miami 31 yard line in 3 minutes on seven plays. On the eighth play Olivier Vernon gathered his first sack of the season of minus 12 yards (Miami's fourth sack of the day) that pushed Tennessee out of field goal range at the 2 minute warning, and forced a Titans punt two plays later.

Upon Dan Campbell's first interview as Miami's head coach, he suggested that the Dolphins will no-longer be conservative from either side of the ball. (If he hadn't already). He proved as much with a 17 point lead and 1:40 to go in the first half from his own 6 yard line as the Dolphins drove 62 yards in 10 plays to the Titans 32 before a miscommunication between Tannehill and Cameron resulted in an interception with 23 first half seconds to go. On Tennessee's second play, Cam Wake ended the half with his fourth sack of the day and season as Miami went to the tunnel with a fourteen point lead at 17 - 3.

Early in the second quarter (21 minutes into the game), The Miami Dolphins had accrued 181 yards of offense. By halftime they had mounted 275 total offensive yards with 144 coming via the ground attack and 100 of that coming from Lamar Miller while the defense accumulated five sacks and two fumble recoveries in allowing just 3 Titan points as Tennessee fans booed their home team off the field.

Upon Tennessee's opening second half drive of 32 yards on 6 plays, the Dolphins linebackers Jelani Jenkins (-5), and Koa Misi (-9) notched-up two TFL's (tackles for loss) in a 3 play span to force a Titans punt. Miami followed with a stalled five play possession of 19 yards, and Tennessee fair caught the punt at their own 13 yard line. On the 5th play of a 14 yard possession Miami's star safety Rashad Jones intercepted the Titans star quarterback which he returned To'Da'House with an end zone full-gainer with a half twist dive for a Pik-Six TOUCHDOWN and 24 - 3 Dolphin scoreboard advantage.

After exchanging three and outs, with 2:14 remaining on the third quarter clock the Titans took the ball from their own 48 and into the Miami end zone in five plays to pull within 14 at 24 - 10 as the third quarter ended.

Miami followed with their second consecutive three and out (for zero yards) from their own 22 yard line, and things started to get a bit sketchy as the Titans returned the punt along with a Miami penalty to the Dolphins 37. "Started to get a bit sketchy", but on the Titans first play, a pass to the end zone was brilliantly intercepted by the one and only Brent Grimes.

The Dolphins after dominating throughout quickly realized how close they came to letting the Titans back into the game, and threw a second can of Campbell's Soup (Special Whoop-Ass Blend) onto the burner.

From their own 3 yard line on first and ten, Tannehill threw a 38 yard dart down the sidelines to Kenny Stills, followed by a 24 yard pass to Rishard Matthews, and a 13 yard pass to Jarvis Landry to the Titans 22. A holding penalty on the next play pushed them back to the 32. On first and 20 from the 32, Tannehill hit for 12 yards the newly re-acquired running back Jonas Gray who followed that with 3 successive runs of 7, 6, and 5 yards to the Tennessee 2 yard line. On second and Goal To Go, (another key ingredient) to everything that Miami wants to do on offense made his first significant play since being injured and off the active roster since the first quarter of week one. With half of the 4th quarter ticks to go Ryan Tannehill hit the wide-open Tight End Dion Sims for a TOUCHDOWN and 31 - 10 visitors advantage.

At this point Tennessee was in four down territory no-matter where they might be on the field, and followed the Miami touchdown with a five and out on downs for 21 yards. The Dolphins took over possession at the Titans 47 yard line, and didn't take their foot off the gas as they went that same 47 yards on 7 plays. Tannehill hits Jordan Cameron for 12 yards and "Another Miami Dolphins TOUCHDOWN" for a 38 - 10 VICTORY!

When all was said and done.
Miami's defense had sacked Marcus Mariota six times (four via Cam Wake which included two forced fumbles) recovered by (Jelani Jenkins and Jamar Taylor), and picked him off twice with one via (Brent Grimes) and the other (Rashad Jones) being for a Pik-Six To'Da'House .

Ryan Tannehill (with the return of Left tackle Brandon Albert and Tight End Dion Sims) was sacked just twice, and had two interceptions of not entirely (if at all) his fault. The Dolphins had no other turnovers.

Tannehill went 22 of 29 for 266 yards with two touchdown passes while Mariota went 21 of 33 for 219 yards with one touchdown pass.

Lamar Miller rushed for 113 yards on 19 game attempts (with 100 yards in the first half) and a touchdown, while others shared the second halves remaining 13 attempts. Rishard Matthews led through the air with six catches for 85 yards, Kenny Stills had the long reception of the day for 38 yards from Miami's own 3 yard line while Tight Ends Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims scored touchdowns.

The Dolphins accrued 434 total net offensive yards with 180 coming via the ground attack on 32 attempts (20 more opportunities on average than they had been offering). The Titans gathered 299 total yards with just 63 coming on the ground (100 fewer on average than Miami's defense had been allowing over the season's first four games). Ndamukong Suh caused pressure all day, and deflected two passes at the line of scrimmage. Miami held possession for nearly four minutes longer than Tennessee.

Here's to Dan Campbell, his new staff, and the real MIAMI DOLPHINS!

THANK YOU for an open-minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!


The Miami Dolphins Make Stars Ordinary

The answer will be apparent before the season is over...

The question, is the issue players or coaches?

This team has not reached it's potential for the last umpteen years as every Miami fan is well aware. The coaching train just left the station leaving players like Cameron Wake, Mike Pouncey and Ryan Tannehill, bred into Joe Philbin's system to be the leaders of this football team.

I would have to conclude they failed as much as Philbin and his staff...

Wake disappears for entire games and most notably in crunch time when one play can make the difference between winning and losing. Let's face it, Tannehill has very little "IT" factor when it comes to rising above the situation and willing his team to win. Pouncey's impact is hard to determine because of the nature of the trenches, but I don't see the line fired up to win at the line of scrimmage.

The brain-trust brought in Ndamukong Suh to be a leader who elevates his teammates on the defensive line...

Is it is automatic to think, as our friend Mater (Randy) has written many times, that Miami makes stars ordinary?

Miami makes stars ordinary...

If I'm the coach of this team, or the GM, or the owner, I want to know why Miami makes stars ordinary. Do you think SF looks a little silly now for letting Jim Harbaugh walk? Was Ray Lewis really the incinerator for the Ravens? Did Don Shula really make that much difference? It almost seems greatness comes down to one man's desire being infectious enough to carry over to the rest of the team.

Personally I think it's Tom Brady and not Belichick, though having two is a damn sin!

Is this what's missing in Miami, a dynamic personality capable of making these players rise to the occasion. It's clear you can't buy it (Suh), it's clear you can't teach it (Tannehill). So it's not money, it's not talent, it's that special will inside of some men who can lead others to rise above their own expectations.

Football, more than any other factor, is a game of emotion. Think about the last time you punched someone in the face...

Think about how much emotion was stirred within you that led you to do something so drastic as to punch another person. Now relate that to the football field. The object of the game is to punch another man in the face and you better damn well have more emotion or you are going to get your ass kicked...

That is the missing key in Miami. The city may have a seedy underside, but the team, the owner, the players all walk among the rich and famous. The stadium is a catering ground for the opulent. Raw, I-will-punch-your-face emotion, is missing and in reality, frowned upon.

Somehow, the Dolphins must rekindle the emotion that leads to violence on the football field. Dan Campbell could be a step in the right direction, but when I think about Nick Saban, my overwhelming impression was that Saban could not motivate rich pampered athletes to make the emotional investment needed to win football games.

If you were given several million dollars and told to run out and risk your life and limbs, would you do it with the same passion as it took to obtain those millions of dollars? This is the quandary of professional football... It takes a special leader to make people do these things when they get paid whether they do them or not.

For the love of the game is the only answer...

Tom Brady loves the game of football, he loves it enough to will his team to win.

Ray Lewis loved the game of football enough to will his team to win...

Where are you ghost of Shula past?

When will you roam the sidelines
again in Miami?

I invoke the great Gods of football and Riverdog looking down from above...

Bring a great leader back to Miami...

Make a star extraordinary

Miami Dolphins Promote From Within

On Monday after an approximate 24 hour period which included 16 elapsed hours of travel-time back to American soil from a Sunday home game loss at London's Wembley Stadium. The extremely lackadaisical 1 - 3 Miami Dolphins had decided to go out with the old and in with the new coaching staff. It all started with the firing of a (though well respected), Ho-Humm 54 year old head coach Joe Philbin while promoting an invigorated 39 year old Tight-End coach Dan Campbell.

Campbell is a mountainous 6 - 5, 265 pound NFL tight-end just 6 years removed from his playing career of ten years, and appears as though he could put a serious hurt'in on any man that feels the urge to test him. Though while being a player not too long ago he can more easily relate to a players conundrums than could a frail guy who some may have suggested couldn't fight his own way out of a paper bag.

The present (Interim) Head Coach Dan Campbell has been with Miami as a 2010 intern as well as 2011 tight end coach under the Bill Parcells regime, and remained at that position from 2012 through week four of 2015 under the most recently fired head coach. Big-Dan also played under head coach Parcell's at Dallas for three years in 2003/4/5 while listing him as his number one influence, and his personality is proof of as much as it will clearly be his way or the highway while he suggested that The Miami Dolphins will no longer be a conservative franchise from either side of the ball.

The higher-ups (in a non-conservative approach) gave Campbell immediate control of doing as he pleases with his remaining staff, and fewer than another 48 hours had passed before he had promoted most all the offensive coaches that he had been previously riding the small bus with. His tight-end coaching spot had obviously been vacated, so on Wednesday he filled that position with Miami's 3 year assistant quarterback coach Ben Johnson. A first year Dolphin coach who was an 11 year NFL starting offensive lineman and nine game playoff starter between (1998 - 2008) Mike Wahle will be his assistant.

Miami's Wide Receiver coach in his fourth year Ken O'Keefe was promoted to senior offensive assistant. An NFL coach of the last (32 consecutive NFL years) Al Saunders (right) has also been brought in from afar to aid as a second senior offensive assistant and/or consultant to the bewildered remaining offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. Saunders over his career has served at every offensive coaching position that exist including coordinator, so he can't possibly not be an asset to a (thus-far) ineffective unit. Dan Campbell say's that the passing game that Lazor has been trying to implement is truly the design of and ownership belongs to Al Saunders.

Along with the previous 72 hours that it took to fly from London, promote Dan Campbell, and for him to infiltrate his preferred personnel to the side of the ball of his expertise.

In the Co-Main event. It took one more additional 24 hour period till Thursday for Miami and Campbell to check under rocks unsuccessfully for outsider defensive coaching possibilities before dump-trucking the Dolphins much maligned Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle. Coyle's complex though ultra-conservative defensive strategy has accrued just one sack in four 2015 games while ranking 30th in yards allowed, and 32nd/last in rushing yards permitted with a star-studded defensive-line unit severely questioning the defensive coordinator's play from your heals approach.

An NFL 10 year starting corner back and third year Miami Dolphin defensive assistant Jeff Burris has been upgraded to corner backs coach in a defensive back assistance role to safety coach Blue Adams.

Miami's four year defensive backs coach Lou Anarumo will be filling the literal void of the previous and now fired defensive coordinator Coyle while in one of many encouraging defensive scheme/personnel thoughts Anarumo suggested that "he wants the Dolphins defensive linemen to create havoc in the backfield."

New Head Coach Dan Campbell said of Anarumo, "I know he is the right man for this job, Lou and I see eye-to-eye about what we need to do defensively moving forward. He has been a coach who has gotten the proven production out of his players and has insight into the most intricate parts of our defense, which are the blitzes, and coverage, among other things."

Understandably, with all these new personnel and approach techniques there will be times of confusion on the field which can't quite possibly be as misunderstood to what we as fans from our lazy-boy recliners have witnessed thus-far during the 2015 season from our previously three-plus year tenured team scheme/personnel motivators.

Due to a "sleep-walking" 1 - 3 start, and wholesale changes abound at the first quarter point of the season. The Miami Dolphins may not win as often as anticipated prior to the 2015 season, but there is one thing for-sure and that is that the Dolphins will "show-up" with great aggression over the season's remainder!

Thank You for an open-minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view : )) !!

GO Dan Campbell, GO Lou Anarumo, GO Al Saunders, GO Bill Lazor, GOFINS!!!

Another No-Show by the Miami Dolphins

The no-show Miami Dolphins went bumbling and stumbled into Wembley Stadium against the NY Jets and left with more questions than answers. Again, the offense looked lethargic. Ryan Tannehill threw wild uncatchable passes in the face of the same blitz repeated continuously the entire game. The Dolphin offensive brain-trust was incapable of altering the protection to account for the CB blitz.

On defense a vaunted Miami defense line featuring Ndamukong Suh allowed Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to slip away without a single sack. Journeyman running back Chris Ivory ran for more yards than any game in his career. The Dolphin defense had no answer for the running game and never found an alignment to pressure the quarterback.

The pathetic Miami Dolphin coaching staff was exposed for the fourth straight week, looking more incompetent in each game. Exasperated fans tuned out and went about enjoying their Sundays as the football game was over in the first ten minutes. Steven Ross showed no inclination to make changes after the game even though a team thought to possess many talented pieces once again did not perform for the coaching staff.

The wrath of the fans has turned from the inept coaches to the bungling ownership unfit to make decisions in the NFL. At what point, fans wonder, will the owner look at the collection of talent and understand the coaching staff has lost the team. Without making wholesale changes, Steven Ross is proving his ignorance in the game of professional football. The Miami Dolphins have become a toy he parades before his ultra-rich friends and clients while they laugh in his face.

There is no explanation of the regression at QB, other than the coaching staff is completely over its head. Ryan Tannehill went from promising franchise QB to looking worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles and Kirk Cousins. Miami has yet to play a top tier team. A fandom hoping for a 6-0 start prior to the season is now left with the distinctly possibility of not winning another game.

The ownership and coaching staff has again left a once proud franchise to wallow with the dregs of the league waiting for the first pick in the draft. It is completely shameful Miami's 2015 season is over in four weeks. It is inexcusable that nothing has been done to rectify the mistakes continuously compounding as the early season flounders on to the torture of the loyal fans.

Kevin Coyle has taken the 5th ranked defense in the NFL on a progressive decline to bottom of the league. Bill Lazor has been unable to make in-game adjustments to stop a blitz package that was run over and over again to the point of ridiculousness. Joe Philbin is completely over-matched and clueless at how to get his team prepared and emotionally ready for a football game.

Ryan Tannehill looks worse than his rookie season, never seeing the same blitz over and over. Never adjusting protections or identifying the CBs creeping into the box. With each horrendous overthrow the emboldened defense moves closer and closer to the line of scrimmage. Tannehill never gives his receivers a chance to catch a long pass as the onslaught continues. Tannehill was given a contract extension prior to the season leaving Miami fans to wonder at the wisdom of this decision.

It seems the ownership in Miami is completely clueless. Unable to select a coaching staff, unable to select a personnel department, willing to pay huge contracts to unproven players, spending absurd money on free agents, supporting a management and coaching staff unable to build a team through the draft.

Miami fans can no longer be expected to support this team. Though the true and loyal fans will face the disappointment with gritted teeth and shattered expectations, they will tune out.

The fans have had enough...

Banners will begin to fly, but there is no Ireland or Sporano to place in the cross hairs. The wrath belongs completely on the shoulders of the owner. The staff, from the coaches on down were the owner's choice. He can no longer blame Bill Parcells for his ineptitude. Steven Ross, this is an indictment against you. These are your people and they have failed and consequently Mr. Ross, so have you.

Enjoy your billion dollar toy.

We the fans are checking out...