Another No-Show by the Miami Dolphins

The no-show Miami Dolphins went bumbling and stumbled into Wembley Stadium against the NY Jets and left with more questions than answers. Again, the offense looked lethargic. Ryan Tannehill threw wild uncatchable passes in the face of the same blitz repeated continuously the entire game. The Dolphin offensive brain-trust was incapable of altering the protection to account for the CB blitz.

On defense a vaunted Miami defense line featuring Ndamukong Suh allowed Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to slip away without a single sack. Journeyman running back Chris Ivory ran for more yards than any game in his career. The Dolphin defense had no answer for the running game and never found an alignment to pressure the quarterback.

The pathetic Miami Dolphin coaching staff was exposed for the fourth straight week, looking more incompetent in each game. Exasperated fans tuned out and went about enjoying their Sundays as the football game was over in the first ten minutes. Steven Ross showed no inclination to make changes after the game even though a team thought to possess many talented pieces once again did not perform for the coaching staff.

The wrath of the fans has turned from the inept coaches to the bungling ownership unfit to make decisions in the NFL. At what point, fans wonder, will the owner look at the collection of talent and understand the coaching staff has lost the team. Without making wholesale changes, Steven Ross is proving his ignorance in the game of professional football. The Miami Dolphins have become a toy he parades before his ultra-rich friends and clients while they laugh in his face.

There is no explanation of the regression at QB, other than the coaching staff is completely over its head. Ryan Tannehill went from promising franchise QB to looking worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles and Kirk Cousins. Miami has yet to play a top tier team. A fandom hoping for a 6-0 start prior to the season is now left with the distinctly possibility of not winning another game.

The ownership and coaching staff has again left a once proud franchise to wallow with the dregs of the league waiting for the first pick in the draft. It is completely shameful Miami's 2015 season is over in four weeks. It is inexcusable that nothing has been done to rectify the mistakes continuously compounding as the early season flounders on to the torture of the loyal fans.

Kevin Coyle has taken the 5th ranked defense in the NFL on a progressive decline to bottom of the league. Bill Lazor has been unable to make in-game adjustments to stop a blitz package that was run over and over again to the point of ridiculousness. Joe Philbin is completely over-matched and clueless at how to get his team prepared and emotionally ready for a football game.

Ryan Tannehill looks worse than his rookie season, never seeing the same blitz over and over. Never adjusting protections or identifying the CBs creeping into the box. With each horrendous overthrow the emboldened defense moves closer and closer to the line of scrimmage. Tannehill never gives his receivers a chance to catch a long pass as the onslaught continues. Tannehill was given a contract extension prior to the season leaving Miami fans to wonder at the wisdom of this decision.

It seems the ownership in Miami is completely clueless. Unable to select a coaching staff, unable to select a personnel department, willing to pay huge contracts to unproven players, spending absurd money on free agents, supporting a management and coaching staff unable to build a team through the draft.

Miami fans can no longer be expected to support this team. Though the true and loyal fans will face the disappointment with gritted teeth and shattered expectations, they will tune out.

The fans have had enough...

Banners will begin to fly, but there is no Ireland or Sporano to place in the cross hairs. The wrath belongs completely on the shoulders of the owner. The staff, from the coaches on down were the owner's choice. He can no longer blame Bill Parcells for his ineptitude. Steven Ross, this is an indictment against you. These are your people and they have failed and consequently Mr. Ross, so have you.

Enjoy your billion dollar toy.

We the fans are checking out...