2015 Negative Tendencies Doom Miami Dolphins Game, Season.

Other than in a few of what have now become glorious victories. From the seasons opening kickoff the Miami Dolphins have been schooled in shallow waters with an expected tide to return. Slow starts, play calling, penalties, injuries, bad snaps, offensive line play, no running game conviction, receiver drops, quarterback indecisiveness, defensive line play, tackling, coverage skills, and special teams blunders have coagulated into a mammal consuming blob.

The BLOB became even larger and more unidentifiable today as all the above combined took place again when the Dolphins made an appearance in New York to face Ryan (Joe Willie) FITZPATRICK and the inner-division rival Jets. A single target of fault cannot be painted on any one Dolphin individual for this particular games disgraceful display. Unless the artist had already named the rendering before kickoff, as only an ill Jarvis Landry executed efficiently exciting Miami Dolphin football.

All-Pro Center Mike Pouncey left the game early due to a foot injury while being replaced by rookie guard Jamil Douglas who has never played a game at center and proved as much in forcing Ryan Tannehill to pick the ball off his shoelaces in at least 15 instances. The timing of the quarterbacks first read often came with his eyes, from hip level, looking at his feet in trying to secure the snap off of his toes.

However, even before Pouncey went down. The Dolphins and their quarterback were off to their usual slow start as their first two series (of which both started in enemy territory) ended in three & out, and a Tannehill interception at the goal line. Miami ran the ball for a grand total of eight yards over the entirety of the first half with only four more second half rushing yards. The absence of Pouncey while (for a fourth straight game) the injured Ju'Waun James was replaced (cough, cough) at right tackle, and a lack of cohesion as well as untimely penalties have minimized offensive line efficiency in both the run & pass game of Miami.

On defense the Dolphins accrued one measly sack of the Jets quarterback with zero turnovers while Brent Grimes' stride and jumping ability resembled that of a waddling little person versus the Jets unworthy to be named big receiver. Fitzpatrick threw four touchdowns as two of them (along with a multitude of the plays along the way) made Grimes look oddly silly while the Dolphins defensive line and linebackers allowed 137 yards rushing on 34 attempts, and 411 total yards.

Needless to say as it has become the norm. Miami was down 14 - 0 at halftime, and 21 - Zipp twelve-plus minutes into the third quarter before a light finally flickered on their side of the scoreboard. Upon the previously mentioned lone interception of Tannehill's day, the Jets drove 72 yards on 12 plays to score their first quarter touchdown toss, and another 11 play 92 yard possession for their second touchdown toss that ended the half.

Miami's backup return man opened the third quarter with an ill-advised 19 yard return to the Dolphins 12. The Dolphins punted 16 yards and five plays later while the special teams again blundered in allowing a 58 yard return to the Miami 25. Seven plays later (Joe Willie) threw his third touchdown of the day and the score was 21 - Zilch.

Two Dolphin possessions later Miami in six plays drove 69 yards (49 of which belonged to Jarvis Landry), and scored their first "flickering of lights" seven on the day via Tannehill to that same Landry. The Jets final 3rd quarter series rolled over into the 4th quarter and ended with another scorching of number 21 to put the home team up 28 - 7. New York drove another 55 yards in 3 plays and scored a 35th point on a 31 yard run up the Miami gut. To end an 80 yard drive in 14 plays Tannehill threw a five yard touchdown to Greg Jennings (his first of the year), and the quarterbacks second touchdown pass of the day. A Jets field goal for a score of 38 - 14 preceded Tannehills third touchdown of the day, and a career first (with some nice moves) for rookie receiver Devante Parker.

Parker was second in receiving with 4 catches, 80 yards and a touchdown to Landry's 13 receptions for 165 with a touchdown while another rookie in running back Jay Ajayi was third with an impressive 4 receptions for 52 yards. The Dolphins season receiving leader Rishard Matthews was eliminated from the game (due to injury) on the opening series, and AGAIN, Miami ran for 12 yards over the games entirety! Tannehill was sacked three times, and (for the most part) scanned the field from within a gopher hole (due to bad snaps and pressure) while completing 33 of FIFTY-EIGHT attempts for three touchdowns and an interception. He also threw (from his own 40) an absolutely beautiful, perfectly placed 60 yard pass into the end zone to Kenny Stills who tried to fancy pants it with one hand for a blatant drop rather than ceasing the continued perception that number 17 can't hit the deep ball touchdown.

One would guess that come February? Someone new will inform offensive coordinator Bill Lazor that this is the NFL where everyone was a college star, and that he nor any other NFL team has a player so superior to all others on the field who can catch a two or fewer yard pass and consistently be expected to run circles around the opposition to gain another 8-plus yards for a first down! And his play calling (for the most part) expects as much from whomever the ball may be thrown to! It's beyond understanding! Why in long yardage situations do he and/or the quarterback rarely call for routes beyond the yard markers?

The Dolphins have now been beached, and once again have suffocated themselves with their last gasp for a turn of the tide!

Ohhhh-Well, guess there's always next year, like every other year to blow the entire world up, and start all over again? Just hope to survive it!

The 2016 search for and/or evaluations of administrative staffs, coordinators, coaches, players, free agents, and draft prospects has officially begun!

Thanks for reading, and we can't wait for your reasonably viable 2016 suggestions!

BRING-ON February, GOFINS!!!

Over the last couple of weeks the Patriots have lost three of their top four offensive weapons, and today a first time starter in Denver upended the mighty Tom Brady to knock them out of the undefeated conversation! Only offensive coordinator (hint, hint) Mike Shula's Panthers remain an undefeated threat! HAIL TO THE 72 MIAMI DOLPHINS!!