1972's Miami Dolphins Remain Alone As The Pillar Of Perfection

The 14 & 0 Carolina Panthers of 2015 were beaten for the first time this season leaving the 17 & 0 Dolphins of 1972 as still the only team in NFL history atop the undefeated throne.

On the other hand. Miami's 2015 Dolphins have been quite the opposite while resembling what goes down the cracked porcelain base of the throne upon which you sit after your morning coffee. The Dolphins fell to 5 - 11 at home versus the Colts by a score of 18 - 12. They also climbed up to the overall 6th pick of the 2016 draft, and with a season ending loss next week versus the Patriots they could potentially move to the overall 3rd pick for a top offensive lineman.

Ryan Tannehill (histories most sacked quarterback over his first four years) was sacked 6 times today, and for the 44th time of the season. In next weeks final game he will have ended up on his butt more times than last years 46, and second to only 2013's fifty-eight times sacked. He has been sacked 44 times this year while our defense has sacked the opposing quarterbacks in 29 instances.

The rhyme to the reason remains to be the offensive line. One must understand that over the last (what will be 38 games at seasons end) the Dolphins intended starting five on the offensive line have played together in just five of those 38 games. THIRTY THREE times (more than two years worth of games folks) that Miami has been starting backup offensive lineman at multiple (2 to 3 if not 4) positions in each and every game.

At most times (already struggling) starting guards are playing out of position at one or the other (if not both) tackle positions. Which in turn causes a chain reaction of reserve players (on a quality of depth deprived team) to start at guard in place of what were the "already struggling" guards that the backups couldn't initially beat out for starting spots. It's truly become an avalanche rolling downhill that gathers, spits out and/or buries useless debris. The tackle, guard, and center positions need to play as one which is absolutely impossible when the same five established guys never play together in positions of familiarity, or even at the position that one might have played the previous week.

Left tackle Brandon Albert missed the first quarter of the season and took until mid season to get up to game speed at which point Right tackle Ju'Waun James got injured and 7 weeks later has yet to return while Center Mike Pouncey in three entire game instances was replaced by a rookie guard that never played center until this year. This or a variation of, is what has taken place or become the norm in 33 of the Miami Dolphins last 38 games, and Ryan Tannehill is getting his ass kicked because of it while unreasonably taking the brunt of the won loss record burden.

It is a display of pure ignorance and disrespect for anyone to expect anything more from Ryan Tannehill other than getting back up from 183 sacks while being blasted 100's of other times over the last four years. Yet he returns to start and finish 64 successive games which should garner nothing but praise for the Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Jiminy Fricken Crickets, he's practically getting hit as often as the offensive lineman are.

In spite of it all he's accrued an impressive resume of stats, imagine what he might be able to do with a consistent five on the offensive line, let-alone a fabulous five that couldn't help but extend stalled drives into actual scores. Center Mike Pouncey didn't play against the Colts. On the last offensive play of today's game, with mere seconds remaining on 4th down inside the oppositions five yard line and the game on the line. A rookie guard that never played center until this year snapped the ball prematurely on the first cadence of a called second cadence snap. Nobody other than the center moved whatsoever until after the nose tackle bull-dozed the center and engulfed Tannehill to end the game 12 - 18.

Rashad Jones dropped a sure interception inside of the Colts red zone on the games very first play. Brent Grimes had an interception reversed, and Ryan Tannehill had a touchdown pass reversed due to blatant officiating blunders. Meanwhile an obvious attempted trip of the quarterback by an engaged defensive player that kicked his leg out at a 90 degree angle and injured Tannehill with a forceful toe to the knee cap wasn't called and ended a Dolphin drive. Once again due to penalties and/or bad officiating, play calling, a lack of cohesion, missed opportunities, brain farts etc, etc, the Dolphins excelled at beating themselves while the opponents may not yet have beaten them this year if not for themselves.

Jarvis Landry last week surpassed O.J. McDuffie for the most receptions in a Dolphins single season. This week he topped the century mark at 104 receptions for 1,085 yards, and to go along with his 84 receptions last year he became the NFL's All-Time leader in receptions amongst histories two year players.

Thanks for enduring the pain!

Though the times and dates have yet to be determined.
Here is who the Dolphins will be playing next year.
Let's hope that the opposition is all they'll be up against!

Home Games
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49'ers
Arizona Cardinals
Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills

Road Games
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks
San Diego/LA Chargers
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills


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