The Miami Dolphins Have No Meaningless Games

The Miami Dolphins unexpected arrival in the NFL playoff arena for the first time in eight years comes with little fanfare. The first step in Miami’s post season journey actually begins in the regular season finale against their biggest rival, the New England Patriots. Across the league, the Patriots are the preordained KINGS of the AFC and perhaps the entire NFL. By contrast, the Dolphins haven’t tasted playoff victory in sixteen years.

At 13-2, the Patriots have a clear path to home field advantage throughout the playoffs by defeating the Miami Dolphins. A loss by the 12-3 Raiders, without Derek Carr, will also hand home field advantage to New England on the last day of the NFL regular season. Traveling to Miami at 1:00 PM, the Patriots season will be over before the Raiders visit the Denver Broncos at 4:25 PM. The safest passage to home field for the New England Patriots is by defeating the Miami Dolphins.

What was perceived as a meaningless game before the season, looms large for both teams. For New England, home field advantage is huge. Tom Brady is 14-3 at home in the playoffs, and an astonishing 106-18 in all regular season and playoff games. Playing at home is a distinct advantage as Brady and Belichick seek to win an elusive fifth Super Bowl together. Standing in the way, prior to the Raiders game, is the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins are far from NFL darlings and viewed by most pundits as one-and-done playoff fodder for the big boys of January. Way back in week two, the Patriots without Tom Brady handily defeated these Dolphins in what looked like a lost season for Miami. By week six, Adam Gase found his stride and his team reeled off six straight victories before being blown out 38-6 in Baltimore.

That was week 13, the fledgling Dolphins seemed to have crash-landed and with the rising Arizona Cardinals coming to town the questions started sneaking in. The Dolphins held their own and were beating the Cardinals when disaster struck. Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a severe knee injury. In that critical moment, the tide changed and Arizona charged from behind to tie the game at 23 in the final minute.

On a rain soaked field, without their QB and leader, with little time left on the clock, Adam Gase, Matt Moore and the entire Miami Dolphin team came together. In a microcosm of their entire season, the Dolphins rose from the ashes. Moore found Kenny Stills who drew a pass interference call from officials that seemed united against Miami the entire game. The moon was in the seventh house, the throw, the catch, the penalty… Jupiter aligned with Mars and
in the pouring rain, Andrew Franks kicked Miami past the Cardinals.

26-23, it really wasn’t much of a game, but the rise of the Miami Dolphins had officially begun. Winning in the NFL comes by the thinnest of margins. Through week 16 the Dolphins have scored 349 points, Miami’s opponents have score 338 points. Miami won 10 of 15 games by a total of 11 points, eight of those ten wins came by a touchdown or less. The uninitiated glass-half-empty detractors would point to this as a sign
Miami is more lucky than good. 5-10 and losing by a total of 11 points could easily have been the season’s story, but those elusive 11 points fell on Miami’s side of the ledger.

Miami hadn’t swept the Jets or the Bills in years and yet here they stood, blocking Miami’s final path to a playoff berth. With a backup QB and years of ugly baggage, having been there and lost that, the Miami Dolphins landed in icy Meadowlands with a score to settle and a message to send. 34-13 later, the Jets and the rest of the NFL finally turned their heads toward Miami. The Sharps refusing to believe Miami could
handle Rex Ryan with his job on the line.

The Bills battled the Dolphins punch for punch, expecting Miami to finally succumb like they had so many times in the past. These Fins, with steadfast Adam Gase at the helm, would not relent, would not go quietly into the night. These Miami Dolphins did not back down and in the end, proudly road out of Buffalo with a 34-31 overtime victory.

The NFL set the table for Miami, three straight AFC East showdowns to see which of the other three teams would via for a playoff spot. Before the season and after a 1-4 start, the Dolphins were not even considered in the mix. In Tampa, where the Buccaneers had played the previous Thursday, 5 hours from Miami, the NFL chose Cincinnati and Baltimore for the televised game. In Orlando five hours away, Cincinnati and Baltimore. In Naples, two hours away, Cincinnati and Baltimore…

All leading to New England in Miami on New Year’s Day 2017 at Hard Rock Stadium. Regardless of secured playoff berths or New England’s quest for home field advantage, the Miami Dolphins march into a brave new future. The Jets and Bills were unceremoniously kicked down into the AFC East cellar and standing at the top, the mighty Patriots. The top of the stairs is not a place where losing is acceptable.

A meaningless game?

Outside the Miami locker room, the stakes were suddenly palpable. Belichick’s words come out all buttery, “Miami is a talented football team, Matt Moore is a very capable QB- …bla, bla, bla, bla, bla…” Drivel, all drivel, Belichick and Brady sense the danger creeping from the south and they will send a message to the upstarts from Miami and coach Adam Gase. We are KING and with this sword you shall be vanquished like the pretenders you are.

January first, 2017 the Patriots standing on the highest hill with all the trophies and accolades staring defiantly down at the lowly Dolphins.

A meaningless game?

This is the most dangerous game of all for Brady and Belichick, Miami has literally nothing to lose. Regardless of the outcome, the Patriots supremacy will not be dismantled on this single day, but the cold Nor’easter that has blown steady for the last two decades is shifting direction. Warm air creeping up from the south is but a sentinel of the changing tides. The Patriots can feel it and know it must be suppressed or the consequences will continue to take root and grow with each Miami victory.

A meaningless game?

Adam Gase, knows his Miami Dolphins play on a razor’s edge, 10 victories with only an 11 point scoring differential tells the tale. The Patriots scoring differential in 13 wins is 170 points. The Dolphins are far from the precipice where the mighty Patriots reign but there is only one way up the mountain. It comes in little nooks and crannies, footholds in the shear rock face, with each victory a landmark is scaled.

Each loss loosens the rocks precariously, waiting to set off an avalanche sending the Miami Dolphins crashing to the bottom once again. Brady and Belichick know, winning begets winning. In a league where the talent level is so closely aligned the psychology of winning is much more important than any physical attribute. They want to teach these upstarts a lesson.

A meaningless game?

A loss will have no outward effect on either team, but in reality, this is a playoff game for both teams.

A meaningless game?

I think not…

Miami Dolphins Grant Fans TEN WIN MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

At Buffalo's Bills, on a last minute overtime field goal and a final score of 34 - 31.

The Miami Dolphins attained 2016's TENTH VICTORY!!!

What more needs to be said??

Other than.


9 - 5 Miami Dolphins Sweep Jets

Week nine Sunday November 6th. Miami's Dolphins beat the visiting NY Jets 27 - 23. On the following week Adam Gase' 2016 team traveled to San Diego and won! It was the first time in 31 tries that the Dolphins won versus an opponent that followed a Miami win against their New York Jets rival!

On Week fifteen the Dolphins traveled north to Metlife Stadium and not a single murmur of J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets was prompted via the play of the visiting Miami's 34 points nor the home teams 13.

After allowing a J E T S opening 7 play, 75 yard touchdown drive. The Dolphins shoved a cork in each end of the pre-week, diarrhea spewing Brandon (Bowel-Movement) Marshall as rookie Xavien Howard and others had their way. (BM wiped one single ply catch for 16 yards), take that BITCH!!

Second year receiver turned starting corner back had two more interceptions with his team leading third and fourth on the season. Miami started the season slow via interceptions, but now with three more tonight they reside amongst the league's top three with 16 picks, and everyone is getting their hands on a share.

Even Cameron Wake had a pick in coverage tonight with a sack too, and a forced fumble while the defensive line was beastly in producing relentless backfield havoc on the Jets tarmack. Ndamukong Suh led the team in tackles and (met at the quarterback) with Wake as the quarterbacks lower body was nearly separated from his upper half.

Special teams stud Walt Aikens (for a second consecutive week) made huge plays throughout which included a Hat-Trick blocked punt, recovery, scoop and score Touchdown jog.

Miami second year running back/first year starter Jay Ajayi rushed for 50 yards while thrusting his engines beyond mach-one and/or 1000 rushing yards for the season!

For the first time in 77 games the Miami Dolphin entire roster was given a clean bill of health for a game, (other than those on IR), and five year Iron Man Ryan Tannehill.

Matt Moore started in place of the first time injured Tannehill this week. He did not disappoint! He completed 12 of 18 passes for 236 yards with a pick while a third of those completions went for (4) Touchdowns (a career high)!

Moore's first Touchdown went to tight end Dion Sims (a great pass and catch) from one yard out to get on the second quarter 6 - 7 scoreboard after an extra point miss. The wily vet hit Kenny Stills for a 52 yard score two series later for a 13 - 10 halftime lead following an NY field goal.

Matt's one pick came on the third quarters opening series with an attempted bomb to the Jets thirty.

Four plays later Walt Aikens had his Hat-Trick for a Miami advantage of 20 - 10. On the home teams next offensive play Tony Lippett got his first pick on the day. Later in the day the receiver turned corner back ended the game with his second interception, this one in the endzone on the jets last "ditch/ crash".

Matt Moore hit Dion Sims for the duo's second one yard Touchdown of brilliance five plays and 60 yards later for the 27 - 10 score.

After a jets three and out. On the first play Moore hit a short pass to Jarvis Landry who (eclipsed the 1000 yard mark for the season) on the play by taking it 66 for six final third quarter & game points. By a road winning score of 34 - 13, The Miami Dolphins Team Earned A Ninth Victory!!

Among numerous other unmentionable accomplishments that the Miami Dolphins have a great shot at producing next week.

Can Adam Gase' 2016 Dolphins (for a second time in one year) beat the opponent that follows a Miami Victory over New York's jets?

A feat not attained one single time in the teams 31 previous attempts before 2016's Adam Gase!!

It's a dirty job but somebodies gotta do it!!
Time to sweep Buffalo spewage on Christmas Eve!!


One Rainy Sunday, Miami Iost a QB and Found a Coach

In spite of improving to 8-5, the Miami Dolphin victory against the Arizona Cardinals rings hollow. Played in a torrential downpour nearly the entire game, Miami led the sloppy turnover fest until the last minute when the officials finally gave the Cardinals enough chances to tie.

The referees threw 14 flags against the Dolphins for 118 yards in a game that lasted nearly 4 hours. The Cardinals were awarded 5 first downs by penalty, while the low-blow that ended Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill's season, suspiciously went uncontested...

With 1:46 left in the third quarter, Former Hurricane Calais Campbell dove directly into Ryan Tannehill's left knee. Shock hit the Miami sideline as the iron-man quarterback limped off the field with a torn ACL. Backup quarterback Matt Moore was called into action after attempting eleven passes in his last three seasons combined.

The narrative of the game from this point on is worth rehashing as the Miami Dolphins miraculously wrestled away a victory. This game alone should garner the points necessary to make a case for Gase as coach of the year.

Adam Gase was in no hurry to call on Moore's right arm to carry the Dolphins from the Cardinals 45. Three straight J-Train runs left Miami going for a 4th and one when the officials called Anthony Steen for an unusual false start forcing a Miami punt. Aided by three penalties, Arizona found the endzone to pull within six points when the Dolphins blocked the point after attempt and Walt Aikens returned it for two critical Miami points.

The officials must have been as surprised as everyone watching and the much anticipated flag, did not fall. Nursing an eight point lead, Gase stuck with the J-Train until Moore finally attempted a pass to Damien Williams that fell incomplete for a three and out. Badly in need of a first down, the Dolphins punted back to the Cardinals at the fifty-yard line with 5:12 left on the clock.

An invigorated Cardinal team needed only 2:13 of the clock to tie the score with a successful two point conversion. Again the Dolphin offense looked defeated, going three and out. Moore completed his first pass to Jarvis Landry who had 103 yards receiving in the game, but could only manage six on the play, forcing another Miami punt.

With 1:55 left, Vance Joseph gambled and Bobby McCain stripped Palmer who fell on his own fumble for a loss of six. Miami wisely called a timeout and this proved pivotal when Arizona punted after a short pass and an incompletion.

Landry struck again returning the punt 20 yards setting up Miami at the Arizona 47 with 1:29 remaining. The ball got loose on the first play, a 5 yard run by Damien Williams but the ruling of down by contact was upheld as the Dolphin faithful held their breath.

After a 12 yard completion to Kenny Stills who had 97 receiving yards in the game, the Dolphins called their second time out with 43 seconds remaining when Matt Moore found Stills again for 29 yards! A declined defensive pass interference call stopped the clock with 37 seconds remaining.

Two short gains by Damien Williams and Miami used it's last time out with 1 final second left on the clock. Arizona attempted the obligatory freeze by following Miami's timeout with one of their own. Andrew Franks calmly stepped up and drilled the 21-yard field as time expired in the pouring rain.

This gritty performance more than any other in recent Dolphins history showed a team and a coach clearly unflappable by whatever unfortunate circumstances a game can present. One sided officiating left the fans completely exasperated while Adam Gase simply stared down the referees with a glare so intense it burned right through them.

Gase lost the quarterback he so meticulously groomed and remained unfazed as Matt Moore stepped in and showed his acumen. Calling a timeout at 1:49 when Palmer went down with a sack was pure genius and a sign to his team... Adam Gase was not about to give up on a Miami victory. The defense responded and got him the ball back!

In previous years, with previous coaches, the sense of dread on the sideline would lead to despair and a total loss of the moment, but not Adam Gase. After an abysmal performance the previous week, through the rain, in spite of the officials and losing his QB, the man did not blink. He calmly led his team to victory...

This game ball goes to you... Adam Gase!

The Dolphins are not heading to the Super Bowl in 2016, in fact it may be a few years before this team approaches the level of champions. One thing is certain, Miami has found a coach the players, assistants, ownership and fans can look forward to watching blossom into greatness.

In one rain soaked afternoon in Miami, the Dolphins found the man...

Adam Gase

Dolphins Playoff Hopes Sink in Baltimore Harbor

Riding a six game winning streak, the Miami Dolphins came crashing down to reality in Baltimore getting trounced by the Ravens 38-6. From the opening kick, the Ravens proved much more worthy of a playoff spot than the flailing Dolphins. The middle of the Miami defense was dissected like a high school frog by Joe Flacco and whichever receiver he chose.

The Miami Dolphin linebackers were out of position the entire day as Flacco completed pass after pass to open receivers. Ryan Tannehill made bad decisions and seemed to be telegraphing his run/pass option leaving the Ravens a step ahead of the Dolphins in nearly every situation. The patchwork Miami offensive line was clearly over matched and the vaunted defensive line could not slow Flacco and the Raven’s passing game.

It was a miserable game for the Dolphins, one that showed where this team resides in the playoff picture. On the outside looking in. With four games remaining Miami’s post season hopes are still alive, but the cleanup crew after this game will be very busy. In a familiar theme, injuries on the offensive line betrayed the hopes of Miami Dolphin fans. Pro bowl tackle Brandon Albert and center Mike Pouncey watched their teammates struggle.

Adam Gase has his hands full this week as Miami begins another December looking undermanned against playoff caliber teams. Miami must get better quickly at home against the Arizona Cardinals before entering a three game AFC East season finale. At 7-5 Miami enters the final quarter of the season hanging on to playoff hopes. This team has outplayed expectations and yet the dismal performance in Baltimore rings hollow, like some know-it-all spewing, “I told you so” all over the Dolphin faithful.

Is it time to backpedal on where this team belongs in the big picture? Should Miami fans brace themselves for the inevitable December crash? This is the same team that leaped overwhelming hurdles at 1-4. Adam Gase must find a way to right a ship that nearly capsized in Baltimore harbor. Offensive line play clearly seems to be the determining factor for Ryan Tannehill, the running game and even the Miami defense.

When the Dolphins run the football, every other facet of their game plan seems to follow. Given time, Tannehill can pass the ball as well as any QB in the league. Given rest, the defense plays fast and loose, but converting only 4 of 13 on 3rd down derailed the necessity of keeping Joe Flacco off the field.

Baltimore found a soft spot in the middle of the Miami defense and Vance Joseph never found an answer. It is about this time of the season that exposes the weaknesses of inferior teams in the NFL and Miami may have been exposed. Linebackers biting on play action left gaping holes for TE seam routes that Flacco exploited at will. Kiko Alonso played the game with a cast on his wrist, leaving Mike Hull and Neville Hewitt desperately trying to fill the void when he left the field. They proved unable to keep up with Pitta and Dixon.

The Dolphins must now exit the season much as they entered, with questions on the offensive line and at linebacker. Pouncey and Albert returning to the lineup could solve the line issues, but there are no pro bowlers healing in the wings at linebacker. The Dolphin defense can expect to see this same formula for the rest of the season and must find a way to sure up the middle.

Dolphin fans must temper their expectations with the reality that healthy horses are required over the long 16 game season. Only an off-season influx of talent at linebacker can solve the weakness on defense. Decisions must be made on the offensive line where availability may become the one ability Miami must reconcile with.

It should be interesting to see if Adam Gase and “leaders” in the locker room can squeeze four more games out of a team that relies as much on emotion as talent to win. As the playoffs approach, the teams with talent and emotion begin to proliferate the playoff brackets. Miami may find a place in the race, but this team seems a few pieces short of playing in January.

7 - 4 Miami Dolphins Stake Claim over 49'ers

The DOLPHINS have (found a way) to dig themselves from three feet under at 1 - 4 to three games over 500. with their sixth successive WIN!! Not since Satan's 2005 Dolphins had Miami found victory on six consecutive weeks! (That's eleven years folks and 6 or 7 head coaches ago) including interims!

Miami's 2008 Dolphins were 5 - 5 before winning the final six which would suggest that they weren't 7 - 4 at any point. They obviously finished 6 games over 500 while everything that could go right went right in leading the league with the fewest penalties, turnovers, and having zero injuries (not even a hangnail) for that under talented teams season.

It can be recalled that many Dolphin fans wished that they hadn't done so well after the previous 1 - 15 season of 2007 while being correct in stating that particular teams era needed a few more years of high draft picks to become true contenders.

Seems as though that the Dolphins have had to scratch and claw their way to just below 500. every week and or year since 2008. Other than perhaps a fast start of 3 - 0 (that I can't recall), I don't know when the last time was that Miami was three games over 500. especially at this point of any particular season. They weren't three games over 500. until their thirteenth game of 2008, and again, it has seemed as though that they haven't been back to anywhere near such until finding their way to 7 - 4 today.

It has been a tough eleven (plus) years. It's been a tough season with five of the last six straight wins coming against top ranked defenses. The Dolphins started this current six game streak when for the first time of 2016 the intended starting offensive line actually started and played together in four victories over the Steelers, Bills, Jets, and Chargers. Miami hadn't won the next game after beating the Jets in some 31 attempts!

During the game and the practice week after the win at San Diego the Dolphins suffered the triple threat loss of starting offensive lineman Brandon Albert, Laremy Tunsil, and Mike Pouncey.

Though having one, two, or three intended starting offensive lineman not play is nothing new for Miami! The preferred starting five have played together in just 12 of the last 43 games while winning eleven of those contest. What is new! Is that over the last two games they have played with 3/5ths of their FAB-FIVE in street clothes and still found a way to victory while clearing two more hurdles beyond 500.

7 - 4!
It's been a tough eight to eleven (plus) years!
It's been a tough season for us fans to fathom!
Chasing 500. from the beginning to the end of seasons, and falling short in a multitude of critical season shifting opportunities every year. You kinda get used to expecting the worst!

I must admit (being the eternal optimist that I'm known to be).
It didn't feel right today, I didn't feel comfortable even when leading 31 - 14. Maybe due to pre game distractions that prohibited personal winning streak rituals, or even getting into the proper game attire? Maybe due to being called away during every San Francisco drive for a score? Maybe because I desired sooo baddd to be three games over 500. rather than just one, and potentially be letdown (like in years past) in yet another golden opportunity lost?

Miami executed quite a few great plays versus the 49'ers today with a few other extraordinary plays that missed by dust particles of fitting within the grid.

The San Francisco quarterback (though he threw a pick to Kiko Alonso), matched Tannehill with three touchdown passes. He also (by himself) outshined (with 113 yards rushing on 10 carries) the Dolphins entire running game of 95 yards led by Jay Ajayi's 18 attempts for 45 yards with a touchdown. Both quarterbacks were sacked twice.

Rookie receiver Leonte Carroo caught his first career touchdown, tight end Dion Sims caught his first of the season, and Kenny Stills scored again. Devante Parker made a handful of spectacular catches along with a couple that didn't quite fit inside the lines, but spectacular non the less!

Kiko's interception and a fumble recovery were his third and fourth converted turnovers in the last three games, and he finished off the San Francisco quarterback at the one yard line which kept him from scoring the tying touchdown as time expired with the scoreboard shimmering a golden Miami 31 - SF 24.

The/Your Miami Dolphins have dug their way out from a 1 - 4 bottomless pit to the AFC's six seed (as of today)! If the postseason began next week, your Dolphins would be playing!
They've been in win or go home mode for the last six games and have come out on top to earn 7 - 4, ever so slightly ahead of the wildcard pack.

It just so happens that today was not the end of the regular season. Never the less, next weeks game at Baltimore's (upper tier defense) is ever so important as both teams are in win the next game, if not playoff or bust mode!

Yeeee Haaaa, six straight DOLPHIN WINS, 7 - 4, and presently in the playoffs. Someone fill that grave we climbed out of with the nuggets we've accrued!!

Get Well Very Soon BA, MP, & Tunsil!!

6 - 4 DOLPHINS Butt Rams for Fifth Straight WIN

The Miami Dolphins last five game winning streak closed the regular season schedule of 2008. In today's tenth game of 2016 Adam Gase' Dolphins have learned (against all odds) how to fight to the end for a fifth successive VICTORY!

It wasn't pretty offensively by any means, (well other than the final four minutes)!

Both the Rams and Dolphins for various reasons went the conservative route on a rainy southern California day.

The Rams because of a rookie quarterback (Jared Goff 17 of 31 for 134). The home teams star running back Todd Gurley had 20 attempts for 76 while the team on 28 carries totaled 102 rushing yards.

Miami because inactive/injured left tackle Brandon Albert was replaced by rookie Laramy Tunsil while the usual starting left guard Tunsil was relieved by Kraig Urbik, and Anthony Steen started at center in place of Mike (Hipless) Pouncey. Today's starting left tackle Tunsil (shoulder) went down in the second quarter, for the remainder of the game the left tackle position was manned by backup right tackle Sam Young. Jay Ajayi compiled 77 yards on 16 carries while the team had 19 attempts for 98 total on the ground.

Slipping, sliding, dripping, dropping, penalty altering, conservative calling, and exceptional defenses kept both offenses in neutral. It was a spirited, scrappy defensive battle with numerous fights throughout the day.

The Rams quarterback and the number one overall pick of the 2016 draft Jared Goff never got his team to the redzone while being sacked just once (Wake). Ryan Tannehill was no better with a 34 yard endzone interception (potentially with the aid of an uncalled defensive pushoff) two minutes into the third quarter, just 60-some total passing yards into the fourth quarter, four sacks and zero redzone trips. (Well "no better" until the last four minutes).

Goff drove his team 44 yards to the Dolphin 24 on their second possession when 2015 top draft pick running back Todd Gurley went that same 24 yards for the Rams 0 - 7 lead. Goff took them 49 yards to the Miami 28 for a field goal with 1:40 left in the third quarter and a 0 - 10 LA advantage that stood until the games 56th minute.

Ryan Tannehill (24 of 34 for 174 with an interception) threw two touchdowns in the games final 4:13. The first was of ten yards when he hit Jarvis Landry at the five, forward motion appeared stopped when the offensive line in question formed a scrum with Landry as the ball versus the Rams defensive entirety. Landry's feet were off the ground for the remaining five yards as the offensive line literally carried him to the touchdown and 7 - 10 deficit. His second was a rifeled 9 yard thing of beauty to Devante Parker with 36 games seconds to go, and the 14 - 10 VICTORY!

Miami lost the penalty and time of possession battles again, but once again times five, they beat a top notch defense. For those that care only about W's. The Dolphins have given you nothing to frown about since early October!

The/Your 2016 Miami Dolphins have WON FIVE STRAIGHT GAMES, and are sitting somewhat pretty at 6 - 4.


Dolphins Charge to Fourth Straight VICTORY !!

Not since 2008 have the Dolphins won four consecutive games. After three successive home victories versus the AFC's Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Jets.

Miami traveled west to face-off with yet another AFC rival San Diego and their elite quarterback Phillip Rivers. Interceptions by Tony Lippett (2), Byron Maxwell, and a Kiko Alonso 60 yard pik-six game clincher in the 59th minute stole victory from the arms of a tie and/or defeat for Miami's first road win of the season 31 - 24.

Ryan Tannehill threw for two touchdowns with zero turnovers on 17 of 24 for 240 yards. Though he made many an elite play throughout the day. Jay Ajayi had 19 attempts for 79 yards while Miami totaled just 106 rushing yards on 25 carries. The Chargers rushing game consisted of 24 Melvin Gordon attempts for 70 yards.

The Dolphins accrued 337 total yards to the Chargers 379, eleven penalties for 81 yards to the home teams 29 yards on four fouls, and Miami lost the time of possession battle 27:01 to 32:59. Miami won the game and the turnover battle 4 to 1 (Jakeem Grant muffed punt).

Miami started aggressive and tossed their way down to the Chargers thirty on their opening possession before getting conservative to the point of being pushed out of field goal range. They remained complacent until they found themselves trailing 0 - 10 halfway through the second quarter.

At this point (to cap off a 9 play 74 yard drive), Tannehill fired a 60 yard line drive from the 50 to the back of the endzone/endline that hit Kenny Stills at full stride running nortbound for a forty yard touchdown to pull within three points. The first half ended with a 7 - 10 scoreboard.

Miami opened the second half with a five play 75 yard drive in 2.5 minutes that ended with a one yard touchdown run from Damian Williams. The play previous to the touchdown was an elite play via Ryan Tannehill when rollin-out under duress he threw a 25 yard sideline strike to Jarvis Landry at the one. 14 - 10 Miami.

The Chargers immediately returned the favor and regained the lead with a 75 yard drive of their own. 14 - 17.

The Dolphins answered again with another 75 yard drive on the following possession. Tannehill saved this drive with his legs when from the San Diego 44 on third and twelve he was engulfed by a defender for a definitive sack but he somehow spit the hook and scrambled while weaving his way around and through the opposition for 18 yards and " another Miami Dolphins first down" at the 26. Two plays later he threw the perfect 18 yard lollipop to Damian Williams in the rear corner of the endzone. 21 - 17 Miami at third quarters end.

The Dolphin defense held on the Chargers opening 4th quarter possession but Jakeem Grant muffed the punt and San Diego recovered at Miami's five yard line. The D held for three plays but committed a penalty on the last giving the home team a fresh set of downs at the Dolphins two yard line. Two plays later Tony Lippett picked off Phillip Rivers in the endzone for the first of four Miami Dolphins fourth quarter interceptions.

The Chargers drove from their 12 to the Miami 30 on their next possession before Byron Maxwell at his own 14 gathered in a second Dolphins defensive interception.

With 5:06 remaining in the game the Chargers took their third fourth quarter possession 58 yards in one minute for a touchdown. Miami had them stopped on a three and out but guess what, a penalty negated punt formation. Two plays later a 49 yard touchdown gave San Diego a 21 - 24 lead.

Miami's Dolphins took one more minute to drive from their own 25 to the Chargers 9 for the game tying field goal. Needless to say, Tannehill (while being molested via a multitude of hands to the throat and helmet) was spectacular with a first down 56 yard strike to DeVante Parker while roughing the passer on the same play moved Miami 15 yards closer for the short field goal. 24 - 24.

2:57 remains and San Diego takes the ball from their 25 to the Miami 47 when on first and ten Kilo Alonso takes a Phillip Rivers pik-six, sixty yards To'Da'House! MIAMI DOLPHINS 31 - 24 !!

The home team had one game minute remaining from their own 25. Two plays later, the visitors Tony Lippett picks off Phillip Rivers for the fourth quarters fourth time!!!

The Miami Dolphins are 5 - 4, (5 - 3 in conference), not out of range from New England, and on the heals of the wildcard 5th/6th seeds!!


Miami Dolphin Defense Is Doing It

Post From - canamdolphin

Defense Is Doing It

Much of the media hoopla about the Dolphins focuses on RB Jay Ajayi and the offensive line. Less noticed is the Dolphins defense, who are greatly benefiting by the resurgence of the running game. The D no longer has to play almost three-fourths of a game because of offensive ineptitude. The results speak for themselves, and the Dolphins defense is not only rising to the occasion, it's also moving up in several key metrics.

What are the key responsibilities of NFL defenses? They are, quite simply, STOP the run, STOP the pass and STOP third down conversions. How are the Dolphins doing?

These Dolphins defensive hogs are ranked 10th, and rising. This is a three-phased stat, including rush yards per attempt, negative pass play % and third down %. (

The Dolphins rush defense is 26th, giving up 4.5 yards per rush. Room for improvement! The defense forces negative pass plays on 8.3% of plays, ranking them 12th. Where the hogs shine is limiting offenses to 30.84% third down conversions, best in the league!

Defensive improvement will continue as long as the Dolphins offense doesn't sputter. When fresh, the Miami Dolphins defense dominates!

Dolphins Jets Game Discussion

I am not able to set up game chat today, so let's discuss in the comments.

Miami Dolphin Coach Adam Gase is Winning Back Fans

As a jaded and cautious Miami Dolphin fan, witnessing the rise of the five-second-QB's status to game manager has been invigorating and delightful. The running game took the burden of the offense off the QB’s shoulders and the Giggggity Jay train is rolling downhill. The QB making timely plays at the end, cemented the Buffalo victory. So, while serving my derogatory QB comments with a heaping helping of sarcasm, I'll give credit where credit is due, Tannehill played a very nice couple of games.

My whole problem here is reconciling with this feeling of déjà vu... After so many exasperating years, I am no longer gullible enough to jump directly on the Giggggity Jay train. I'm going to need a season of games before I'm out of the woods and begin thinking this team has finally turned the corner. The run through Wannstedt to Philbin haunts my brain like a reoccurring nightmare. The thought of impending glory has me panting like a greyhound chasing the rabbit, only to find it stuffed with sawdust.

Two weeks does not a season make… During those two weeks Adam Gase completely changed his offensive approach from primarily a throwing mentality to a complete emphasis on the running game. We saw the OL pave the way for the Giggggity Jay train and it really speaks to a coach who knows which stable holds his thoroughbreds. Memories of Csonka, Kiick and Morris occasionally filter through the ugly noise of the past forty years, but lost among those daydreams are names like Kooch, Langer and Little, the true backbone of the last Miami Dolphin team to win a Super Bowl.

Prior to the season, after hiring Adam Gase, we were assaulted with suggestions this coach was not in vogue with the “modern” system approach. “He would take his’n and beat your’n, and take your’n and beat his’n.” There can be no greater compliment than to recognize him for doing exactly that. It seems a simple premise, build a scheme around the strength of your best players. All too often, coaches enter the arena trying to force players into a system leading to epic failure. Joe Philbin couldn’t even recognize who his best players were, let alone put them in position for success.

Remaining cautious, we cannot anoint Adam Gase in vintage 72 throwback coaching robes, nor sanctify him at the altar of Shula. We can only look at the data and see there is a clear and logical thought process at work. It’s unlikely Shula would have allowed Laremy Tunsil to “rest” his twisted ankle after falling in the shower. But perhaps there was a method to throwing the laziest underachieving lineman into a fray they were completely incapable of performing.

“The tape don’t lie,” and the tape of the offensive, offensive line play against the Cincinnati Bengals raised the ire of every self-respecting Miami Dolphin fan. Could it be Adam Gase used this fervor to override his GM? Did he use the tape to justify cutting three players he determined were undermining his attempts to raise his team’s level of play? Witnessing brilliant ruthlessness under the guise of recorded truth is not a guise at all, it’s called chutzpah, audacity, big cojones and it resonates through a testosterone laden locker-room like a Mike Tyson uppercut.

The experienced pessimist acknowledges the past as the surest indicator of the future. Forty odd years without a title and thirty without an appearance should be enough past to indicate any future. Still the bone dangles in front of our salivating mouths just out of reach and we chomp at the slightest inching forward.

We see you Mr. Gase, and accordingly you have raised the suspicious eye of your competition. Your team is now a glowing blip, firmly positioned on your opponent’s radar screens. The hell-bent-for-leather running game will become as one-dimensional and predictable as the passing attack it supplanted, leaving the ball right back in the hands of your five-second-QB. “The wheels on the bus go around and round, round and round…”

How you avoid the bus will determine your future and that of your QB. To the amateur observer it may seem this offensive line strength could bare more fruit with the understanding of those five precious seconds. The argument of whether the actual time is five seconds is meaningless when knowing five seconds will turn any QB into a star. The key may not be Payton Manning-like quickness of wit, it might reside in simply providing enough time for the QB you have.

It all goes back to your’n and his’n… Know thyself, know thy enemy… When the line of scrimmage becomes crowded, space opens behind it. How to make those five precious seconds available will be the next challenge when the running attack is stifled. I am personally looking forward to how Mr. Gase overcomes his next obstacle.

You know what you have to work with Coach Gase, I’m anticipating how you apply the talent and avoid becoming a system guy. Things are indeed looking up in Miami as the
feeling of déjà vu subsides...

Miami Dolphins Jay (Train) Ajayi Steamrolls Buffalo for 214 yard VICTORY

For a second consecutive week Earl Campbell, I mean OJ Simpson, I mean Ricky Williams, I mean Jay Ajayi ran wild for 200 plus yards versus stout rushing defenses. Those other guys are just the only other running back names in the history of the league that have eclipsed the 200 yard milestone on consecutive weeks. For a second straight week the Dolphin defense shut down highly explosive running teams that were the AFC's talk of town before being introduced to a Miami Dolphin TEAM that has suddenly found their identity. For a second consecutive week The Miami Dolphins produced nearly 500 yards, and just shy of 200 more yards than the highly touted, and rolling opposition. Due to penalties and special teams mishaps that provided the Bills with short field scoring opportunities, Miami trailed by eleven with one third quarter minute remaining. Fourteen minutes and 22 unanswered points later the Dolphins led by eleven just before the fourth quarters two minute warning. That 22nd unanswered point was the result of a 67 yard Ryan Tannehill touchdown pass to Kenny Stills. For a second consecutive week Miami held possession of the ball for nearly 15 minutes longer than both Pittsburgh and Buffalo. For a second consecutive week THE MIAMI DOLPHINS WON!!!

Can the Miami Dolphins Maintain the MoJo

In the warm afterglow, we are reminded of the Tennessee game in 2015, Man Campbell's debut - 38 -10. Almost a mirror image of this game, though the Titans were not quite the Steelers...

What that game showed Miami Fans was, if the Dolphin players came out with a fire in their belly, they were capable of beating anyone. After Campbell and the Dolphins had settled in for a long winter's nap, I rationalized that Campbell was a motivator, but wasn't tactical enough to compete with the Belichick's of the world. Motivation and emotion alone were not enough to carry a team to more than .500 in the NFL.

So here we are again, I don't think Gase can cut a few players each week and end the season with a football team. He will need to be a better coach than his opponents while maintaining the motivation and emotion. We've seen these players rise and fall steeply during the course of the season.

I will be interested to see how Adam Gase keeps the motivational edge and if he is tactically able to outwit his opponents. My own thoughts are, there are 15 to 20 players on this team that can be motivated for a few games, but over the course of the season will show up at that level less than half the time.

We can see potential in games like this from individuals, it's the body of work that must be judged if the Dolphins are going to rise again. Gase can't say "X" player has so much potential, look at the Steelers game.

He must look over the course of the season, see which players show up game in and game out and keep those players. The challenging part will be getting rid of the 50% no-shows and bring in more gamers. Changing the culture cannot be done in one season. The personnel department and coaching staff must be aligned.

The message to the Miami Dolphin players, forget the warm afterglow. If the film doesn't lie, you'd better put something consistently on there, or don't be surprised if the door smacks your ass on the way out!

Miami Dolphins vs Steelers Week 6 Victory Comments

Shout fans please comment on the Miami victory in the comments section below!

Miami Dolphins vs Titans Week 5 Game Chat

Will Miami get a win at home?

Obvious Decision for Miami Dolphin Coach Adam Gase

Adam Gase said it better than any frustrated fan ever could, “Obviously he missed a couple of things early. When things start going bad, you want him to find that one throw where he can spring us loose.” Welcome to Miami Adam Gase. Man love and confidence building directed at the fifth year five-second-QB is not going to change the obvious. Sorry coach, nothing to see here…

“Obviously,” has become one of Gase’s favorite words. Obviously, high paid corner Byron Maxwell played poorly enough to find himself sitting on the bench in favor of a converted wide receiver. Obviously, Jay Ajayi has shown enough childish behavior to ride on the pine in favor of an undrafted free agent. Obviously, first round offensive tackle Ja’Waun James has earned of the coach’s disdain enough to get pulled for a guard that can’t sniff the field otherwise.

Obviously, this QB needs five seconds to have a chance at finding a receiver and then the results are questionable. The five-second-QB threw a 74-yard TD pass on the offense’s second play. He then completed 2 more passes the entire first have. After that single play, Miami went three-and-out five times and failed to make a one yard fourth down conversion. That was it, the entire first half in two sentences.

Obviously, other players on this team are not giving the effort coach Gase expects, but there must be a huge blind spot for his enigmatic five-second-QB. In the game of football, the most impactful position on the field resides behind the center. It’s a team sport the pundits will remind us. Defense wins championships! These truisms are undeniable, but a team still needs a player behind center that can make the one play necessary to positively change the rhythm of a game.

Obviously, a matador’s cape is a feint used to keep the bull’s horns from goring his body. As the bull goes rushing past, the crowd responds, “OLE!” The bull finds himself out in the open field while the matador steps away unharmed. This is the Miami Dolphin offensive line after the five-second-QB misses open receivers all over the field.

OLE! Don’t hurt me, get the five-second-QB, OLE! Maybe one hit will do it. OLE!

Obviously, this team will not play for five-second-QB.

Obviously, if coach Gase wants to remain an NFL head coach for long he’d better make the one decision his predecessors failed to make. Bench the five-second-QB…

Obviously, coach, it’s the only decision that makes sense. Bench the five-second-QB…

Obviously, if it doesn’t happen immediately, there is no need for Miami Dolphin fans to tune in for the rest of the season. After four torturous seasons…

Obviously, there’s only one conclusion.

Bench the five-second-QB…

Obvious Decision for Miami Dolphin Coach Adam Gase

Adam Gase said it better than any frustrated fan ever could, “Obviously he missed a couple of things early. When things start going bad, you want him to find that one throw where he can spring us loose.” Welcome to Miami Adam Gase. Man love and confidence building directed at the fifth year five-second-QB is not going to change the obvious. Sorry coach, nothing to see here…

“Obviously,” has become one of Gase’s favorite words. Obviously, high paid corner Byron Maxwell played poorly enough to find himself sitting on the bench in favor of a converted wide receiver. Obviously, Jay Ajayi has shown enough childish behavior to ride on the pine in favor of an undrafted free agent. Obviously, first round offensive tackle Ja’Waun James has earned of the coach’s disdain enough to get pulled for a guard that can’t sniff the field otherwise.

Obviously, this QB needs five seconds to have a chance at finding a receiver and then the results are questionable. The five-second-QB threw a 74-yard TD pass on the offense’s second play. He then completed 2 more passes the entire first have. After that single play, Miami went three-and-out five times and failed to make a one yard fourth down conversion. That was it, the entire first half in two sentences.

Obviously, other players on this team are not giving the effort coach Gase expects, but there must be a huge blind spot for his enigmatic five-second-QB. In the game of football, the most impactful position on the field resides behind the center. It’s a team sport the pundits will remind us. Defense wins championships! These truisms are undeniable, but a team still needs a player behind center that can make the one play necessary to positively change the rhythm of a game.

Obviously, a matador’s cape is a feint used to keep the bull’s horns from goring his body. As the bull goes rushing past, the crowd responds, “OLE!” The bull finds himself out in the open field while the matador steps away unharmed. This is the Miami Dolphin offensive line after the five-second-QB misses open receivers all over the field.

OLE! Don’t hurt me, get the five-second-QB, OLE! Maybe one hit will do it. OLE!

Obviously, this team will not play for five-second-QB.

Obviously, if coach Gase wants to remain an NFL head coach for long he’d better make the one decision his predecessors failed to make. Bench the five-second-QB…

Obviously, coach, it’s the only decision that makes sense. Bench the five-second-QB…

Obviously, if it doesn’t happen immediately, there is no need for Miami Dolphin fans to tune in for the rest of the season. After four torturous seasons…

Obviously, there’s only one conclusion.

Bench the five-second-QB…

Miami Dolphins at Bengals Week 4 Game Chat

Hopefully there isn't a correlation between weeks we have the live chat and losses.

Miami Dolphins get one for the WIN column

After last second, one score losses, as 9 to 10 point underdogs at the NFL premiere teams of Seattle and New England on weeks one and two. The Miami Dolphins as 9 - 10 point home favorites squeezed out an overtime 30 - 24 Victory versus the Cleveland Browns for 2016's first WIN.

Cleveland lost their starting quarterbacks in each of the previous two weeks. At Miami they started their rookie third stringer (Cody Kessler) with a productive though unorthodox game plan while it was their athletically superior and versatile fourth stringer (Terrell Pryor) that presented challenges to Miami.

Pryor (approaching halftime) led the Browns in passing, rushing, and receiving yards while the one time Ohio State superstar and present Brown almost beat the Dolphins defense single handed. He was throwing, he was running, he was catching all over each and every defensive player that Miami fielded. Pryor is a very fast, very big 6 - 4, 223 college quarterback turned NFL receiver, turned (Wild-Cat/Wild Card) mismatch against Miami while tabulating 144 receiving yards with a rushing touchdown.

Third string rookie starter Cody Kessler with the aid of Pryor's excellence went 21 of 33 for 244 with no touchdowns or interceptions. The Browns ran for 169 on 32 attempts while their kicker was wide left on a first, third, and a regulation fourth quarter game winner as time ran out upon his third miss of six field goal attempts.

Miami got lucky with the game winning Cleveland field goal miss that led to an overtime Victory. While with the (2nd & 3rd string Patriot quarterbacks beating the Dolphins last week), the 3rd and 4th string Brown quarterbacks also played well against Miami's defense, but in the end didn't get the win.

And hey, remember it's a "next man up league". Though there seems to be a double standard when explained via Dolphin fans. Why is it? When it's Miami's next man up. Miami fans expect/demand/with no excuses that the replacement play equal to if not beyond the capabilities of he that's being replaced.

Meanwhile. When the opposition's "next man up" is put into play. It's expected/demanded/with no excuses for the Miami Dolphins to have an easy time dominating said players.

Seems as though some change the rules of the "next man up" debate in accordance to what best fits their attempts to belittle the Dolphins. Dolphin backups and/or "next men up" are expected to dominate while the oppositions backups/next men up are expected to be dominated? Seems like a double standard, and the angle should be approached one way or the other, not in whatever view works most advantageously to insult the Miami Dolphins.


Dolphin starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill of four plus years via four different offensive schemes didn't fare as well (on the surface) as Cleveland's emergency quarterbacks did. The Browns defensive alignments had him often questioning his blocking assignment calls, and rightfully so as he was pressured, hit, and slammed to the ground throughout the day, though he was sacked just once.

Miami rushed for 115 on 25 attempts, and for a third consecutive game lost the time of possession battle by 8 plus minutes. Tannehill (for histories sake) whether you care or not, whether it matters or not, went 25 of 39 for 319 yards, with two interceptions, a strip fumble, and three touchdown passes.

He threw an interception on Miami's first pass play of the day, then a 26 yard touchdown to DeVante Parker on the next series for the Dolphins first lead of the season. After an early second quarter Cleveland field goal, Tannehill threw a pick-six midway through the second quarter for a 10 - 7 Browns lead. Each team followed with a field goal and went to the tunnel with the home team favored Dolphins trailing 13 - 10.

Cleveland opened the third with their second missed field goal of the day, and Miami took the lead on their ensuing possession with a Tannehill touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry that covered 42 yards for a 13 - 17 Dolphin lead. Miami and Tannehill with a ten yard touchdown pass to running back Damian Williams seemed to be rolling upon what was a 14th unanswered point, and an eleven point (13 - 24) lead less than a minute into the fourth quarter.

But then suddenly, for whatever reason, the Dolphins offensive wheels fell off! From play calling strategy to quarterback play and/or player execution, all of a sudden a blue haze of brain farting gases stunk the place up, and Miami didn't score another point in regulation!

Meanwhile. Cleveland suddenly couldn't do anything wrong and tied it at 24 with just 42 seconds remaining for the Dolphins offense. Guess what happened, who'd a thunk it? Three plays and 20 seconds later, Tannehill while waiting too damn long to throw the ball (especially on such an occasion), gets stripped of the ball and the Browns recover at Miami's 27 yard line/field goal range. And again; Miami got lucky from the special teams front as Cleveland missed 3 field goals including the game winner as the regulation clock expired.

The home teams Jay Ajayi scored the game winning touchdown (24 - 30) with an eleven yard run on The Miami Dolphins second possession of overtime, and put one in the win column! It was an uglier performance toward victory than were their losses, but a W is a W !!

They have four days to pull an extremely agitated Adam Gase' boot out of their asses, and figure out how to win again, (preferably more proficiently) at Cincinnati on Thursday Night Football.


Miami's (Super Friend) Dolphins fall to Seattle's (Legion Of Boom) 10 - 12

The Miami Dolphins had an extremely tough opening day task at the dreaded perennial playoff powerhouse Seattle Seahawks, and their richter scale, record breaking, NFL house of rabid fans. Adam Gase's new Dolphin team most definitely came to play in shutting down Russell Wilson and 2015's fourth highest scoring offense, but in the end the (Super Friends) fell just shy in a highly competitive battle on the Legion of Dooms turf.

Seattle sacked Ryan Tannehill four times while the Dolphin quarterback went 16 of 29 for 186 yards with a touchdown run and zero turnovers. The Dolphins ran the ball 20 times for 64 yards. Arian Foster accrued 100 total yards from scrimmage on 16 touches.

Russell Wilson was relentlessly harassed throughout the day via the Dolphins defensive line whom did an excellent job of corralling the multi-dimensional severe threat. (Especially in the case of free agent acquisition Mario Williams) who forced many a Russell Wilson pass into incompletions, interceptions and/or into the stadiums front row of fans.

Wilson went 27 of 43 for 258 yards with a two yard touchdown pass (vs Bobby McCain), an interception to (Isa Abdul-Quddus), and a fumble (Kiko Alonso recovery) while being sacked on three occasions via (Suh, Super-Mario, Jason Jones/Jordan Phillips). Seattle rushed for 108 yards on 32 attempts and possessed the ball for 34:32 to Miami's 25:28

On first down at one minute into the (second quarter), Kenny Stills easy 71 yard Touchdown drop was extremely hurtful. Miami was down 0 - 3 on the scoreboard. Tannehill was sacked on the following play and the offense went three & out, rather than up 7 - 3 versus the mighty home team.

While trailing by a score of 6 - 3 one third of the way into the 4th quarter. Miami's kicker Andrew Franks missed a chip-shot (27 yard) Field-Goal attempt. The kick was actually blocked, but in reality the boot was a lame duck,(spiraling knuckle ball) that was going to miss wide left. The block actually changed the direction of the ball more accurately toward the uprights.

These two (EASY) missed opportunities equated to 10 easy points taken off the board. Everything else the same. Miami's Dolphins could very well have won 20 - 12 on opening day in Seattle rather than falling by a score 10 - 12.

In the end;
It took (a turnover-less) Ryan Tannehill just shy of 56 minutes to drive Miami 86 yards into the End-zone for the TEAMS first 2016 go ahead Tannehill Touchdown run. Against the leagues leaders in defensive scoring for the last 4 consecutive years!

It took Russell Wilson 59 and a half minutes to get his team into the End-Zone for 2016's first time, and the go ahead/winning touchdown's twelfth point.
Against what was goin-in. (A questionable Dolphin defense)!?

Appears as though that Miami might be able to compete and play with the BIGG-BOYZ!!!



The Bills, and Jets, lost to lesser competition, and NY was at home.
GOOAAHHH Arizona Cardinals !!!

Miami Dolphins 2016 Schedule (Recap)

The 2016 regular season schedule was released back in mid April, so now that the season is actually upon us. Here is the Miami Dolphins schedule recap.

Though Miami didn't host their third home game at it's own venue until week eleven during the season of 2015. For a first historic such stretch in both home stand instances. The Dolphins in 2016 will sleep in their own beds for the entirety of October between September 30th through November 10th which includes weeks five, six, seven, eight/bye, and nine of 2016's season at Miami's newly named/refurbished Hard Rock Stadium.

The Dolphins will reside in Southern California upon week ten through eleven as they are hosted by the San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Rams on successive weeks.

Otherwise, though parts of the schedule appear to be quite favorably manageable. Three of their first four games are on the road at high caliber 2011 - 2015 playoff teams. Miami opens the season with a week one visit to the NFL's loudest venue in Seattle, they follow that up as the homecoming opponent of the bitter rival Patriots while the third road trip comes on a short week Thursday Night Game at Cincinnati on week four.

They have a second such stretch with three out four games being on the road during weeks ten, eleven, thirteen (and/or depending on how one segregates it), on weeks thirteen, fifteen, and sixteen. Either way, five of their last eight games are away from home.

The Dolphins start and finish to the 2016 season will be quite the telling task as they start in the farthest possible NFL city from Miami at the Goliath Seattle, and follow that up at Arch Nemesis New England.

Maybe a good thing to get them both before they get warmed up?

Miami also closes-out the season with a trifecta against the AFC East with two of the three being Saturday games on the snow-covered road and/or tundra. For the second successive season the five consecutive years AFC Championship participant Patriots end the year at THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!!

Here it is, Miami Dolphins 2016 schedule.

ROAD (1) at Seattle Seahawks (Sept 11, 4:05 EST)

ROAD (2) at New England Patriots (Sept 18, 1:00)

HOME (3) Cleveland Browns (Sept 25, 1:00)

ROAD (4) at Cincinnati Bengals (Sept 29, 8:25, Prime-Time THURSDAY)

HOME (5) Tennessee Titans (Oct 9, 1:00)

HOME (6) Pittsburgh Steelers (Oct 16, 1:00)

HOME (7) Buffalo Bills (Oct 23, 1:00)

BYE (8)

HOME (9) New York Jets (Nov 6, 1:00)

ROAD (10) at San Diego Chargers (Nov 13, 4:05)

ROAD (11) at Los Angeles Rams (Nov 20, 4:05)

HOME (12) San Francisco 49'ers (Nov 27, 1:00)

ROAD (13) at Baltimore Ravens (Dec 4, 1:00)

HOME (14) Arizona Cardinals (Dec 11, 1:00)

ROAD (15) at New York Jets (Dec 17, 8:25, Prime-Time SATURDAY)

ROAD (16) at Buffalo Bills (Dec 24, 1:00, SATURDAY)

HOME (17) New England Patriots (Jan 1 2017, 1:00)
Thanks to this previous match-up last season,
The Miami Dolphins are 1 - 0 in 2016 ; )) .

What'Cha'Think' ??